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World of War-School
And here I am, back with another thread purposed to make you think more in-depth with your characters!
As I sat in my room tonight, I wondered something about my characters. So why not share the question with the rest of you?;
If your character was enrolled in the local Warcraft high-school, who would they be? The jock, dating a different girl every night? The straight-A student, concerned only with the future?
Who would your character be in the Warcraft highschool, and why do you think so?

I personally think Jae would be the one holding people by their ankles to shake the lunch money out of their jeans.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
Alfred would be that alone guy, trying to do what he can to survive the dangerous High School. He would also be the secret Alcoholic that's main concern was he was going no where with his life and afraid that no one likes him so he keeps to him self >.> <.<
[Image: 20.jpg]
Want to send some Feedback? Go ahead!

[Image: 520a44a794fdb.jpg]

Celen would always get in trouble, doesn't matter what.
She will be one of those who just looked the wrong way and they immediately got sent to the principle office with a note of:"Doesn't shut up."
Noillin would be the common drug user and alcoholic anarchist that eventually knuckled down in school and became a rehabilitated man. :P
Krian would be the jock that normally tries to stay out of trouble(apart from some friendly drinking on the weekend) and focus on the sports. Not dumb as bricks, but he doesn't really care for the academic side of schooling. Might have a girlfriend or two, but that's about it.

Noria on the other hand, would be one of the drama queens, running her own posse and the head of the cheerleading squad... And manages to be a straight A student through natural intelligence and a little bit of studying. Loves to party in moderation, and would have many different girlfriends and boyfriends throughout her school life.

Calia would be the religious girl who'd try to make friends while focusing on her school work, maybe having a crush on the star of the football team. Could hook up with a religious boy but she wouldn't do anything with him until they're older.
Kil'shi, the quarterback.

You only need one hand to throw a ball.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Kathorg would be the kid juggling his sports and studies like he was in the circus.

Shepard would be the lazy know-it-all guy that could do better in class but just doesn't care for the subjects at hand. Spends half the day slumped over at his desk.

Ramirez is hardly passing, gets picked on, teachers like him but only because he does what he is told. Even if he does so with mediocrity.

Hailey would be one of the mean girls, preppy, peppy, cruel and cute. Spend her time making boys do things for her.

Kroznar would be the senior held back three times, "Psh, its just a delayed graduation. They like me here."
[Image: lich_king_signature_by_wyrx-d3jo9rm.png]
Remyl would be the one with the mirror on top of his shoe, hitting on all the girls no one else is (and probably the ones they are). He'd also be the one with the uncle that works in the liquor store that brings samples to school, making everyone drunk by lunchtime.

Tun'kar would be the big kid that doesn't fit in with the jocks, so the nerds go to him for protection.

Dibykali would be the girl that takes her date to meet her mom, only to find that her mom is a nudist, and that they sacrifice chickens.

Yancy is the nerd with the misproportionately hot girlfriend.

Yannikz is the guy selling cigarettes and drugs in the bathroom.

Dunkhaan is the jock who fancies the girl that works in the library. He tries to impress her with his knowledge of philosophy.

Jonoth is the guy who seems to get along with everyone, and spends most of his classes doodling in his notebook.

Sasslyn is the girl that likes to freak people out by showing them the knife she carries. She also saw you making out with that ugly guy/girl behind the bleachers. She's gonna leverage the photo for a favor eventually.

Haiko is a former veteran who teaches history and is fond of going on field trips. Probably the "Dangerous Minds" trope.
Jared would be the grouchy and taciturn PE teacher who pushes his students to the limit but sincerely cares for them and is prone to giving them pep talks at every opportunity. (Probably mistreats the minority kids and has 'Azeroth Defence League' listed as his political views on Facebook.)

Voragh is the cool middle-aged janitor who helps cover for the kids who misbehave, while silently consumed with guilt about having had an affair nearly twenty years ago that led to the captain of the cheerleading squad being born. :|||||||

Kathared teaches comparative religion, lives on a farm and is so rustic and down-to-earth that you have to wonder if he ever even got a degree.

Dresden is a hipsterish guy in his late twenties who works as a TA under a theatre teacher while serving as a volunteer counselor for the troubled kids.

Dhorgun is the gawky, nerdy kid who likes art and philosophy but somehow ended up on the track and field team because his dad would disown him if he didn't do sports.

