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How to RP Online
RPing is the reason why I came to the server, but, once I got here, I noticed that I don't really know how to RP Cry .
First of all, how do you start a RP section? Does it have to follow a storyline? Who makes the storyline? What about battles? Can I RP in low levels? Do I need to be well equipped? yada yada yada...
I have experience in table RPGs (D&D and 3D&T), and, consequently, I know the basics of interpretation; I already have a profile with a backstory for my character, but I do not really know how to play online RPG's, so, could you please help me?
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You can RP at any level, equipment is there for show. It looks nice but isn´t necessary.

Remain IC and just play your character as he should be, wander around etc, if you don´t find anyone ask in LFG in anyone is in your area and want to RP or maybe ask what areas they are and, if your character´s profile allow it (got a reason and would actually go there) go there and see if you and the other bumps into each other in the process.

If you ask me, each character have their own storyline, it crosses others when you meet them and interact but it is still yours. Some character have a defined storyline, events, goals etc defining them. Others, usually "younger"/newer characters don´t have that. A goal or purpose greatly enhances the character´s flavour if you ask me, gives you more of a feeling of progress than if you simple log in to play. Though I´ve had plenty of exceptionally good RP that way as well.
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(Dang, Nostra posted while I was typing but here's what I wrote when I realized, wait, lets make sure nobody else had posted yet)


Firstly, thou dost nay require an rp section on the forum to rp on the server. If, while on the server you start a story that would be easy to join and fun to tae part in, one would appreciate an IC post in the story lines section for to be entering upon.

You can rp fight no matter what level you are. Whether it be through emotes:
I type out "/me punches Altonsson.", and press enter, everyone will see in the chat box "Monkuta punches Altonsson."

Or rolls:
* JezusBagels punches altonsson
/roll (gives you a random number between 1-100)
lets say you roll a 5 and alt rolls a 43
this allows altonsson to type /me dodges the blow
say you got 43 and he got 5
altonsson goes down with a blood nose
(Or however he should choose to emote the fist to face contact)

It says somewhere on the forum (though I forget where, probably on the wiki in the rules and policies) that you should try not to make a character that requires a certain piece of armor or weapon. It just makes everything go slower for you and that would make you sad Cry . Unless you're like me and your manly side won't allow you to cry.
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Just a note, Jezusbagels offered you one system of Text Combat, there are several systems availible and you should agree with the other combatant/s on which system.

The "basic" system can be found in the topic, "Roll roll roll... your dice?"
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Hey! Thanks for the advice! I really helped! Just participated in a RP secion and it went quite well, thanks to you all.
P.S.: Don't know if it is a good suggestion, but how about posting a little guide like this in the wiki? For new people in this business, like me...
Everyone, deep inside, is a poet
Or, you can even have /me uses falcon pawnch on Monkuta!
It works out just the same, less typing. True story.
In all honesty though, there are many ways to battle online, and while text and emoting are well known ways, with the addition of training weapons there is still a fun time to be had with PvP for quickness' sake. Such as the training the guards did, and to the pain of one such member. ::Cough::Monkey::Cough::
I seem to remember you and Brom killing each other when we did that, Alt...
"Time is our greatest teacher. Unfortunately, it kills most of its' pupils." - Louis Hector Berlioz

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