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Are Druids of the Pack RP'able ?
Druids of the Pack are, or were, a group of druids that embraced the fury of Goldrinn to fight in the War of the Satyr, a long time ago. Even after the war, they remained, despite Malfurion's warning. But with time, they turned savagekin, not being able of turning back and controlling their anger more than not wanting to. Yet there is a character in the lore, Ralaar Fangfire, that was known of being able to maintain his sanity in the Pack form, and even turning back. Yet later, he turned into a worgen, finally giving into savagekin.

So would a Night Elf Druid of the Pack be possible with a special profile, him/her hardly keeping his sanity or alas, having some handicap?

Druids of the Pack ~
Ralaar Fangfire ~
Savagekin ~
I think in situations like this, no. If even a lore figure can't resist the feral impulse, then it'd be a major stretch to imagine your character could.
A Prestige Savagekin would likely be able to take the form of a Wolf if you're looking for a viable alternative, but I don't think it's reasonable to allow a Druid of the Pack.
Allowed or not, some role-players aren't going to accept it because too many people try to justify rping as a talking cat, wolf, etc by rping special groups like Savagekin. Granted there are plenty of druid rpers who rp regular ole druids who just prefer remaining in a particular form. But they retain their ability to shift back whenever they like. Any time you step away from this sorta personality, you start to ruffle feathers.
..We don't have a Savagekin as of yet, so that's off the table.

And I actually thought about this for quite a bit. My thoughts were if the Druid were constantly loaded with a metric #@$^load of charms, along with their totem, and only staying in their form for 15 minutes with an hour apart, then it would be viable. My opinion.
Yes that's what I thought. Well maybe not just 15 minutes between. But definetly with some serious temper problems.. still RP'able.
So I'd love a GM to tell me if it is, or if it isn't, and the reason!
I would say no, if only because you wouldn't be able to use your 'Worgen' form due to in game mechanics.
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Druids of the Pack only become Worgen when they're fully Savagekin and already have been for a while. Also, he could just designate Travel Form as Wolf Form, and constantly remind everyone of such.
No, no, no. You got it wrong.
You see, only after weeks of slowly becoming insane the human form and the wolf form would merge, creating the worgen form. That is, if you could -not- control your powers.
If you -can- control your powers, even with some obstacles, like having only some minutes per hour, you won't turn into a worgen. You will stay in human form and, when you want it, turn into a wolf.
I'd say no.

From what I have seen there is not one Druid of the Pack in lore which has their sanity/still is a Kaldorei. The person you linked has formed into a sane Worgen, that is all.
I do not believe there are any Druids of the Pack who have retained there humanity and I do not believe there are any new druids of the pack because the old ones who went mad would be a warning not to become a druid of the pack.
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