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Lok'Tar! Conquest of the Horde was originally a private World of Warcraft RP community that focused primarily on roleplay within the WoW setting. Originally established in September of 2007, CotH enjoyed a healthy reign of over seven years focused on WoW roleplay. On January 22nd of 2015, a DMCA notice was issued, resulting in a halt of the WoW RP focus. Now, the community has expanded to encompass multiple worlds in various games and settings. This community will serve as a hub for members to join like-minded individuals in any game or environment. The community itself will also host a few game worlds of its own after development progresses enough.
While the dust is settling after the revelation of the WoW server closure, feel free to hang out and see how development goes!

  9/29/14 Late Evening - Temporary Downtime
Posted by: Kretol - 09-29-2014, 01:43 PM - Forum: Server Status Updates - No Replies

Late this evening between midnight and 3am Pacific, the website and server host will be performing maintenance and restarting servers. Estimated downtime is about 15 minutes at which point the site will not be available.
Regarding the server, I'll need to start up the server program manually so downtime may be a bit longer. I'll try to keep an eye on it however to minimize the downtime duration.
Just a heads up!

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  Dragonsworn Revision
Posted by: Reigen - 09-09-2014, 05:55 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (22)

Dragonsworn Revisions

Hey there! Your friendly neighborhood staff is here to bring about some changes to the Dragonsworn system. We notice that those who apply and become sworn don't really have all that much to work with past their acceptance point, and also feel there are some misconceptions on what is supposed to happen once a character becomes a sworn. We hope the changes will encourage activity and help the character concept gain a new spark. Now, as with all changes, they might not be perfect nor will everyone like them. However it's better to try something than nothing at all and more changes can always come as per player demand or if we feel this is not enough. That being said, let's move on.

What is a Dragonsworn?
Dragonsworn are mortals who have somehow gained the notice of one of the flights though their deeds. These mortals are given perhaps the greatest privilege any can have; To serve, know and be the eyes and ears of one of the great dragons that roam the world. Those chosen have the duty to dedicate their lives to their masters and are expected to die for their flight if the need comes for them to do so. They must be prepared to seemingly betray their very friends and family for the betterment of the world - even if the results will not be seen in their lifetime or even their generations lifetime. In exchange, they are given a first hand look into the vast knowledge the dragons have, access to information scholars of old only dare dream about.

This knowledge is often locked inside the sworn, for their job is one of whispers and secret. To publicly announce what they are is a death sentence. Not only are there those who hunt the dragons for sport, there are many who mistrust them. The dragons do have enemies, and those enemies are powerful enough to deal with one man easy enough. If a sworn becomes too known for what they are, their flight will offer two choices: Sever all ties with humanity to serve them fully, or sever all ties with the flight and return to a normal life. Those who use their status to brag are not even given a choice to remain with the flight. That's not to say they are fully alone. The flights encourage their sworn to interact with each other and with sworn of the other flights, save for the fallen Black flight.

Not all flights treat their sworn the same. Some have been known to teach magic or give their servants gifts that come from days long past. Some are just useless trinkets and others may aid with their tasks. However it is rare to receive one. Due to the long years a dragon may see, a mortal life may pass by too fast for their deeds of service to be recognized with a gift. This is far more true for races with life-spans barely reaching into their hundreds. The quickest way to anger their master would be to expect praise. You are only a mortal and there are many others who could fill the gap you would leave behind. That's not to say that gifts are impossible, but they should never be expected for completing a task.

Original post by Xigo.

How do I become a Dragonsworn?

In the old system, you would apply to become a Dragonsworn, old or new, with one catch-all questionnaire. Under the new system, however, only characters who currently serve a flight as part of their history may apply for it with a special profile and application. This means if you want the character to have been part of a flight in their past history, then you may post an application and profile in the special profile sections of the forums. Remember, you can only have one character be an old sworn, so choose carefully on which character it will be. You may have more than one new dragonsworn however those are chosen through RP and not applied for.

