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Lok'Tar! Conquest of the Horde was originally a private World of Warcraft RP community that focused primarily on roleplay within the WoW setting. Originally established in September of 2007, CotH enjoyed a healthy reign of over seven years focused on WoW roleplay. On January 22nd of 2015, a DMCA notice was issued, resulting in a halt of the WoW RP focus. Now, the community has expanded to encompass multiple worlds in various games and settings. This community will serve as a hub for members to join like-minded individuals in any game or environment. The community itself will also host a few game worlds of its own after development progresses enough.
While the dust is settling after the revelation of the WoW server closure, feel free to hang out and see how development goes!

  CoTH Presents: Custom Lore (Maybe)
Posted by: Reigen - 08-05-2014, 05:10 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (35)

Custom Lore

This was spoken about at the Meet and Greet, headed by our lovely GrakorGETTHENUMBERSOUTOFYOURNAME456.

A recent discussion has us all thinking about custom lore again and, rather than simply discussing it, we've decided to take a step in the direction of making it a possible reality. Now, as clarify, this isn't going to be an excuse to go crazy and pull in alternative universes [WoD pending] and everyone makes up whatever they sneeze out at the time. It will be a group effort to swing the future of the meta-plot in a way that makes sense and enables players to make an active change and leave an impact on the world. The setting is going to remain the same, however the plot and elements of it are what is subject to potentially change. Example being Garrosh actually gets redeemed instead of going all out crazy by the end of MoP and saving that role for someone else. We will not, however, be doing things like a repeat of the Sin'sholai. That is a bit too massive.

The question, as reflected in the poll, is if this is something the members of the server would like to do? There was a positive reception at the Meet and Greet, but not everyone is able to attend to put in their voice and questions. So the option to do so is going to be in this thread. There are a few questions that were asked and I'll repost here so that they don't get repeated.

Will Non-GMs have a hand in making lore?

Yes and no. Players will be free to posts suggestions [not in this thread, please] on what direction they would like the plot to take and discuss it with the GM team. However the choice is ultimately up to the GM team. Now in order to keep a slight element of surprise, we will not be saying every little thing we'll be doing story-wise, however you will be free to make a thread asking about what we currently have going on and give suggestions if you so choose.

What about the Horde/Alliance conflict?

This depends on just how much we're willing/encouraged to change, so it's still largely up in the air with no definitive answer.

How will changes be conveyed?

We hope to run events to show the changes, but we can't do that for every little happening. A mixture of events, forum posts and announcements will be utilized.

Can our characters become lore figures?

No. Characters will not be allowed to rise to the level of a Lore Figure, become King or any such things. However, they may be able to gain recognition by their factions and have that reflected though NPC puppeting, rank and other such things. There is also the possibility of allowing reputation to be earned by opposing faction members, but that depends on question two with the Horde and Alliance conflict.

Will former areas (Outlands, Northrend, BC staring areas) be touched again?

Possibly! Blizzard has no intention of updating them and to break them free of being stagnant would be wonderful. Maybe even reclaiming a few lost spots.

Retroactive Lore?

A few people brought up the question of custom lore of the past. This may be a possibility. However we would have to tread very careful as to make sure we don't accidentally cause a situation where everyone in that time period has to rewrite their profiles to be correct again.

More questions and answers can be seen here.

If you have any further questions, opinions, statements or whatever, post here or drop us a line in the PD!

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  Glyphs Purchaseable Using Forum Gold
Posted by: Kretol - 07-30-2014, 10:05 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (5)

Good news, everyone!

You can now purchase class glyphs using forum gold via the MyGold shop Grogporter Trade! When I was first thinking of adding glyphs for purchase, I was torn between using the forum shop and simply adding them all to a vendor in-game. I went through the work of adding them all to a vendor, and then I discovered that a vendor can apparently only have 15 pages of items!
Undaunted (well, maybe just a bit), I proceeded to wonder how I would mass-add all these glyphs to the shop. When adding to vendors, all I needed was the itemID and then I could generate the rest of the SQL query. Adding them all to the shop was a much more tedious endeavor, and I utilized my love of spreadsheets to excellent effect.

Anyway, enough of all that! Feel free to purchase glyphs! Be warned that I have no idea which glyphs are broken. I would suggest to post a reply here if the glyph is broken so others are advised not to purchase it. Keep in mind that the functionality of a broken glyph effect may be fixed in the future by TrinityCore devs, however.

NOTE: In order to redeem an item, after you purchase it you will want to click the My Items link in the upper-right corner of the Shop page! Then click the redeem button under the appropriate item and enter one of your character names!

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  Gentle Reminder: Skype & Chat Policies
Posted by: Loxmardin - 07-11-2014, 02:19 AM - Forum: Community News - No Replies

Hello everyone.

The CotH Skype Chat has fallen to a few heated discussions of late and in the light of that, we just want to point back to our Chat Policies (see: Language rule) and the Respect rule.

Discussions and even debates are permitted in the chats and we're not going to stop you from discussing any subject matter you like as long as it adheres to the server's ruleset in its entirety (which excludes certain topics and choice words, by default, as per the Language rule). We ask that people remember to keep it civil and to gracefully step aside to continue in private if you notice that the conversation is taking a turn for the worse.

