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Lok'Tar! Conquest of the Horde was originally a private World of Warcraft RP community that focused primarily on roleplay within the WoW setting. Originally established in September of 2007, CotH enjoyed a healthy reign of over seven years focused on WoW roleplay. On January 22nd of 2015, a DMCA notice was issued, resulting in a halt of the WoW RP focus. Now, the community has expanded to encompass multiple worlds in various games and settings. This community will serve as a hub for members to join like-minded individuals in any game or environment. The community itself will also host a few game worlds of its own after development progresses enough.
While the dust is settling after the revelation of the WoW server closure, feel free to hang out and see how development goes!

  New Custom Model Character Options!
Posted by: JVNemesis - 05-22-2014, 08:25 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (12)

New Custom Model Character Options!

In addition to opening up "hostile" and irregular factions to be played on the server, we're also opening up something we have taken to calling "Mini-CMCs". This means regularly profiled characters (Special Profiles) that sport special models, which opens up the more common subraces to be played (Taunka, Dragonmaw, the Forest Trolls, Broken, etc). CMCs will still be a thing and cover the rare racial options and will remain as restricted as before, but that doesn't mean the mini-CMCs won't be restricted as well.
  • Only available as Special Profiles. This means only Grunts+ will be allowed access to these race/character options for now.
  • One per player, as a rule. Starting out, we're going to restrict the number of mini-CMCs that are approved per player. This may or may not change in the future.
The subraces that are currently available through this system are: Mag'har, Forest Trolls** (and other Trolls if you find the models), Taunka**, Broken***, Dragonmaw, Wildhammer* (optional), Dark Iron* (optional) and warlock minions!.

These races are not available to be played without the custom model, with the exception of Wildhammer* and Dark Iron Dwarves*.

If you think of something else that ought to be on the list, these will be treated on a case-by-case basis. The mini-CMCs cover subraces of the available races (excluding High Elves, who will remain regular CMCs due to their rarity) as well as faction-specific models that will become available with the other recent announcement. Otherwise, we'll start small with this and see how it goes. More races may be added to the list in the future!

*These are available without mini-CMC and won't count towards your mini-CMC total UNLESS you opt for one of the special models, which makes it count as a mini-CMC.
**This includes the female counterparts, even if females don't actually have special models. A female Taunka or Forest Troll will just use their base race's model but be profiled and count as their respective subrace and take up a mini-CMC slot as if they had special models.
***Broken don't have models by gender, so female Broken will have to use a standard male model.

How do you apply for a mini-CMC?

It's easy, really. You profile it and submit it as a Special Profile (in Private Discussion), along with the short application form provided below (which provides ModelID, amongst other things). If you aren't able to find a ModelID, the GM team is generally happy to help you find one by looking through NPC models in-game. If you know the name (or ID number) of a special NPC with a model you desire to use, just include that in the ModelID's stead and we'll fetch the ID for you. Keep in mind that most of the models available aren't customizable, but we'll endeavour to find customizable IDs if we can and if you find one that can be used, be sure to let us know about it!

If your profile is approved in PD, you'll need to get in contact with either @Loxmardin or @Reigen to customize your character for you. Go ahead and create the character on one of your accounts and either of the Overseers will help you ASAP with swapping your ModelID to your new custom race/model.

[b]Race:[/b] [Taunka, Broken, Dragonmaw, etc.]

[b]OOC race:[/b] [One of the standard races, corresponding to the subrace you've chosen.]

[b]Display ID Requested:[/b] [If you can't find a model name, ask a GM in-game to spawn and find the ID for you.]

[b]What inspired you to play this race and not the normal counterpart (if applicable)?:[/b] [We do want to make sure these characters are created with due consideration while they're just being introduced, so please give this some thought before completing your profile.]

[b]Special Mount:[/b] [Remember that this race may have different mounts that aren't easily achievable. (Talbuk, mammoth, tiger/panther, ect), if your character might need one of them, say so here and explain why, it might also be good to mention it in the profile.]

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  5/12/14 2:22a - Server Maintenance
Posted by: Kretol - 05-12-2014, 01:22 AM - Forum: Server Status Updates - Replies (1)

Server coming down shortly for some maintenance! Shouldn't last for longer than a few minutes, ideally!

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  Reminder: "Badgering"
Posted by: Loxmardin - 04-13-2014, 03:57 AM - Forum: Community News - Replies (5)

Hello everyone.

This isn't going to be long, but I just wanted to remind the community of a rule and principle that easily gets forgotten. Since the introduction of the Overseers, this rule also extends to CMCs.

Please do not badger the moderators about profiles or CMCs. Preferrably not even as a joke, as this has become more frequent and is the cause of some frustration. If you've been kept waiting for a week or more with your profile, feel free to bump it. However, do not pester a staff member in private; PMs, Skype, in-game whispers, what-have-you, asking them to look at your profile.

As far as CMCs are concerned, they are looked over as needed and have no deadline on the staff end. If a lot of applications are cropping up, we'll notice. Don't badger us about them. As a general rule of thumb, subtle (or not so subtle) reminders tend to delay the process as a whole. Not only because it's against the rules, but because it easily gets frustrating.

In short... Be patient. We'll be right there with you. We see your profile; you usually don't need to remind us unless your profile, like I said, literally hasn't been touched for over a week. Bump it, but don't pass out reminders in private.

Thank you!

CotH Staff

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  3/26/14 - Potential Downtime
Posted by: Kretol - 03-26-2014, 01:20 AM - Forum: Server Status Updates - Replies (1)

My cousin may be coming over during the day on Wednesday to assist with replacing some power switches that have gotten messed up. Unfortunately, the power switches are in the server room and the adjacent room. Therefore, when breakers are switched off to replace them, power will be lost!
Anticipate downtime of an unknown duration during the day today! It shouldn't be too long, but I am uncertain when he may be coming over.

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  Call-to-Arms: Mentors!
Posted by: Loxmardin - 03-21-2014, 01:29 PM - Forum: Community News - No Replies

Hello CotH!

Recently, I made a post telling people to bump and keep their applications up to date. After this bump was encouraged, we made the decision to actually go on the lookout for new Mentor candidates. We currently have a small Mentor crew and we've had several new players dropping in, so we're looking to increase the size of our Mentor squad and possibly add more variety with new "expertise", if such is to be found.

So, if you don't already have an application up (or forgot to bump it above the line) and have thought of applying for Mentorship, now's the time to give it a shot! Just mosey on over to the application forum and post up your application! Keep in mind Mentorship is a volunteer position with no real benefit beyond all our appreciation and getting to know our lovely Peons. Keep in mind the requirements that exist before you apply!

  • They must be at least Grunts.
  • They should have been on the server for at least 6 months.
  • They should have a good track record.
  • They should be confident with the existing Lore.
  • They should be active.
  • They must have Skype.

To apply, fill in the form below and post it in a new thread within the above linked subforum.

[b]What is your forum name?:[/b]

[b]How long have you been active on the server?:[/b]

[b]Tell us about yourself; What makes you a good mentor?:[/b]

[b]What races are you good with?:[/b]

[b]What races would you consider yourself bad with?:[/b]

[b]What classes are you good with?:[/b]

[b]What classes would you consider yourself bad with?:[/b]

[b]What is your Skype name/ID/account?:[/b]

[b]What is your time zone?:[/b]

[b]When are you available (server time)?:[/b]

Server Staff

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