New dragonsworn will have to be recommended to the dragon NPC of the flight. How they gain this recommendation varies in several ways. First and foremost is doing something to impress the dragon all on their own, likely though events in which the Dragon NPC is present. Characters can also gain notice by making events that are deemed to be up to standards with the flights current goals, or attending events in which the flight is already watching. Interactions with the drake NPCs also increase the chances of being chosen, even current Dragonsworn may pass along a name or two to get someone on a watch list.

Why the change? Sometimes coming up with the why's and how's are the hardest part of anything, and this can help make the interactions more personal instead of making up reasons that the character has never actually been tested for. It can also offer a greater chance for the spot to feel earned instead of just given away freely.

Character's who are part of a fight as per their history can use this application with their profile.
Quote:-Which dragon is this character joining?

-Why would this Dragon take notice of this character?
[What about the character stands out above others who might do something similar. It is not enough to fight for nature to be noticed by a green dragon. Pleanty of druids do that. What makes your character's way so special? How did they go above and beyond?]

-What would make your character a good Dragonsworn?
[Positive traits! Things that would keep your character as a sworn. They should not outnumber negative traits]

-What would make your character a bad Dragonsworn?
[You must have negative traits, there is no such thing as a perfect dragonsworn. These are the types of things that could cause a disruption in service, or hestiation in carrying out a mission.]

Expectations of Dragonsworn

Dragonsworn are encouraged to use prompts from their Dragon/Drake masters to run events, however it is not necessary. They can also help with the events of others or using events as an opportunity to have something to report back to their masters. Players are encouraged to send PMs to their dragon NPCs detailing what they have been ICly doing/seeing as a way for us to know there is still something going on, even if it's going on behind actual RP.

We also do not wish for Dragonsworn to rely solely on interactions with the flight NPCs. There should be something driving them on their own that does not require orders every day of the week. This could be taking initiative to investigate something they think their flight would want or handling an issue before it gets too big for the flight to notice.

It is within the best interest of every sane flight to monitor and act to eradicate any black dragonsworn that may still be around. Upon the discovery or suspicion of one, they are encouraged to not only inform their masters, but inform the sworn of the other flight so that the accused can be rooted out for what they are. Caution is, of course, advised so that they don't reveal themselves on accident and so they don't harm someone who is innocently misguided.

Dragonsworn are 'gifted' a necklace containing a gem the color of their flight at the start of their service that they must wear so their dragons can find them and summon them when needed. The gem is the most important part, with the sworn being able to alter it however they please. The necklace can easily become a bracelet, choker, crown or any other such decorative piece. Just remember they must wear it at all times.

Dragonsworn may interact with each other, however that is their choice alone if they wish for their sworn to be known by others. This is an option so that they can band together for their flights goals for events if they wish, or just have others to RP with about what's going on without risking their status. There will be an area built just for Dragonsworn to hang out in if they wish to interact. If you do not wish for your sworn to be known, do not go to the location as it will be open for any of the four 'good' flights to hop in when they wish.

The Dragonflights

Red Bronze Green Blue Black*
  • Destroy the remaining Scourge
  • Preserve all natural life.
  • Renew the land
  • Destroy the Twilight Cult
  • Upholding the balance of time
  • Preserving historical artifacts
  • Fighting the Infinite threat
  • Protecting the wilds of Azeroth
  • Keeping the Nightmare at bay
  • Renewing the land
  • Destroy the Twilight Cult
  • Prevent the abuse of arcane
  • Neutralizing dangerous artifacts
  • Monitoring and repairing Ley Lines
  • Supervise mortal institutions of magic practice
  • Infiltrate groups to feed information to the main flight
  • Influence organizations away from fighting
  • Bring about the Hour of Twilight


The red dragons see themselves as the protector of all life on Azeroth. They seek to maintain harmony in the world and make sure that all life may prosper, as well as keeping mortals away from things that may end up doing more harm than good. That is not to say that they will not seek to destroy those who are a threat to others. They are known for taking just as much as they give, though their path often leaves new growth behind. They're one of the greater known flights, having been enslaved and used by the Orcs. As such, many still harbor bitter feelings.

