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CotH-aluation: Community Evaluations
Hello everyone.

This doesn't come as a reaction as anything in particular, but I've been doing some thinking lately (shocker, hah!). Myself and Reigen were promoted a while ago to help with overseeing the server while the admins have to focus elsewhere, which means we've both been put in leadership positions and have to adapt to this somewhat. We're here to assist the GM team in driving through changes, revisions, improvements, what-have-you on the server and in the community, together having the authority of an administrator in that regard so that things can move forward while the big reds are busy.

So, one of my projects for community improvement is a community-wide evaluation on certain topics that will most likely awaken strong feelings in parts of the playerbase. That's been the steady trend in past threads that touch upon these topics, at least. But, nevertheless, I feel that we need to come together and discuss, vent and brainstorm so everyone on the server, staff and playerbase alike, can exchange thoughts and ideas on how things work now, how they would like things to work instead, and what they would personally like to see changed in order to achieve that.

I will establish some ground rules for all of these discussions before we begin, though. All of the discussions under the [CotH-aluation] tag will be posted in General Discussion and be linked to further down in this post so they are always easily accessible and separated by topic so each discussion doesn't blend into the next so some questions or concerns are lost in the noise, so to speak.

Ground rules:
  • Please make sure you give the initial inquiries presented in each topic proper thought and try to respond to them as coherently and obviously as you can.
  • Preferrably, try to answer the inquiries yourself before you respond to someone else's thoughts to carry the discussion on. It's important that as many people as possible give their input.
  • If you must, feel free to quote another poster when responding to the initial inquiries. I would prefer if you tried to answer in your own words, but I will not require it.
  • Keep a respectful tone throughout the discussion. Flaming, cussing and unnecessarily aggressive behaviour will be reprimanded as seen fit. If you feel yourself getting too heated, step back.
  • I will endeavour to keep the threads as clean as possible, personally, so that they won't need to be closed. I believe that the discussions are important and will let them continue as long as I possibly can.
  • All ideas and opinions will be recorded and properly considered, but please remember that just because you suggest or desire certain changes, it doesn't mean they will happen anytime soon if at all. Don't get your hopes up to prevent yourself from being disappointed.
  • All Server Rules and Policies apply, so give them a quick glance-over as a general reminder.

That said, the purposes of these discussions is to gauge peoples' ideas and opinions on certain matters in the community and ask everyone (staff and players) for honest feedback out in the open. No opinion is necessarily bad if presented in a good way, so keep that in mind! You should always feel free to present them to us in private as well, either in PD or through PMs, but I do encourage people to speak out in public when these threads are still open. ... Since the opinions and ideas are actively being asked for. :)

And here's the topics that'll be up for discussion. Click into them to read more specifically what is being asked.
I have been posting reminders about this in the Skype group, but I might as well bump it outright. Community feedback is still extremely important, so... I encourage that people use these threads to post up their opinions and feedback!

Please? :(

Seriously, people. If you want change, this is how you get it.

Go, go, go.
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Please answer these so Lox will stop spamming Skype ;_;

(And also it's important to make your opinion heard. Get it out of your system!)
Uhhh...Yeah! People! Post in here! Nobody wants to hear the spamming! Save us poor Coth Skypers!

And uh...I think we're doing pretty good...
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