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Lok'Tar! Conquest of the Horde was originally a private World of Warcraft RP community that focused primarily on roleplay within the WoW setting. Originally established in September of 2007, CotH enjoyed a healthy reign of over seven years focused on WoW roleplay. On January 22nd of 2015, a DMCA notice was issued, resulting in a halt of the WoW RP focus. Now, the community has expanded to encompass multiple worlds in various games and settings. This community will serve as a hub for members to join like-minded individuals in any game or environment. The community itself will also host a few game worlds of its own after development progresses enough.
While the dust is settling after the revelation of the WoW server closure, feel free to hang out and see how development goes!

  3/19/14 5:15p - OS Updates, Few Extra Patch GObjects
Posted by: Kretol - 03-19-2014, 04:14 PM - Forum: Server Status Updates - Replies (4)

Server computer restarting soon to apply some OS updates. Furthermore, a few extra custom gameobjects (from patch 4.3.4) have been added to the custom patch (again, thanks to Dark_Spyro_003 and Razmataz for going through the tedious work of creating such a thing). This will require replacing the existing (old) patch with the new one. Links on the Custom GObject Patch page on the Wiki have been updated.
Again, the existing patch (wow-update-13600.MPQ) will need to be deleted and replaced with the new one, named 'wow-update-15594.mpq'.

GMs can access a list of all the patch objects from the GM site.

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  Spirit Companions
Posted by: Reigen - 02-06-2014, 09:21 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (2)

Hey there CoTH! Reigen here with another announcement.

Something that was talked about some time ago was spirit companion characters to Spirit Walkers and Spirit Champions, though there was never a formal discussion beyond a mention in our Skype chat. The discussion was brought back recently and it was decided that these characters would be open up to be RPed.

The character will be a special profile so that we can keep track of them and be sure there is a character they are bound too. Which brings us to the next point...

How this works

First and foremost you need to find someone who wants to have a spirit companion and think of a story that works as to why they would be around instead of passed on into the afterlife. A common reason would be that there is unfinished business the spirit has and the Champion/Walker is helping them in exchange for aid for themselves. The spirit can either be of the person's bloodline or someone they've encountered while seeking the spirit's wisdom [the former is more likely]. Also be sure you mention the character your spirit will be with in associations.

Once you find someone who wants to have a companion, work on getting a profile up in the special profiles. The profile will have to include the history of before they died, how they died and how they became a companion. No CMC is required, as there are cosmetic items in-game that any GM can add to an approved character, so you can dress your character however you feel. There are a few options you can go for, and be sure to list them somewhere in the profile like the appearance section, but you can only choose one option, as you can only have a max of two trinkets:
  • Blue aura (Cosmetic - Ghostly Aura [4])
  • Purple Aura (Cosmetic - Ghostly Aura [2])
  • Green Aura (Cosmetic - Green Ghostly Aura) + [Cosmetic - Transparency Aura (50%)]
  • Transparent only [Cosmetic - Transparency Aura (50%)]
  • Purple/Blue Aura +Transparent (Cosmetic - Ghostly Aura [4]) + Transparent (Cosmetic - Ghostly Aura [2])
  • Purple/Green Aura (Cosmetic - Ghostly Aura [2]) + (Cosmetic - Green Ghostly Aura)
  • Blue/Green Aura (Cosmetic - Ghostly Aura [4]) + (Cosmetic - Green Ghostly Aura)

Spirit Walkers and Spirit Champions may only have one PC spirit companion per character. In the case of spirit walkers, they may walk with as many NPC spirits as they wish, but they can only have one that is a PC. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to RPing the character inside and outside of combat situations.

Outside of Combat

Spirit Companions may RP in the same general area that their summoner is at. That means that if their summoner is in the city of Orgrimmar, they are able to walk about and interact with those in the city as they see fit. However any attempts to leave the city would cause the spirit to lose form and become de-summoned. Their summoner would have to bring them back. General area does not mean across the world either. If your summoner is in Winterspring, the spirit cannot be in Tanaris at the same time. Not unless the summoner moved to Tanaris. You're free to ask the person playing the summoner if you can say they are in an area, however no means no.

Inside Combat

As with all PC fights, you cannot spring in on the fight out of nowhere from being offline, even if the spirit champion/walker would call for the character. Simply say they were caught with their companion de-materialized.

The spirits have their own HP pool and own turn just like any other PC when it comes to combat. However unlike other PCs, if the summoner a spirit is bound too is knocked out, the spirit is de-summoned instantly until recalled into the mortal world. How long this takes is up to the summoner's will, though it could be as soon as the combat situation ends. While it is hard to explain why a spirit would react to anything beyond magic and enchanted weapons, for the sake of fairness it will be said that taking enough hits will cause them to lose concentration on maintaining their form from their end.

When it comes to fights that a Character Warning [CW] is in place, the same rules above function in regards to having their own HP pool and turn. If their summoner dies, they are de-summoned instantly and can no longer continue the fight. This also means they cannot call for aid in the traditional means. If a spirit is killed, there really are not many drawbacks that can be used for a resurrection as there is no physical form and they are already by all means dead. This is up to player discretion. In place of this, however, spirits have to wait out at least a week before they are strong enough to be summoned back into the mortal world.

