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World of War-School
High School... So close to being done with it : p

Tykeral is generally well liked and is friends with almost everyone, he's that kid that is one of the first to raise his hand if the teacher asks for volunteers. He has a couple of kids who absolutely hate him, he feels the same way about them. A Teacher's pet sort of person. Oh! He's also the kid that has a wolf tail clipped to his pants, I think every school has one, a little bit of a strange kid.

Sarvi is the kid who keeps to himself. Rather than asking the kids crowding the halls to move out of his way he just shoves them out of the away. He listens to the darkest of metal music that makes all the super religious kids turn pale and he knows the Anarchist Cookbook by heart. Making eye contact with him results in you fearing for your life. What do his parents think of him? Avoiding him would be a good idea.

Takoda is that kid who is super buddy-buddy with the science teacher and pretty much blazes through his classes. He enjoys the company of his fellow geeks and nerds alike but prefers to be studying up for whatever test is next in life, often very late into the night. He'll probably become the next Einstein at the expense of a love life but he's fine with that.
In addition to the previous ones:

Dyma is the girl who wears black lipstick and highly revealing clothes. She purposely leans chest first over desks and seduces her teachers, and got one fired after a photo surfaced of him in a gimp suit.

Quennath is still a male chauvinist pig and a spectacular athlete. Recent racist remarks, however, have put him on probation, with many of the student body calling for a full-out expulsion. He's not without a small group of supporters of his own, however.

Kerana is the tough and tomboyish girl that everyone assumes is lesbian, but secretly has a crush on a guy in the geology club.

Bruhara is a chemistry teacher. She knows most of her male students are picturing her naked. At her age, she takes this as a compliment. She is a practicing pagan, though she lies about her religion to anyone that asks.

Arjua is the quiet, smelly kid. She's heavyset, her secondhand clothes looking as though they don't match or even fit. Her face is never made up and her long hair is uncombed and full of dandruff. She ate a raw steak at lunchtime, which pretty effectively freaked out the other kids. She has one or two actual friends, and at least one of them actively tries to convince her to fix herself up.

Thalvin's mom refused to send him to any special school for deaf children. He is very smart, near the top of his class, but the other kids (and a couple teachers) get annoyed when he asks for something to be repeated. Kids started to pick on him by sneaking up on him since he couldn't hear, and surprising him into dropping stuff. They stopped after he returned the favor, in a dark hallway, wearing a wolf mask.
Ameri is the nerd that has just about no friends that she can possibly keep.

Ereneas is the kid that's usually best known for being nice and judging just about everyone.

Ninde is the lean attractive hippy girl with the little sister that nobody likes due to her profession.

Enfield is the gullible moron.

And Lucille is the girl that died in a tragic accident that everyone remembers.
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer
@Maarten , what a beautiful necro.

Enconius is the respectful, quiet student who is secretly a pothead and eventually goes on to make a YouTube blog series where he tackles moral questions trying to decode how and why people should be better people. No notable fame.

Kuzz is the near-dropout who starts card-game gambling sessions in the lunch room. The game actually isn't rigged.

Grukk is the pyromaniac that takes every (mis)opportunity to partake in lighting something on fire. He's not inwardly or outwardly destructive; the fire brings him peace.

Update: Jaedyn would be the scarily-quiet football player with a natural rhythm to smashing people into the ground. Gym rat, spends more time lifting weights and pushing his bodily limits to improve himself than communicating with other people. Who needs other people, anyways?

Blast from the past: The characters I detailed earlier in this thread (besides Jae) don't even exist anymore. Wow-wee.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
Dayne-The punk who thought school was just a joke to him. Spent all day pulling pranks, sleeping during class, and getting into fights. However he'll spend a night in jail and pull his crap together, joining the army after graduation.

Zughar- Haunts the school, 'nuff said.

Saul- The soft spoken kid from a single-parent home who spends more time working than studying, but manages to graduate.

Edwin- [Insert sarcastic rich kid here]
"Leave now, mortal! The likes of you are forbidden in this land. You, who are powerless, are not worthy to set foot here." - Cerberus
I'll edit more when I think of good ones, but for now...

Wick - That janitor nobody really knows about, but everyone seems to like.
Bumping this! With some updated stuff.

Tia: The girl with angst and aquaphobia.
Zaeli: The girl who plays way too much music. And is hated by just about every teacher/teacher's pet.
Tameran: The adopted girl raised multiculturally.
Mar: Religious girl who -should- have died a long time ago.
Mira (new new Mira): That girl in the corner with the prosthetic arm and too much technological and occult knowledge for her own good.
Lotrus: The martial artist with some knowledge on the occult.
Elles: That girl going through therapy and being scared of just about anything.
Cheyin: The smelly girl wondering the hell she's even still alive while harbouring hatred and some strange love for an emotionless wreck.
Sana: Pregnant failure of a student and most likely to drop out of school.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
Lathieus- This guy is the quiet kid who knows a lot more than he let's on and has done some pretty dark things that no one knows about.