Between the Scourge of Northrend and the Twilight Cult, they have little patience for those who seek to harm the world and are not on any good terms with the undead. They seek to destroy what remains of the Lich King's army and stop Deathwing and his cult from bringing about the Hour of Twilight. They out of all the flights hold the greatest hatred for the fallen black flight, though through one egg they seek to find a way to save future generations of this taint.

The aspect of the Red Dragonflight is Alexstrasza, the queen of all dragons. All those in service to the Red Flight hold a certain reverence to her.


The Bronze Dragonflight is best known for their involvement in nearly every major event that happened, even if not wholly obvious. They are the masters of time and seek to keep the flow moving in perfection. Even if you encounter one, it's very likely you'll never remember it, what with them having the ability to alter memories so you only know what you're supposed to know. The work of a Bronze Dragon is never over and often they become lost in time, which is understandable when they've had the same conversation with you for the sixth time that day. Or is it the tenth?

As guardians of time, they are borderline perfectionist. Even the smallest mistake can cause chaos down the line and so they repeat the same task over and over until it goes the right way. Because of this, they have many mortal and formally mortal agents to pick up the minor things while they watch the more important dealings. Their biggest enemy is the twisted Infinite Flight, who seek to make the timeline into a perfect world. The two flights are forever at war with each other, one to make sure history is how the books told and another to bring about a utopia.

The Bronze flight claims that changing the timeline will unravel the threads of time as we know it and bring all to nothing...but what if it doesn't?


Where the Red Dragonflight is famous for being the vanguard which defends all that is life, the Green Dragonflight stands as the perpetuator of all that is life. Their task by the great Titan Eonar was to oversee the growth of life in both Azeroth and within the Emerald Dream and for that Ysera, the Aspect of the Green Dragonflight, was granted title 'The Dreamer'. The great green wyrm exists in perpetual duality, existing conscious both in the physical realm while also reigning over the great domain of the Emerald Dream. Most green dragon kin share her burden in much the same matter. Listing amongst the rarest occurrences on all of Azeroth is to witness a green dragon open their eyes, as this means that the dragon ceases to exist in the dream and instead focuses their entire person on the physical realm.

Dragonsworn of the Green flight, much like the Green Dragons, should strive not to be confused with their red kin. While the titles are similar their tasks remain entirely different. Those who are Green-aligned must understand nature and it's delicate balance. Not everything is destined to live, nor should you strive to change that fact. Instead you should strive to uphold an eternal balance between destruction and growth.

Ysera stands as the revered sister of Alexstrasza and the Aspect of the Green Flight. Those of all flights are wise to respect the Dreamer for she bears arguably the heaviest burden of all Dragonflights.


The Blue Dragonflight is one obsessed with righting the natural order. Birthed as masters of arcane and it's rightful guardians the Blue Dragons have watched closely over the affairs of mortals, working as the dutiful kin of Alexstrasza, the prime guardian of life. Wars are cruel, however, and many Blue Kin have met their end to the blades of demons and the twisted Blackdragonflight. Following a similar fate many Blue Dragons embraced the madness of their Aspect, Malygos, and waged a full-frontal war upon the mortal races who so bravely thought they could conquer the mysteries of the Arcane. Mournfully, Alexstrasza's hand was forced and the Blue Dragonflight was thought to be forgotten in the deathly aftermath.

In the wake of the Cataclysm the Blue Dragonflight has begun to gather it's numbers and assess it's prime directive. Where the most of the mentally corrupted have fallen to the hands of brave adventurers, the few sane have remained as a council, constantly enthralled with a battle to be assigned as the new Aspect of Magic. Those looking to play a Blue Dragonsworn will find themselves no doubt helping in some way their master's grab for the highest seat in their draconic society. Between artifact hunts the Dragonsworn may be busied to hunt down those who so woefully misuse magic that it threatens the life of entire populations.

At the moment the Blue Dragonflight has no Aspect, instead being ruled by a council of the Flight's most ancient and prospective minds.


