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Reminder: "Badgering"
Hello everyone.

This isn't going to be long, but I just wanted to remind the community of a rule and principle that easily gets forgotten. Since the introduction of the Overseers, this rule also extends to CMCs.

Please do not badger the moderators about profiles or CMCs. Preferrably not even as a joke, as this has become more frequent and is the cause of some frustration. If you've been kept waiting for a week or more with your profile, feel free to bump it. However, do not pester a staff member in private; PMs, Skype, in-game whispers, what-have-you, asking them to look at your profile.

As far as CMCs are concerned, they are looked over as needed and have no deadline on the staff end. If a lot of applications are cropping up, we'll notice. Don't badger us about them. As a general rule of thumb, subtle (or not so subtle) reminders tend to delay the process as a whole. Not only because it's against the rules, but because it easily gets frustrating.

In short... Be patient. We'll be right there with you. We see your profile; you usually don't need to remind us unless your profile, like I said, literally hasn't been touched for over a week. Bump it, but don't pass out reminders in private.

Thank you!

CotH Staff
I don't mean to play the Devil's advocate, but what about profiles that involve staff members' characters?Should discussion of certain details be held off until addressed formally in the forums? Has this even contributed to the issue?
I don't think I fully understand what you mean there @Dae . Could you rephrase/add more detail?
But loooooooooooooooook at my proooooffiiiiileeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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I suspect that what Dae is asking is whether the strict no-no around talking about profiles with GMs includes profiles of characters related to a GM's.

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I don't think that'd qualify as badgering. I'd consider that to be private organization. If you're wanting to talk to a GM about a profile and it's about how their character is fitting into the history and if the information about them is correct, then it's not badgering. You'd be talking to the GM as a player in that situation, not a moderator. And I don't think that's contributing to the issue at all.

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