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A Common Misconception about Black Cloth
This article, or at least the first part of it, talks about a common misconception that many CotHians don't realize is false -

'Wearing black cloth in a desert is hotter than wearing any other color cloth in a desert.'

As the article shows us, it's not exactly the opposite but it's definitely -not- hotter than wearing any other color cloth in a desert.

Black plate, which is metal? Oh dang, yeah. Metal heats up all over, heated metal hurts. Black mail? Well... That's debateable, depending entirely on if there's underarmor involved. Black leather? I didn't do a lot of research, but... Meh.

But black or dark-colored cloth? Look at the article. It has the exact same heat level to the person within it as any other colored cloth (even white).

(Just food for thought, not pointing fingers at anyone or anything... Just found this article and decided to post it on here because I know some CotHians follow the common misconception of black cloth causing more heat upon the wearer)
Plate armor is generally (Or should be) worn with a set of Chainmail underneath. And chainmail no matter what color; makes a darn good heatsink. Even if the platemail did get hot enough to burn (which it wouldn't), it's never touching you; and the chainmail is radiating all the heat away from your body- and dispersing the heat from the plate over a bunch of spaced metal rings. And let's not forget about the layer of cloth, which you are (or should) be wearing under that- so the mail isn't going to hurt you either.
You are an assassin if you wear black leather and got daggers at your waist. Assassins are always ice cold! /cough
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The trouble with plate mail is that it traps your body heat inside the armor with you. But the biggest trouble with heavy armor in a warm environment is that the weight of the armor exhausts the body and leads to dehydration faster and muscles that strain more generate more heat inside the body.
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Well that's not exactly what they said.

More specifically black cloth does absorb more heat than white cloth, but due to the loose nature of the black robes that heat gets lost before it reaches the skin. I'd be interested in seeing results of someone wearing skin-tight black vs. skin-tight white.

Also if you're wearing plate in a desert you are soooooooo screwed. :P
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