Jarexous- This is the man who can 'hook you up' with alcohol and drugs, he is usually seen chatting to the girls, trying to chat them up. At other times he just talks absolute trash to most people

Selolun- Is a party girl who goes out having fun, but tries to make sure no fights happen.

That's all I have so far, i'll add more on a bit later when my brain is working properly!
Those that run from their past are engulfed by it.
Those that fight their heritage, are beaten back down.
Those who accept themselves and use their past as a strength...
These are the ones that are truly strong.
...Time for updates.

Lucille is still the girl that died in some tragic accident.
Enfield joins the abstinence club.
Aruvett's that ONE GIRL who stands up for just about everyone.
Ereneas now takes time in his classes. He still judges people.
Ninde's the girl that has one or two siblings attending the same school that she dotes too much upon. Half of the time. The other half would be smothering her boyfriend in boobs.
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer
What the heck, I'll give this a whirl.

Mokaku: He would likely be the dreamy physical education teacher that most people like, but for some reason is rarely seen. Offers jewels of wisdom.

Draknir: The one who excels in all things physical but nothing academic. He has potential for it but lacks the patience and interest due to being easily frustrated with himself. Enjoys being the center of attention but doesn't go to massive lengths. Sports is all he can do really.

Zekuul: The student who was previously bullied until he went berserk, and now no one talks to him. Dragged out of class to attend counselor meetings to control his anger. No friends at all.

Dunlain: The cool kid. Looks stylish and pretty average in all his subjects, but has a knack for being able to pass exams with barely any revision.

Navares: Most definitely the rebel and ladies man. If it wasn't for his inability to take things seriously, he would actually be an A class student. He uses his intelligence and wit to gain popularity. Foreign exchange student from England.

Zetugo: The comically eccentric chemistry teacher with large glasses and crazy white hair. People don't usually realise how smart he is because of his odd demeanor.

Ulysses: Pale, incredibly shy and doesn't talk to anyone. Sometimes bullied but can often shake it off, or others stand up for him. Extremely good at math and engineering but easily convinced by bullies to do things he doesn't want to do.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Yorrick, the bully who's also the school's boxing champion and who still has to learn how to read.

Emy, the school's bullies favorite victim who fails at everything and would love to hang-out with the successful kids.

Altaally, the one skipping classes and laying in grass all day.
Yorrick Von Ɯberwald - Night-Watch member, Alliance soldier, Worgen hunter, adventurer and cuddly mass of muscles and fangs at times.

All dem alts :
Altaally - Super spacegoat from planet Baaaa with hooves that makes "clip-clop".
Emily Arlendel - "Have you heard about the Light yet?" Missionnary and doctor.
Nilsaanai Silverwhisper - Priestess in training and fully clothed elf.
Julia Torl - "Bar fight!" Brawler, brat and inactive charact-.. Eh, oops.
Eleanor Sunbloom - A mage who has no problem passing through doors.
Chayton Thornhands - George, George, George of the Jungle...

Here lies :
Kalisha Lokar, Deacon of the Church of the Holy Light. Wanna be everybody's friend.
Well, doggone it if I have to bump.

An update on Ereneas: he got into a romantic relationship with a student who transferred away. It didn't last, and his mother recently passed away. He's still getting through both, and as a result, is very miserable.

Aril would be the annoying kid that everyone hates. She's taken to harassing the other students as vengeance.

Aru is that girl with the tattoos that's bipolar with a few people.

Aelri is the terrified new girl that camps the halls forever and ever, doing nothing between classes.
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer
Ydir is the exchange student from (insert Nordic country here) with a questionable age. It's questionable due to the fact that he has more facial hair than anyone on the faculty and is absolutely massively tall. He joins all the appropriate sports due to the never-ending pushing, and is really quite horrible at basketball. In his freetime, he whittles and lifts. No matter the weather, he wears the same cutoff grey muscle shirt.
Tok'zi is that kid. He comes into school every day with a leather jacket, sleeveless undershirt, and a set of torn-up jeans. His choice of footwear switches between a pair of polished black combat boots and a set of old, beaten-leather boots that he affectionately refers to as "The Shitkickers". Every day he comes in and out of school on rust-colored hog that might just actually be rusted. His personality is fitting to his look. Everyone is on his bad side- especially any woman, save for a pink-haired greaser-girl who clings to him like a vine despite his occasionally abusive remarks. Rumor floats around that he's been in a few gang fights and even has been shot, but no one has been abrasive enough to approach and ask him about it.
Lets see here...

Alariel would be the one of the popular girls you would often see in movies, those that are nasty to everyone but still acts like they are the reincarnation of goodness itself.

Andrea would be the quiet girl who wears glasses, keeps her hair tied up and does very good in chemistry. She wouldn't really speak to others unless they share her interests or if the situation calls for social interaction.

Elandriel would most probably be the one with a few friends that is quite chilled out, but doesn't think twice to help those around her, especially coming to the defense of those targeted by miss popularity (aka Alariel).

Thalarion would probably be a teacher, not a student. The type that takes his work seriously and gives you a bunch of homework every day.

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