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Days and months.
I discussed this in-game with a few people, and I would love an answer:

How does time pass in Azeroth, are there months and weeks and days like in our world, or is there a completely different system?

And even if, should we just pretend that time passes same as we are used to?
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As far as I know, there's not been any actual lore on different names for days/months.

I actually remember a thread similar like this a while back, and if my memory serves right, we came to the conclusion that we're just sticking to our RL system.
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Well, with the existence of things like the Brew of the Month Club and items like Last Month's Mutton, it seems pretty suggestive that months are a concept within the Warcraft universe.

The same thing can be said of days. We have:
Also, there are a series of damp diary pages that can be found in bottles on the shores of Stranglethorn. Damp Diary Page (Day 4) states (emphasis added):

Quote:Diary - Day 4

I have been stranded on the Island now for 4 days, left alone with my thoughts. Bananas are pretty tasty, but what a long climb to reach them. When I am not getting food or protecting myself from the periodic rain, all my thoughts are of rescue.

I would not be so hopeful if it were not for the boxes of paper and bottles that washed ashore with me. I laugh now to think of all the time I spent on that ship cursing that I was stuck with a boatload of Alchemists and Scribes.

Damp Diary Page (Day 87) also states (emphasis added):

Quote:These months have given me time to ponder, to shuffle loose my old beliefs and bigotries. Alliance? Horde? Good? Evil? The meanings of these words, once so clear, now blur as my eyes gaze across the boundless sea.

I now know what matters. The bananas are after me.

Perched high in their tree, they eye me with cool malevolence. And the last one I tried to eat nearly gagged me! I could almost hear it scream as I smashed it, half bitten, on sea rocks.

It's war, and I will win it.

These are two documents that note the passage of both days and months. Furthermore, the letters that appeared during the Scourge Invasion (both invasions, as I recall) include references to days and months. I can't recall if years were mentioned, but I'm done with looking for evidence! I'd recommend reading them, however; they're some of the most poignant examples the game has provided for us and speak eloquently of the things that were being experienced during the Third War.
Years are also documented as well. I can't pull from where off the top of my head, but there is an actual timeline for certain events, with documented years.

Illidian also talks about being imprisoned for centuries, so it's more than save to say, that their timelines, days, and month structure mimic our own.

Don't ask me how or why it makes sense, because it's a game, and an imperfect system.
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