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Character Warning and Player Guard Policy Changes
Doing two major policy changes. Or, one revision and one complete change. In no particular order:

1. Character Warnings. I decided to rewrite the Character Warning policy to hopefully make it less susceptible to abuse and to be more clear. It may still need a few kinks worked out of it. This is being put on the wiki by our wiki monkey (feed Krilari a banana), but I will spoil it here for your perusal.

What is a Character Warning?

In short, a Character Warning, or CW, is a declaration of intent to kill or permanently injure another player character.

While this explains what a CW actually is, it doesn't really explain why they exist or what purpose that they serve. In general, we want everyone to have an enjoyable experience on the server with every roleplay that they engage in, that includes losing fights. While having a character die or be maimed may seem to be antithetical to that, sometimes it is necessary and can serve its own purpose in RP. To understand why, you have to know what they are, and what they are not.

Character Warnings are a roleplaying tool. Sometimes a feud or rivalry between two characters reaches a climax that nothing but a final, definite resolution will suffice in ending it. Not every fight should have a warning attached to it, as the best rivalries can have many encounters within them, but a CW can provide an ending or conclusion.

Character Warnings are a courtesy towards others. Character death can often cause drama, and no one likes drama. Character Warnings provide an established way for characters to kill each other when necessary with minimal issue, while at the same time providing an out for anyone that doesn't wish to have their character be killed.

Character Warnings are threats against blatant stupidity. Characters sometimes do dumb things, and sometimes those dumb things need to be accurately roleplayed. If your character walks into a dragon's mouth, did you really expect him to live?

Most importantly, however, is that Character Warnings are not punishments. Everyone should have fun in the process of roleplay, even when they're losing a conflict. CWs are not designed to allow one player to punish another player OOCly. As a result, remember to keep things fun and have a resolution in mind that everyone will enjoy the aftermath of.

Issuing, Accepting, and Rejecting Warnings

If one wishes to issue a character warning, one must make a very clear declaration of the character's intent. A usual CW involves character death, but also any severe maims, such as the loss of body parts or inflicting other disabilities on a character, also requires a warning. If you think that the resolution that you have in mind may make someone uncomfortable, make sure that your intentions are clear, to avoid problems in the future. Once a warning has been issued, it is up to the target of the warning to either accept or reject the warning, and in both cases the target must make a clear declaration of their acceptance or refusal.

Note that an accepted CW goes both ways: once a target has accepted the warning, the warning also applies in equal measure to the one giving it out. Note, also, that just because a warning has been given, it does not mean that the target is automatically at the mercy of the aggressor. Combat may be required first, with the loser at the winner's mercy. Also note that a warning is automatically accepted in the case of a character doing something that is clearly suicidal and a violation of common sense, and this particular case is also the exception to CWs going both ways.

An accepted CW lasts until either the death/maiming is carried out against a character, or until the end of a "scene" if it is failed to be carried out at that moment. A "scene" ends if the characters involved leave emote range of each other, or if the players involved end the RP (though logging out to intentionally dodge an accepted CW can result in punishment. Don't do it.) As such, CWs rarely last more than an hour, barring long fights.

If the target wishes to refuse a CW, then that must be firmly declared as well. In such a case, it should be worked out between the two players how to resolve the RP, usually involving the characters separating, otherwise peacefully resolving the issue at hand, or continuing with a fight with a non-lethal conclusion. If a decision cannot be reached in a timely fashion, then the best solution is to simply separate the characters.

Reasons for Issuing CWs

Note that Character Warnings should have good reason to occur, and thus you must have a good IC reason to have your character kill another. Here are a list of things that CWs are NOT appropriate for, and invalid reasons for issuing CWs:

1. "X is Y class/race." This may contribute, but shouldn't be the only reason. For example, "X is a Warlock" or "X is an Orc" are not valid reasons to CW someone, however "X is a Warlock and is casting fel magic in Azshara Crater" or "X is an Orc cutting trees in Ashenvale" might be.

2. "My character is a serial killer." That might be the case, but that doesn't mean that you can just CW someone without getting into an appropriate RP, or that your killing ways must lead you to murdering tons of player characters. Keep in mind, CWs apply to scenes, and thus you can't just say "Anyone who interacts with this character automatically accepts a CW."

3. "That guy looked at me funny!" That's fairly disproportionate, don't you think? An odd look or a passing snide comment isn't enough to kill someone, unless you're so mentally imbalanced that I question how the character functions in any society at all. In general, CWs should be issued as a result of major events, not because a character mildly annoyed you.

As a general rule, it's also highly recommended to avoid issuing CWs for events. They can scare people off, and rarely is character death in an event really worth dealing with. Some events may require CWs, but in general it's better to not use them unless the event depends on it.

Remember, CWs are best used sparingly, when no other resolution is logical for the conclusion of an RP. Be careful with these!

2. Player Guards. We're going to tentatively allow player guards to happen now. However, there will be some pretty strict limitations put in on them. Spoiled is a run-down of how player guards will work:

There will now be only one guard guild, called simply "City Guard". This guild will contain all guards of all factions and cities, so the officially recognized guards can be easily seen and managed under one roof.

