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Lok'Tar! Conquest of the Horde was originally a private World of Warcraft RP community that focused primarily on roleplay within the WoW setting. Originally established in September of 2007, CotH enjoyed a healthy reign of over seven years focused on WoW roleplay. On January 22nd of 2015, a DMCA notice was issued, resulting in a halt of the WoW RP focus. Now, the community has expanded to encompass multiple worlds in various games and settings. This community will serve as a hub for members to join like-minded individuals in any game or environment. The community itself will also host a few game worlds of its own after development progresses enough.
While the dust is settling after the revelation of the WoW server closure, feel free to hang out and see how development goes!

  New: Special Profile Test Runs
Posted by: Loxmardin - 01-13-2015, 02:09 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (6)

Hello everyone.

What with the increased interest in evil factions and other character types that require special profiles, the GM team has decided to allow a certain testing period for most with a few set conditions. What this means is that you would be allowed to roleplay your Special Profile character before the profile's approval provided you:

  1. Have started the profiling process; i.e. you've created and posted the profile. If you post it in the Workshop first, this also applies for two weeks since the profile is first posted until it's moved into the Special Profile queue, at which point there is no time limit beyond the waiting time before profile approval.
  2. Ask a GM and get a direct, instant and affirmative reply (this means you should ideally ask in-game or through any IM service; Skype, AIM, etc.) before you set out to start roleplaying. This needs to be done for every RP occasion; permission does not last over an extended period.
  3. Are able to provide the name of the specific GM and they can back you up. We will be keeping track.
Keep in mind that the following also applies for Special Profiles roleplayed this way prior to the actual profile approval:
  1. You may not use your "Special" abilities, status or authority against other players or NPCs prior to profile approval.
  2. We extend these permissions primarily so you have time to get to know your character and take them for a "test run"; personality and history, not much else.
  3. This grace period is meant to permit storylines, especially involving "evil factions", to get off the ground without being held up by the Special Profile process.
  4. This movement does NOT include application-only Special Profiles, such as: Dragonsworn, Nobility, mini-CMCs.
This movement is ultimately a test of trust, and so there will be repercussions for those who fail to follow the above guidelines.
  • If you are found roleplaying a Special Profile character prior to profile approval and it turns out you simply forgot or neglected to ask permission, you'll get one warning. Second offense and you lose the right to take advantage of this testing period in the future.
  • If you are found roleplaying a Special Profile character prior to profile approval and claim to have gotten GM permission that can not be backed up, you lose the right to take advantage of this testing period in the future and also get suspended. This is essentially Scamming, as far as we're concerned.
All the ominous details aside, we hope you'll take full advantage of this and that this makes Special Profile characters easier and more fun to pursue, alongside the storylines that heavily involve them.

GM Team

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  Winter Veil Gifts (2014)
Posted by: Kretol - 12-23-2014, 02:09 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (1)

Happy Winter's Veil, everyone! I hope the holidays have been treating everyone well.

As with the past several years, gifts will be handed out Thursday, December 25th, starting at about 12pm or so server time (Pacific). Greatfather Grakor will be returning to take requests for goodies, but keep in mind there are some guidelines!

Quote:Now, bear in mind that there will be some restriction to items, and depending on what you request you may not be allowed to use it ICly. We will probably state as much when any certain item is requested. Also, no heroic gear (or equivalent-level PvP gear) will be gifted, sorry! Think of something fun to request! Preferably, write up a list of your top three choices in case your first or second choice is declined.

For anyone not able to attend, a separate thread will be started after the event to put requests in. Keep an eye out for it!

For gift ideas or to see what was given last year (or see what folks get this year as it's happening), feel free to visit the spreadsheet!

As mentioned above, while Greatfather Grakor can be quite generous and have a variety of gifts, not everything can be accommodated. So, please be certain to have several choices in case the first one or two cannot be given.

Again, a separate thread will be created later for those that are unable to attend and receive their gifts during the event. Also as a note, historically title requests in the subsequent thread have been a challenge to accommodate because it required me giving it. However, with Lox and Reigen able to fulfill such requests it should not be as much of an issue.

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  11/28/14 Late Evening - Temporary Downtime
Posted by: Kretol - 11-28-2014, 11:56 PM - Forum: Server Status Updates - Replies (2)

Late this evening (in about a couple hours, at around 1am Pacific), the VPS provider will be restarting the machine hosting the instance for the server. This will cause a downtime of about 15-30 minutes for the maintenance they intend to do. However, I am unsure if I will still be awake by the time it is done. Furthermore, they advised to shut down any programs that may write to the disk (which the server program does for the database). Therefore, I will probably be shutting down the server sometime within the next half hour.

As I mentioned before, I am uncertain if I will still be awake once the maintenance is done (because I have to wake up early for work tomorrow). If I am still awake, I will start the server up again. Otherwise, I will try to remember to start it again before heading off to work tomorrow morning!

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  Worth a thousand words...
Posted by: Reigen - 11-21-2014, 08:02 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (18)

[Image: cpf6A0j.png]
Everyone thank @"ImagenAshyun" for the drawing and sparing you for my aweful photoshop.

What does this picture of an evilly laughing squirrel have to do with anything?

Not much, beyond introducing your two new trials. Congrats @"muhaha8" and @"FlyingSquirrel" for willingly signing yourself over to enslavement, eternal torment, more comfortable footrests serve the community of CoTH.

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  New Blood? New Blood.
Posted by: Loxmardin - 11-03-2014, 02:30 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (15)

Hey there, CotH!

Join me in welcoming @"Dae" to the staff team as our newest Trial GM! Be nice to her. :) She'll be focusing mostly on the forum-side things for now, so expect to see her poking at your profiles and PD threads!


There was once this girl named Dae
She plays Undead and is pretty okay
I'm sure she plays other things too
But that does not a rhyme do
This is just filler for the post
Just so I can make the most
of the space in... this announcement!

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