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Player Appreciation Day
Today, Kretol and myself figured it'd be a good day to celebrate the return of the server. It's officially "Player Appreciation Day". So to YOU, the players, we are offering a little gift. However, the trick is that you have to post in this thread that you're interested.

It's little, but it's something we'd love to give you guys. Thanks for supporting CoTH, guys!
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△



EDIT: Anywho, yeah....'sup?

I still have your ashes.
[Image: yEKW9gB.png]
Second. <3
[Image: NXAwd.png?1]
I would be most interested, sir Rensin!
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...
D'aaaw. How sweet. :3 And now, I am also curious!
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
I enjoy being appreciated!
Interest shown.
Yay, proud to support COTH! And I'm interested in the gift. :O
I appreciate myself quite a bit. Finally someone else realizes how amazing I am. :wink:

EDIT: Interested in the gift. LOL
"Every gun..."

[Image: Jonah-Hex-Counting-Corpses-Flaming-Leap.jpg]

"...Makes its own tune."

~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~
Happy to support a great server!

'Whats your LuckyDo?'

Desperate for some rp? Try the resident of OOC for a change!

Well, COH is a grand server ... and who am I kidding, Im just making a post here for the free gift :3

((really though tis a grand server, and much higher quality of rp I have seen compared to other private rp servers around thanks to its higher restrictments to join etc)
Sure, why not...?
What a holy person I am...
[Image: badge.jpg]

[Image: badge.jpg]
I am very interested.

Happeh Player Appreciation Day!
Well this is a fairly interesting development. It's a great server and a great day. I wonder what the gift thingy is.
Oh my! I am interested too. This is just like christmas!

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