A resurrection post would need to be made if the companion is killed, even if there are little to no drawbacks to be had.

What races can be a Spirit Champion/Walker?

Only tauren and orcs may be a spirit champion and spirit walker. This means no alliance races.

What races can be a Spirit Companion?

Once more, only tauren and orcs may be a spirit companion. Tauren may only go with tauren summoners and orcs may only go with orc summoners.

Peace out,
CoTH Staff

*All mentions of the words [Bound] and [Summoner] are generic terms for 'I chill out with this dude' as that doesn't sound anywhere near as fancy.

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  Bad Poetry [Promotions]
Posted by: Loxmardin - 02-06-2014, 03:36 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (9)

There were once a pair of guys
Who the present team decides
To give a big, fantastic chance
To learn the CotHian GM dance

So they were painted murky green
And set loose on our CotHer scene
To practice solely for this day
When they will rise without delay

To this full bright green decor
And help us tackle every chore
Like profiles, stories and support
For this awesome WoW resort

And now I have run out of rhymes
So congrats @Geoni and @Ural!

I am not a poet!

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  Profile Forum Revisions
Posted by: Loxmardin - 02-04-2014, 06:14 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (1)

Hello everyone.

I'm not done with posting just yet, apparently. In response to the discussions in the "Commenting on Profiles" thread, the staff has come together to discuss the suggested changes and the criticism against the decision to restrict player posting, and we've decided to go through with the following changes:

  • Thread Tags: Introducing the [Staff] and [Peer] thread tags in the Character Profiles forum. Peon profiles default to [Staff], meaning players aren't allowed to post in them at all. All Grunt+ profiles default to [Peer], meaning they are open for feedback from players as well. Putting the [Peer] tag visibly in your thread title is an invitation, though not required for Grunt+. Grunts+ can also utilize the [Staff] tag when they do not desire player feedback on their profile by putting it in the thread title. See this thread.
  • Workshop Moved: The Workshop subforum has been moved to stand on its own as a parent forum beneath Character Profiles, and it has received subforums of its own. Roleplay Ideas was moved into the Workshop, and Character Ideas and Guild Ideas are two new subforums created underneath the Workshop. Feel free to start using those for your brainstorming!
  • Player Feedback Guidelines: See this thread for notes and rules for player posting in other players' profiles.

And that's about it!

The Staff

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  CotH-aluation: Community Evaluations
Posted by: Loxmardin - 02-04-2014, 01:49 PM - Forum: Community News - Replies (7)

Hello everyone.

This doesn't come as a reaction as anything in particular, but I've been doing some thinking lately (shocker, hah!). Myself and Reigen were promoted a while ago to help with overseeing the server while the admins have to focus elsewhere, which means we've both been put in leadership positions and have to adapt to this somewhat. We're here to assist the GM team in driving through changes, revisions, improvements, what-have-you on the server and in the community, together having the authority of an administrator in that regard so that things can move forward while the big reds are busy.

So, one of my projects for community improvement is a community-wide evaluation on certain topics that will most likely awaken strong feelings in parts of the playerbase. That's been the steady trend in past threads that touch upon these topics, at least. But, nevertheless, I feel that we need to come together and discuss, vent and brainstorm so everyone on the server, staff and playerbase alike, can exchange thoughts and ideas on how things work now, how they would like things to work instead, and what they would personally like to see changed in order to achieve that.

I will establish some ground rules for all of these discussions before we begin, though. All of the discussions under the [CotH-aluation] tag will be posted in General Discussion and be linked to further down in this post so they are always easily accessible and separated by topic so each discussion doesn't blend into the next so some questions or concerns are lost in the noise, so to speak.

Ground rules:

  • Please make sure you give the initial inquiries presented in each topic proper thought and try to respond to them as coherently and obviously as you can.
  • Preferrably, try to answer the inquiries yourself before you respond to someone else's thoughts to carry the discussion on. It's important that as many people as possible give their input.
  • If you must, feel free to quote another poster when responding to the initial inquiries. I would prefer if you tried to answer in your own words, but I will not require it.
  • Keep a respectful tone throughout the discussion. Flaming, cussing and unnecessarily aggressive behaviour will be reprimanded as seen fit. If you feel yourself getting too heated, step back.
  • I will endeavour to keep the threads as clean as possible, personally, so that they won't need to be closed. I believe that the discussions are important and will let them continue as long as I possibly can.
  • All ideas and opinions will be recorded and properly considered, but please remember that just because you suggest or desire certain changes, it doesn't mean they will happen anytime soon if at all. Don't get your hopes up to prevent yourself from being disappointed.
  • All Server Rules and Policies apply, so give them a quick glance-over as a general reminder.

That said, the purposes of these discussions is to gauge peoples' ideas and opinions on certain matters in the community and ask everyone (staff and players) for honest feedback out in the open. No opinion is necessarily bad if presented in a good way, so keep that in mind! You should always feel free to present them to us in private as well, either in PD or through PMs, but I do encourage people to speak out in public when these threads are still open. ... Since the opinions and ideas are actively being asked for. :)

And here's the topics that'll be up for discussion. Click into them to read more specifically what is being asked.

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