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Profile Template update
I see no issue with it to be honest. I hate doing math these days. And more often then not my math is wrong (Its simple multiplication, and yet I still do it wrong.

[Image: math-class-y-u-no-sho-work.jpg]

Regardless, I don't think it really has any effect on rp. I've yet to be asked on my larger scaled toons "You're 7'10"!?" cause I get asked "You're a 1.15!?" The issues here, I see none. Keep it as it is!
Why not just find a middle ground and let people post heights and weights if they so please?

Or ask people to note what scale they want in the profile.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
They can if they really want too. Scale is required, and height and weight are optional.
That is essentially what we've done. Scale is mandatory. Height/Weight isn't. They can note that down if they so desire, but they have to fill out Scale. And if they don't have any particular scale, that's "1.0", or just "1". They can fill in Height/Weight to complement that, but it's no longer required.

EDIT: What Reigen said, in more words.

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