Of all the blessed flights the Black Dragonflight bears the most tragic of stories. When the titans parted with their blessings it was Neltharion who received the dominion over the very earth by which they stood upon. Mountains would quake beneath his fury, the land itself would grant passage into the darkest depths on his mere whim. Since the beginning of their appointment the Black Dragons were the largest supporters of Alexstrasza in her duty to defend the young, fledgling races. When they were called to deliver, however, life took a turn for the worst. The world was torn asunder and with it so was nearly every of Neltharion's children. Akin to his brother Malygos he went into hiding not long after, along with what few scraps remained of his wounded dragonflight.

Sadly silence did not do well to battle against the nagging whispers in his mind. When granted dominion over the earth he was also granted dominion over every influence within it- the malevolent Old Gods included. Piece by piece they whittled away at Neltharion's mind until he was known only by the guise of Deathwing, the Destroyer. Now those who dare tread ground as black dragonsworn are distinguished not only by their inclination to chaos, but how easily they're manipulated. In the end of all things the dragonsworn are tools to the black flight, and tools they remain. Those most loyal and least annoying may even know the respect of being referred to by name from their dark patrons.

Neltharion, or as he's known in the modern times, Deathwing is the self-proclaimed aspect of Death and former warden of the earth. Only the incredibly foolish refuse to quake at the mention of his name.

Drake/Dragonkin NPCs

One complaint we received is limited interaction with the Dragon NPCs. Not every GM was on board with logging onto these characters and it's understandable why. With more than one person playing a character, it would be easy to forget someone, or not know something that was told to the NPC a day before due to being a different GM behind the mask. To help solve this, we are permitting each GM to have one drake NPC per flight that the sworn may interact with. This way any interaction with that NPC is remembered to that NPC and the dragons can still be rare as we wish them to be.

These drake NPCs will also have more 'freedom' as to where they can go. That's not to say they can come over for tea every day at ten o' clock sharp, but they can interact with the world and players at large. Not only is this so they may be more involved in sworn doings, but also so they can scout out recruits to the cause or help their sworn gather aid for a coming task.

Red Bronze Green Blue Black*
  • Agronastrasz (Spiky)
  • Kaselstrasz (Loxmardin)
  • Norostraz (Krilari)
  • Oekastraza (ImagenAshyun)
  • Rugostrasz (Ural)
  • Zelakstraza (Reigen)
  • Inanormi (Loxmardin)
  • Kazdormu (Reigen)
  • Kuradormu (ImagenAshyun)
  • Qurozdormi(Ural)
  • Etathas (Loxmardin)
  • Pagasra (ImagenAshyun)
  • Shiasra (Reigen)
  • Wink (Ural)
  • Balathagos (Rigley)
  • Genimagosa (ImagenAshyun)
  • Heligos (Ural)
  • Meridagosa (Reigen)
  • Sithragos (Loxmardin)
  • Amethyst (Reigen)
  • Ignasian (Loxmardin)
  • Zarithia (Ural)
Dragon NPCs

This time around, Dragons will be played by one GM as to keep their personalities around the same for each encounter they are in. The Drake NPCs will be the bulk of interaction between the flight and their sworn with the Dragons still making rare appearances. This will also keep the dragons consistent though each RP instead of one GM playing a dragon as competently different to how another played it.

Red Bronze Green Blue Black*
  • Terastraza (Krilari)
  • Qunzormu (Mathias)
  • Shalara (Reigen)
  • Korothon (Loxmardin)
  • Gabilthion (ImagenAshyun)

*Black Dragonsworn

With evil factions being opened up, we are also allowing for Black Dragonsworn to be open once more! Keep in mind this flight has all gone crazy and more likely than not, the character will be twilight associated. Former Black Dragonsworns that had their character leave the flight due to them no longer being available in cata may have their characters re-sworned with no new application. Just give us a poke in the PD asking if it's alright. Black Dragonsworn are also encouraged to team up, however they will not know who the sworn of the other flights are as they will not have access to the sworn 'haven', however they will have their own little corner of the world.

