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Nelf Quest
It had been months since Anuil had set foot in Darnassus, and it caused Nefhrivien significant worry. Hesitantly, the Kaldorei approached Sindri’s abode, or what could more appropriately be called her weapon storage unit. She knocked upon the door, but there was no response. She shouldn’t have been surprised, the Warden no doubt had more important things to do than hang around. Nefhrivien took the rolled up parchment in her hands and began to flatten it out, smoothing it down into a flat rectangle. Once she was done, she pushed the piece of paper under the door.

“Please find this and come home soon, Sindri...”
Nefhrivien whispered to herself, turning away from the door. She needed a long sip of water and a place to rest her feet.

“Dear Sindri,

If you are receiving this letter it is because I have been gone for quite some time and it has caused the rest of the Oathkeepers, my loyal friends and our family, to worry as to my location. Unfortunately, I do not know what my destiny is, but I know there are some that can help you find me should this situation actually arise. If I am dead, please bring me home. If I am alive, I suppose I am being detained and could use your help. Seek out my friend Nefhrivien. She should be around Darnassus. I left a key with her, something I want you to have.

The key will allow you access to my vault. I left you some things in there. You must believe me when I write that I never intended for this burden to fall upon you, but I see such potential in you. Do not let your eyes be clouded. I know I ask much of you, I am sure of that. No matter what has befallen me, this will not be easy. If you judge me based on the things you will come to learn, judge me with compassion. If, in the end, you judge me unworthy of compassion, then find me anyway. Find me and put me out of my misery. No matter what happens, I wish to come home.

Be strong like you have always been. Do not fear to seek help if you need it. An individual is nothing without their sisters. It is the truth that we have always known, even you. Deep down. If you call our Sisters, they will come. Now go. I have been too long winded even in writing. Find Nefhrivien and find the key to my vault.”


[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
(I don't believe you actually did this! O.o)

With an exasperated look on her face did the Warden make her way down the stone paths of Darnassus. The battle she had partook in not so long ago had drained her energies significantly. Only having recently removed her great helm upon reaching the relative safety of the Kaldorei capital, every deep breath she took was refreshing and calming. Dry satyr blood still coated her moon sword, marring its normally well-polished appearance.

So it was much to her great relief when her small abode finally came into sight. It was one of the few buildings in the area with walls and a doorway. The only reason for such secrecy was the large amount of weapons neatly scattered throughout the tiny home. Better not to scare children and attract thieves, she thought to herself often.

As her hand came about to open the entryway, a small piece of parchment just underneath it caught her attention. With a swipe of her hand she would snatch the paper, bringing its message before her eyes. Her initial suspicion of it being some sort of bounty was immediately crushed as she came to realize who it was written by.

A sense of excitement flared throughout her being as a rare smile crossed her lips, quickly noting whom the letter was from by simply skipping to the end of the letter. Her eyes widened with interest, only widening further as she actually read the content of the message, the corners of her mouth swiftly shifting downwards.

Her shoulders sagged along with her posture as she shut the door behind her. Her eyes ran the course of the letter once more while she removed her armor. In truth, she wished to sally forth and find this named individual immediately. But with the night's moon about to fade from the sky, such an effort would only take more precious sleep from her. Already her mind was foggy from the grand amount of stress engulfing her being. Exhaustion would only add to this.

As she tossed on her night gown, she threw herself upon her bed, shutting her eyes. As futile as she knew the effort to be, she offered a prayer to the Goddess of Peace for her aunt's safety.

A faint mutter would escape her lips, saying "Be safe, please," before drifting into a great slumber.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Nefhrivien did not sleep that night, she found herself too restless. She had taken to frequenting one of the bridges in Darnassus, starring down into the water at her own weary reflection. Her bones and muscles ached from all the traveling. She was pulled so very thin. She had done too much in too short a time. Her back and forth pacing eventually slowed, and she gently sat herself down in exhaustion, overlooking the water.

She lifted the waterskin from her side with a weary hand, opening the top to take a few sips. She was parched, and the water felt good upon her dry tongue. When she was satisfied, she closed it up and let her hands wander to the silver key she wore about her neck. It had belonged to Anuil. She had never really asked her old friend what was in the vault it opened, but that information was not for her to know. Anuil had specifically asked that in a situation like this that the key make it to Sindri.

Nefhrivien had only seen Sindri when she was a young Kaldorei. Since then, both of their travels and duties had taken them to many places and the two had not crossed paths. In all the years they had traversed this world, they never spoke. It was strange in some ways, but the world was a big place. One was very small when compared to the scale of a tree, and a tree was small when compared to the scale of a Forest. From there everything just expanded into the vastness of existence.

She sighed and frowned. The sun would be up soon. Even through the trees she could tell. Sindri would come to find her soon, or so she hoped. With any luck the Warden would be persistent and thorough, if nothing else. She would just have to wait and see.
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
Restlessness too would take control of the Warden, causing her to toss and turn about in bed. After but four hours of peaceless slumber she would swing her legs to the side of her bed, swiftly rising with a somewhat irritated grumble. Swiftly her blackened leathers were donned. And with that she bolted out the door, grasping for her moon sword on the way out, blood still staining it from the night before.

The glare from the sun forced her to squint her eyes in pain. Sindri was a nocturnal woman, unused to the intense light. It blinded her briefly, causing her to stagger in her step. A quiet curse escaped her lips as she focused, pushing through the annoyance.

She stepped with a quick gait down the roads of Darnassus. Eyes darting this way and that, she searched for a woman she barely knew. By Elune, she thought, the goddess' name making an unusual appearance in her thoughts. How am I supposed to find this Nefhrivien in all of Azeroth? With a scowl on her lips she continued.

After searching for what she deemed to be a great deal of time, she started speaking with sentinels, requesting the location of the woman. And with that failing, her voice would ring out across Darnassus as she called out the woman's name.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Eventually in the middle of her pondering, Nefhrivien would come to here an Elf calling her name rather loudly within the limits of the city. It surprised her, but then again, she supposed it made sense as she had left no specific place to find her. Perhaps it was Sindri! Oh if only it was, then she should finally get some sleep maybe.

Nefhrivien followed after the voice until she found the source of the wandering Elf calling out her name. She approached cautiously, clearing her dry throat before speaking out.

"...Sindri? Is that you?"
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
Sindri's head turned sharply to regard the woman addressing her. With a brisk nod, she'd smile wearily.

"It is. Nefhrivien, I take it?" Turning to face her fellow fully, she would offer the woman a short bow after predictably receiving confirmation. "A letter left at my door requested I seek you out. Apparently you maintain ownership of a key to my aunt Anuil's vault."

The bags beneath her eyes revealed her exhausted state. Though the smile on her lips was friendly, it was ultimately a facade. Forced. After all, she would much rather be in bed, and she was most certainly displeased at receiving such a dire letter in the first place.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.

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