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Changes to the Resurrection System & Character Death Policy
Hello everyone.

The resurrection system has been bouncing back and forth between changes throughout the years in the community with minor details changed a few times and the entire system moving gradually from strict to lenient. Discussions regarding the current resurrection policy have been going on for a long time now in the server's staff but a decision wasn't made until recently where we decided to rework the policy and give it much clearer definition and a bigger part in the server's mechanics.

Starting today, all resurrection posts will follow a specific format and will require GM approval before the resurrected character can be played again. In addition to this, the following changes have been made to the resurrection system:
  • The one-week waiting period is removed. Instead, the GM that looks over and approves the resurrection may impose an additional penalty in the form of a period of unconsciousness depending on how the resurrection was carried out.
  • Each consecutive resurrection after the first will require an additional GM approval.
  • Suicides and self-engineered deaths are no longer prohibited from resurrecting by default. See below for details.
  • Resurrections involving NPCs have been given a specific form and procedure. (See this topic for details.)
  • A character that does not have a resurrection post up should and cannot be played on the server until they have one.
  • If a character who hasn't had their resurrection post approved is found roleplaying on the server, the character will be locked until it has been approved. (You can still visit the OOC zone and go about OOC business, however, up until the point the character is found circumventing this rule.)
  • Drawbacks as a result of resurrection have been redefined to enforce actual consequence on the resurrected character.
  • The GM team can turn a resurrection down if a single character has had too many dates with death. Warning will be given after the character's previous resurrection if it is running out of chances. Death Knights and characters starting as Forsaken do not count their first death, to note.
The following clauses have been written for the new character death/resurrection policy:

Quote:Character "Grand Exits": When you as the player or the character itself decides it's time to die, it generally surrenders their right to a resurrection down the line. If your character heroicly sacrifices himself to save his peers, knowing this will likely see him die, then you would just cheapen the sacrifice by pulling the character back to their feet later and it's doubtful the character runs into that kind of predicament with the attitude that he could just come back around in a while anyway. The same goes if you as a player plan the events out surrounding your character's death. If you start making a big deal out of your character's impending death, they better stay dead or we'll never be able to take these kinds of things seriously. This includes arranging your own funeral.

Quote:Suicides: It's a very big deal to take your own life. Some see it as a last resort to escape from the pain that's haunting them or to get away from the danger that's approaching. Others just see it as the finality they've spent their whole lives searching for. The reasons are many and varied, and the subject of suicide is, in itself, very sensitive. Resurrections after suicides are possible, but such resurrections will be held to higher standards and be examined with extra care to ascertain that the circumstances around the death actually allow you to resurrect after the fact. Approval will depend on how closely the suicide itself falls to the Grand Exit policy. You generally won't get away with numerous suicides, however. If we get a resurrection post for a second suicide by the same character, we will probably declare that character a lost cause.

Quote:Inevitable Deaths: When your character dies as a result of you, as a player, coming to the realization that there's no way your character comes out of it alive but the death itself doesn't actually involve another character, you are still permitted to resurrect. Even if the death itself is all you, circumstance sometimes demands that a player and their character realize their limits. Examples of this could be to succumb to poison you accidentally imbibed, freezing to death in a frozen wasteland, bleeding out on a battlefield because the medic can't get to you in time, drowning because you got caught by a current... Environmental hazards, in short. These can also be as vague as mind ghosts that drive you straight into your demise (those technically fall under "Suicide")... All in all, you can still resurrect even after facing this kind of inevitable death.

Quote:Appealing Your Death: "Sure, I think it'd be good if my character died doing this." It sounded like a really good and fun idea in the heat of the moment, but it didn't seem like such a good idea once the ruse had settled again. Generally, a "Grand Exit" death involves planning and a lot of OOC attention to the death itself. If it's a death that happened in a seemingly random fashion because it "felt fun at the time", you can appeal through the Private Discussion in order to earn yourself a resurrection even if the other rules and guidelines do not allow it. You make a thread in the PD to present your case to the GMs and, if your appeal passes, you post a resurrection thread like normal and it has to go through the same approval process as the rest.

Tread lightly, and be careful out there!

The GM Team
It's about time.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww snap.
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To note, if you spot inconsistencies or holes in the policy that we failed to cover, do point them out if you can! We worked pretty hard on it, but there's always things that slip through or we forget to address. So, if you need clarification or anything that isn't covered (or is, for that matter), tell us ASAP!
I love it!
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