Castor is the kid from the sheltered religious background who grew up in the butt-end of nowhere, jack of all trades and master of none, who manages to get along well with most people by sheer force of naive friendliness. Probably the victim of more than a few harsh pranks and trying really hard to make it onto the football team.

Colm is a bird.

. . . I'd forgotten how fun this was.
Keira, that shy girl in the corner.
Celonia, that one girl with the child.
Dru´tah, that one girl in the corner with no friends.
Elles, that girl with the cray BF.
Miya, that one girl that sucks at classes.
Ophelia, that on girl you can´t ever teach.
Talla, that not so stereotypical girl.
Agrona, the one girl who lives in her own world.
Sana, that halfblind girl trying to get someone.
Maarten, the buffed tattooed jock.
Anithrandil that one guy doing nothing but tinker away and occasionally breaking stuff cause he can.
Elenne, that blind girl doing almost nothing.
Lyste, that one girl with the strange obsession.
Lethia, the one girl who keeps meditating.
Thruum aka Behemoth, a wiseguy you and an athlete despite his smell.
Madda, that small kid who should be put in a mental institute.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
Arda, the respectable and nice girl who has no interest in anyone whatsoever and is considered untouchable, which strangely gives her more appeal. No one understands why she's still single.

Gron, the try-hard student at the front of the classroom who doesn't really say all that much and doesn't get involved in the class drama, always leaving school early every day to get home to his family. A mystery!

Myron, the nerd-boy who's stuffed into lockers or dunked into the toilets, bullied and unwanted by everyone. Easy to pick on, and thus gets picked on a lot!
Annabelle is the quirky guidance counselor who's an adjunct in engineering at the local community college. She still has her ponytail and weird jewelry. Oddly enough, is also helping students involved in whatever down-home religious clubs there are. Married to a local rancher who lets at risk youth spend time tending the stock of horses and emus (yes, I translated talbuk to emus :|).

Orvisha is all up in the arts, and is either involved in whatever archery club there might be, or is stubbornly trying to start one. Looks like she should be involved in any number of girls sports, refuses to be. Besides archery.

Roux is a beast in home economics, outspoken mother earth hippy and new age type. Brings organic treats to class, gets into arguments with the traditionally religious folk on campus. Still possesses her vaguely combed mess of orange hair.

Odetta is diligent in chemistry, and awkwardly towers over her classmates. Dresses in black. Enjoys hiding beside campus light posts to startle people.


(07-17-2013, 07:45 AM)McKnighter Wrote: Calia would be the religious girl who'd try to make friends while focusing on her school work, maybe having a crush on the star of the football team. Could hook up with a religious boy but she wouldn't do anything with him until they're older.

(07-17-2013, 07:46 AM)Xigo Wrote: Kil'shi, the quarterback.

You only need one hand to throw a ball.

Calia has a crush on Kil'shi...?
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Doran's the male cheerleader.

Lovar'thil is the weird biology teacher that schedules disections every week because it's his favorite.

Sang is the guy in the back of the school selling cigarettes. Gabril is his completion behind the cafeteria.

Leron is the drama teacher. The entire theatrics department is his and no one dare challenge that.

Kirolan is the kid that can't read and hides in the back of the classroom, never speaking a word.

Maeda is the secretary. She's a pro at that.

Aendron is the skeleton in Lovar'thil's biology class. He's still alive and he glares daggers at anyone who looks at him funny.

Lenorius would be the principal.

Matou is that one kid that hides inside the locker. Maybe he got shoved in there.

I think that's everyone. I feel like drawing this now.
[Image: KceuhuX.gif][Image: eKcKrrq.png]
I am tech support

[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @"CappnRob"): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
Rensin does sports, but he's still the bad-boy. He's emotionally inexperienced with a lot of things, due to being sheltered, and prone to extreme anger. He gets in a lot of fights, and is close to suspension.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△



Shinayne is the older sister that graduated three years ago and is away at college. When she comes back for homecoming she is all about those 18 year old seniors. Her academic awards are kept in the trophy case, but they are dwarfed by all of the athletic awards of other students. She was class treasurer, a member of every club she could get into, and worked on yearbook.

Poyvida is the foreign exchange student that is the talked about in the locker room, but no one actually sees outside of school. She brings smelly lunches in her brown paper bags and still wears hair scrunchies. If it wasn't for her best friend she'd have caterpillar eyebrows.

Anhesen is the super religious girl who invites everyone to church on Wednesdays and co-runs the abstinence club. Too bad she has the hots for the preacher's son. If she makes a B she cries.

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