All in all, respect eachothers' rights to discuss and have opinions, and, when necessary... agree to disagree. :) When someone says it's time to stop, it just might be!

Also, remember that you can always contact a GM if the situation is getting heated. There's usually at least one of us online and we tend to be easy to find on Skype, so just give us a poke on Skype, in PMs (with logs, preferrably; just in case we're late to the party), on the forums or in-game. We might not be paying attention all the time, so a prod is always appreciated if things go south.

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  Looking for Roleplay (.LFRP)
Posted by: Kretol - 06-18-2014, 08:06 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (6)

As some folks have seen so far, a new command has been implemented!

.lfrp is meant to supplement and assist folks in getting into RP or getting more people to join whatever RP they are part of. The way it is used is as follows:

  • .lfrp
    LFRP by itself will show you what your current LFRP entry is, if you have one. If you type .lfrp followed by text, it will set that text as your LFRP entry!
  • .lfrp clear
    This will clear your current LFRP entry, if you have one.
  • .lfrp list
    To see what online characters are LFRP (or have an LFRP entry), just type .lfrp list! It will show a list of characters prepended with a timestamp and appended with their LFRP entry. If you type ".lfrp list all", it will show all characters (online or offline) with an LFRP entry.

Note that you can also see LFRP entries from the Account Management site! Any online character with one will be preceded by a LFM icon, and hovering your mouse cursor over it will show the LFRP text.

I hope this will assist folks in getting into more RP and storylines!

Addendum: I also wish to thank @Vrahn for his assistance in helping guide me towards finding issues with the list command! He acted as my rubber duck! :)

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  'Evil' Faction Character Options (And Kor'kron)!
Posted by: JVNemesis - 05-22-2014, 08:25 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (15)

Hey, kid. Wanna be a bad guy? (Or a Kor’kron)

You do. Or did, at some point, or wanted one to be around, for your little goodie-two shoes hero to stomp all over. (Or maybe you didn’t, but go away it’s just a catchy intro) Not one of those low-life bandit characters, though, oh no; it’s the full deal here. Cash in on this special offer here, and you can go be a full-on Twilight cultist, or a Defias cutthroat, or a Cult of the Damned…er. Or somethin’ else! Think of another faction you wanna pal it up with? Can do, friend! Just sign here. We’ll talk about payment later…

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for loss of life/property/livelihood if you join any of these organizations, up to and including imprisonment by the Stormwind army and death by overzealous adventurer

What does this mean?

Basically, we’re opening up the previously unplayable hostile factions for players to be a part of. While I only mentioned the Twilight’s Hammer, the Cult, and the Defias, if you have another faction you’d like to try feel free to go for it. Each app is going to be viewed on a case-by-case basis; this includes the faction you want to get, and any special variant class or abilities you’d like. As most people likely know, there are some classes that are not generally available to players, like some of the special Twilight elementalist classes, or a druid of the flame, and those’ll be up for grabs as well with this new system.

This will be combinable with the new CMC system that just came out! You can grab a special model for your new villain, if it gets approved. Just add the application from the CMC announcement to your profile, simple as that. We will also be experimenting with in-game faction changes to allow these characters to RP in zones controlled by their faction, if one particular faction becomes populous. More on this in the future!

As a note, these characters are under the (slightly dubious) protection of their respective faction, just as a hero is protected by his allies/faction. In RPing, give your fellow players the benefit of this idea that their evil characters likely have a similar kind of protection that your heroes do. Character Warnings still apply!

There will be one official guild per faction ("Twilight's Hammer", "The Defias", etc), hosted by a GM. While you're not obligated to join it (feel free to infiltrate others!), these will be the only guilds allowed to actually be official for representing that faction, so we don't have Defias 1/2/3/Redefiased/Defias Rising/etc. We'll be creating skype chats for each faction so you can keep in touch with each other and make some plans, even when not in the same guild.

How do I apply for one?

The application is simple enough: It’s a special profile. List the faction you want to be a part of in the Associations and title of the post, any relevant CMC app information if applicable (as seen in the announcement that came along with this one), and any new class/class features you want. It’s going to be viewed and approved in the same way we deal with normal special profiles, with two important exceptions: these new characters are going to be more heavily scrutinized prior to approval, and posting a profile does not guarantee approval. In addition, if you are going for a higher ranked member of your faction, or one of their faction-specific creatures via CMC (a Twilight Ascendant, for example), you will need to submit a description of what you intend to do with that character; a storyline you have in mind, some events or trouble you plan to cause, something to clue us in. We’re not opposed to the concept of people playing them, but we don’t want them running around willy-nilly either.

If you're not sure of a concept or just want to bounce some ideas around before writing up a profile, feel free to make a Private Discussion thread and chat us up!

Keep in mind that, depending on your chosen faction and how they end up, your character's lifespan may have an expiration date! When the time comes for that, we can discuss some options for how it can go down.

What about the Kor'kron?

Not related to the evil faction characters, I swear, no matter what Garrosh is doing. Kor’kron are now also available for play as special profiles, should anyone be interested! You’ll be added to the official guild upon approval. Bear it with pride. Help keep these pesky new villains in line. Join the ranks of the Warchief’s elite today!

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