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11/28/14 Late Evening - Temporary Downtime
Late this evening (in about a couple hours, at around 1am Pacific), the VPS provider will be restarting the machine hosting the instance for the server. This will cause a downtime of about 15-30 minutes for the maintenance they intend to do. However, I am unsure if I will still be awake by the time it is done. Furthermore, they advised to shut down any programs that may write to the disk (which the server program does for the database). Therefore, I will probably be shutting down the server sometime within the next half hour.

As I mentioned before, I am uncertain if I will still be awake once the maintenance is done (because I have to wake up early for work tomorrow). If I am still awake, I will start the server up again. Otherwise, I will try to remember to start it again before heading off to work tomorrow morning!
Just a warning - a... er... complication has arisen, I don't foresee the server coming back on until the morning. Possibly not until sometime after I get home from work tomorrow.

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Strike that! Server's back up!

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