The need for secrecy goes double for those serving the twisted flight, as even their kin in service may stab them in the back to further their own gain. The sworn of the other flights will hunt down any who is connected to the Black Flight. They in turn are encouraged to seek out and expose those serving the 'good' flights so that they can be taken care of. The less servants a flight has, the less eyes they have to intervene with.

Those serving the Black Flight also risk their lives for every task they take. Their Patron does not tolerate failure and a sworn's future or life could be in severe danger if they don't live up to expectations. (Repeated failure could result in a character warning to the sworn from the dragon or drakes. If there is anything preventing you from fulfilling the task, communicate with the team telling us why!)

Black Dragonsworn are in this for life. There is no leaving. There is no hiding. Defectors will watch their families, friends and lovers die before their former flight turns their eyes on them.

If there is any suspected Meta gaming on being found out, log and report it to the GM team ASAP. This goes for all flights.

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  New server function: .refresh
Posted by: ImagenAshyun - 09-05-2014, 03:59 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (5)

Can't find the goggles?

[Image: r9OlZKP.gif]

Have no fear! We have a solution!

[Image: U5BAOlq.gif]

.refresh is a new function that is intended to refresh player character visuals whenever the naked bug occurs upon logging on or entering a new area. If you attempt to find the naked goggles via .lo rp, .lo item, or a vendor, you won't find it anywhere. Except on Kretol, who apparently is the only one who can wear them now.

[Image: zws0LTH.gif]

We highly recommend you set .refresh as a macro so that all you can do is tap onto the icon in your action bar rather than just typing it over and over again. It's especially useful as at times the first tapping of .refresh doesn't always work the first time typed. Typing it twice or three times does the trick.

Unless the person is naked on purpose, of course.

[Image: qsBLTFf.gif]

I'm not sorry.

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  Custom Lore & Facelift
Posted by: Loxmardin - 09-04-2014, 11:38 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (6)

As some may have observed, I've rearranged a bit in the forums and a few new subforums have popped up. If the "facelift" annoys enough players (please let me know, in that case) it's quick and easy to change it all back, but give it a chance! I hope the slight modification to the layout (order of the forums) won't throw you off too much. Basically, what happened was that Character Profiles, Workshop, In-Character Forum, Event Planning, Storylines and Guilds were moved into a separate category called "Roleplay". The name is subject to change, though it won't affect the forums under it.

The other change, the additional subforums...

Here's the Custom Lore Ideas subforum, under Workshop. This is where all the community discussions on custom lore proposals will take place. It's really meant to be the biggest contributor to the custom lore introduction on the server, so use it well. This is where you post your ideas and discuss with fellow players and staff, until you reach a point where you can present a complete and solid proposal to the other new subforum, if you do.

The second forum is Custom Lore Submissions, where you post your complete custom lore proposals. Only staff are allowed to respond to threads in this forum, but everyone can view the threads while being reviewed and when they are archived (no matter if they were approved or denied). There is no way to restrict posting the way we want to, so we politely ask that people just refrain from posting there unless it is to post up and respond to their own proposals.

... That's about it. This is all experimental. It can be reverted, taken down or changed at a moment's notice. I hope you all have ideas brewing, though!

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  Custom Lore Poll, Part 2!
Posted by: Grakor456 - 08-12-2014, 09:10 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (63)

So with strong support for custom lore in general, the conversation in the thread led to this next question being posed. In particular: how much do we tamper with canon lore? There are three main options here:

1. Full-blown, change canon events to have different outcomes. Change up who are heroes and who are villains, have stories go in completely unexpected directions, and so on. This option allows for the greatest freedom, but is also the greatest deviation from the setting's story.

2. Touching up canon lore, without altering the ultimate outcomes. This would be about polishing WoW's story to attempt to improve the writing (the actual result of which would depend on point of view, admittedly.) This means that while the results may be the same, the manner in which they are produced can be different.

3. Not touching canon lore at all. Note that due to the fact that CotH effectively already allows for additions of non-canon events and storylines, this means that the addition of "custom lore" would mean very little would ultimately change. This restricts custom lore possibilities heavily, but allows the canon story to remain unchanged.

What is your opinion? Let us know.

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