Player guards will occur as a result of one of two things...either, the guard will be created directly as a special profile, or a character will be recruited into the guard force through RP with a guild officer or NPC. All players of guard characters must be grunts.

Guild officers will be any guards RPed by GMs, or promoted through roleplay with a GM. Only officers can make the decision to kill or imprison a character. Standard guards, which will be most players, will instead be restricted to things that cannot obstruct a character's RP, such as simply breaking up fights or tossing someone out of the city. For other punishments, an officer will need to be present. Any guard that abuses his or her powers, either ICly or OOCly, can be kicked from the guild at the discretion of the officers.

Questions? Comments? Criticism? Post below.
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Marianna becomes a stormwind guard.

Warlocks run rampet.

Demons eat the King of Stormwind.

Everyone sadly realizes that a demon looking like a dog is a more effective leader than their old king.

Marianna accidentally causes world peace.
Reigen, you made my day.

And I'm fairly happy about the guards and the restrictions, as most of the GMs aren't online at night, and this will allow some measure of control, should a character be breaking a law.
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Me gusta. I particularly enjoyed that you basically have my stance on rivalry in there word for word.

Kagh's words to RP by: Every good protagonist needs a good foil. If you always killed your foes every time, who would be there for you to strive against? When the final hour arrives, everyone needs someone else; whether that's someone to be standing on the opposite side of the steep hilltop laughing maniacally and chanting words of power or that pesky Paladin you could never quite get rid of yelling a divine challenge at the top of his lungs just before you raise your army of the dead. It's the character who challenges yours the most who will give them the truest spark of life.

For PC guards, I think a good guideline would be: If you're not totally positive it's illegal (or an officer says so), then don't assume. Silly lore debates about how offensive it is to the night elves for a death knight to be sitting by a Moonwell mid-RP can be extremely distruptive.

I think the about 1 in 10 corrupt guards, when well RPd would be a positive and realistic addition to the nuance of guard RP and good for generating plots, but should only be done for PC guards that the GMs have explicitly accepted "corrupt guard" status for.
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Quote:Keep in mind, CWs apply to scenes, and thus you can't just say "Anyone who interacts with this character automatically accepts a CW."

Hear that, every single villain I've ever seen at some point?

Joking aside, however, I'm... Iffy about PC guards. But maybe I'm wrong. I hope I am. We'll see!
I'm iffy on PC guards too, because it might not be a good idea to elevate someone above the others, but if you put the right people in a guard's shoes, it might just improve everything altogether.
I like the idea of PC guards, though I'm wondering what the reaction will be if people deny the PC guard to act out it's law following.. task. At least for Stormwind, I can imagine that denying and possibly attacking a guard will result in inprisonment, but said PC guard can't carry it out. What happens when no officer is online? The PC guard can't simply walk away from it.

Quote:Silly lore debates about how offensive it is to the night elves for a death knight to be sitting by a Moonwell mid-RP can be extremely distruptive.

Also.. wat? While off-topic, Niarrin would most likely threaten anything but nelves that try to get close to the Moonwells.

Though bear in mind, Stormwind guards and Kaldorei guards are two entirely different things, and as such should be roleplayed accordingly. If you'd litter in Stormwind, you'd probably get told to pick it up, while in Ashenvale you'd have a bow and arrow aimed at you threatening you to pick up your junk and leave or else most likely be shot for ruining nature.

For Ironforge, I can imagine rowdyness and drunkness is allowed should it not hamper things or bring destruction to anything, and so on.

Silvermoon? Happyness is mandatory citizens.

Maybe some PC guard guidelines could be set up per race/city?
What about Blood Elf guards? Will they be getting a morph?

But yes, I approve.
I have a question, though. Are the Mountaineers, Night Watch, People's Militia and the likes included in this guard thingie. I mean, can a Dwarf become a fully approved Mountaineer for example?
Sillymoon Guards?
I should totally throw Del in to this.
Or try atleast.
(07-18-2011, 07:54 AM)dastmo Wrote: I have a question, though. Are the Mountaineers, Night Watch, People's Militia and the likes included in this guard thingie. I mean, can a Dwarf become a fully approved Mountaineer for example?

I'm actually meaning to make a post in here for the guard uniforms of those types!

I figure that way we can allow a few non-warriors, such as in the case of the mountaineer. Don't consider that an official word on the matter, but I like the idea, heh.
Love that Character Warnings were nerfed. I've been involved in so many RPs that a CW is issued for stupid reasons.
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Finally, someone puts some perspective in those dime-a-dozen Character Warnings. I like.

I never liked the idea of RPing a guard. It would take away a unique aspect of player/GM interaction. I know this doesn't apply all the time for all timezones, but usually you can contact a GM pretty quickly.
(07-18-2011, 07:16 AM)Psychyn Wrote: Maybe some PC guard guidelines could be set up per race/city?
But! I think with the guidelines Grakor posted and perhaps Psychyn's suggestion it can be done.

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Yay! Guards! I can now have a place to put one of my characters into. She always watches Elwynn roads for bandits. Now she can actually become what I always wanted her to beeee. This should be exciting.
Though.. I hope no one abuses the chance to be one. You know what happens when rules/acceptions get abused to much; they kick the idea! =(
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