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Custom Lore & Facelift
As some may have observed, I've rearranged a bit in the forums and a few new subforums have popped up. If the "facelift" annoys enough players (please let me know, in that case) it's quick and easy to change it all back, but give it a chance! I hope the slight modification to the layout (order of the forums) won't throw you off too much. Basically, what happened was that Character Profiles, Workshop, In-Character Forum, Event Planning, Storylines and Guilds were moved into a separate category called "Roleplay". The name is subject to change, though it won't affect the forums under it.

The other change, the additional subforums...

Here's the Custom Lore Ideas subforum, under Workshop. This is where all the community discussions on custom lore proposals will take place. It's really meant to be the biggest contributor to the custom lore introduction on the server, so use it well. This is where you post your ideas and discuss with fellow players and staff, until you reach a point where you can present a complete and solid proposal to the other new subforum, if you do.

The second forum is Custom Lore Submissions, where you post your complete custom lore proposals. Only staff are allowed to respond to threads in this forum, but everyone can view the threads while being reviewed and when they are archived (no matter if they were approved or denied). There is no way to restrict posting the way we want to, so we politely ask that people just refrain from posting there unless it is to post up and respond to their own proposals.

... That's about it. This is all experimental. It can be reverted, taken down or changed at a moment's notice. I hope you all have ideas brewing, though!
If a custom lore submission is worked on by two or more people, are all of those people allowed to post in it's thread, or do they have to choose one as the voice?
You should ideally pick one person to do the talking, if that's the case. You can still communicate in the thread in the Workshop subforum while you are being reviewed in the other, since... the threads aren't moved, so the old threads will still be there.

Or Skype.
Sorry for the criticism but why not just make it a subforum in Private Discussion instead? Keeping non-staff members from posting on peon character profiles seems to be working well, but they are not something that involves the entire community. I'll give my opinion on this a chance, but I can see this generating tension when somebody in the forum disagrees with a staff member's opinion on a submission but can't say anything. I'm assuming staff will vote on things like they tend to do in PD, in order to keep each other in check? I can see this working similarly to decision archive, only taking that idea a step further.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Because making it in PD would defeat the purpose a bit, since we want it all to be open so everyone can see it. Everyone is supposed to be able to see the completed (and denied) threads, the discussions between author and staff that lead to the decision, and the decision itself (and the reasoning behind it).

EDIT: People who want to say things should do so while the thread is being discussed in the Workshop subforum, and if you have opinions after that you can simply PM either side involved (depending on who you have feedback for). Keep in mind everything can be reviewed after a decision has been made if there's a call for it, as well, but as long as people utilize the Custom Lore Ideas subforum well, this shouldn't be an issue.
Just making a note here that the posting rules in the Custom Lore Submissions forum have retroactively been changed a couple of times, which was announced in the CotH Skype Chat. Thought I'd at least mention it here, as well.
Going to bump this up for people to see, since we've had a heap of new players and returnees since this was originally posted.

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