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[Image: pleated-jeaans.jpg]

I was thinking about birthdays and realized that I'm very close to having a few of my characters be perpetually ____ years old! Frozen in time! Of course, I know their birthdays (or some of them :3 ), but I was wondering how y'all determined the birthdays of your own characters or if they're also frozen in time.

For instance:

Caravan will be turning the big 101 on October 27th.
Lobelia will remain taciturn and dead on November 18th.
Xanthe will be 287 years old on December 7th. (My own birthday!)
Temperance will be 25 on June 10th.

I was wondering if you all chose dates (as I did) or if you use their Date of Creation as their birthday.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Falanath's birthday is October 20th. Same as mine irl.
[Image: tumblr_mm23aa9Mfc1qg2fb3o3_500.gif]
I do not remember ever setting an exact date for Clovis's birthday. I suppose I could. It'd have to have it set on the same date as another character he knows, of course, for whacky hijinks.

Varjot doesn't share that sort of information.

Evelyn's birthday is December 20th.

Sarif's is September 22th. HE SPENT IT ALONE CARAVAN. <3
[Image: yEKW9gB.png]
Jonoth is my only character who has a birthday that I thought of. December 1st, the day I created the original Jonoth on Planeshift. Remyl would have one, but I'd have to dig through my old logs to find his date of creation in the same game. Everyone else....who knows XD
Krilari Dawnsend will reach the ripe age of 1,029 years old this coming June 4th.
Anthrion Ironraven will be hitting his 444th Birthday on April 4th
Evrana Prancingstar will be hitting 129 years on the 30th of July
Thus far the only characters I've given a birthdate to is Hrodebert (he shares my RL one of February 14th) and Mathieu (May 27). I actually wanted to have a RP birthday party for Mathieu this year but time got ahead of me, pft.

While I don't have dates, I do have months for a few others.

Madugo is July for sure.

Maeia is October (the same month as my own mom)

Cristovao might be January, I'm unsure yet.

Man, I used to be obsessed with writing birthdates down for all my characters (as birthdates somehow let me better grasp their personalities), I should get back into the habit of it.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Anaiya, my first character, has a birthday on the same day I do. Mostly because I was terribly uncreative at the time/didn't think I'd remember otherwise. During the server/profile resets, though, I've continually updated her age, which was really neat being able to say "Alright, this character's been around for over a year now. She had a birthday.
Also it was terribly sad because she's a very depressed person who uses her birthday as a day to commemorate all her dead friends."

I never changed her age when the blood elf aging guidelines were modified, either. She went from being middle-aged to just barely more than a child.

And everyone else...really doesn't need one, funnily enough. Rekka's got no idea when she was born, or even how old she is (didn't exactly have calendars and whatnot in the internment camps). Zalthiel and Kairos don't care. Leth'ral spent several thousand years being crazy underground, so he probably forgot, and Oberoth...

...Oberoth is older than dirt, and I'm quite certain everyone would've stopped giving him presents around his twenty thousandth birthday. They'd be broke by now, considering it'll be somewhere along the lines of his forty sixth/forty seventh thousand birthday.

That's a lot of candles.
Kapre and Diwaata were born on December 30 (my birthday). They were adopted by Matron Melodi on May 13 (the day I joined COTH). Diwaata is the older twin by a few minutes.

Most everyone else, I went by profile approval date, but not all. Some characters have pre-set birthdays (*).

Mahen'tosh: Sept. 27
Jami: April 20
Urameil: Oct. 27
Bastos: Nov. 21
Tibalan: Dec. 1
Dino: Dec. 9
Kantado: Feb. 24
Stefano: June 12
Kogan and Kitson*: Aug. 3. Kitson is older by a few minutes.
Aimee: July 16
Arnaldo: March 18
Jyovani*: July 28
Elsamina: May 3
Gunther*: Dec. 25
Imagen*: Dec. 30
Rene*: Feb. 13
Willelm: April 28

Current non-profiles are Polore (November 2) and Emmanuel (September 7).

Aria and Melodia are November 18, but Melodia is two years older.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
(09-26-2012, 08:18 AM)CappnRob Wrote: Man, I used to be obsessed with writing birthdates down for all my characters (as birthdates somehow let me better grasp their personalities), I should get back into the habit of it.

Well, sure, to be fair -- if you believe in the zodiac, then this would have a lot of impact on a character's personality.

Was just reading this for Xanthe and, well, I'm seeing a lot of correct parallels. :3

Traditional Sagittarius Traits:
Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical

On the dark side....

Blindly optimistic and careless
Tactless and restless

getting to the heart of the matter
Laws and meanings
the general 'feel' of things


Off the wall theories
Being tied down domestically
Being constrained
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Gah, sun sign astrology! *runs away* The geocentric astrological view of the heavens for me.

Niko will be having his 50th birthday party the day we switch to Cata. Been planning that for awhile but I never gave the others any thought. Very insightful Cara.
[Image: stonetalon-mountains.jpg?w=760]
Annabelle is January 24th. Three days after my own, and the day I joined CotH!

She's an Aquarius!
  • Friendly and humanitarian
    Honest and loyal
    Original and inventive
    Independent and intellectual
  • Intractable and contrary
    Perverse and unpredictable (wat)
    Unemotional and detached

Orvisha is sometime in the Spring, nearing Summer. April or May? I don't think orcs really do birthdays, besides the om'riggor to reach adulthood.

She's a Gemini!
  • Adaptable and versatile
    Communicative and witty
    Intellectual and eloquent
    Youthful and lively
  • Nervous and tense
    Superficial and inconsistent (Not so much)
    Cunning and inquisitive (Why is this in the "bad" qualities?)

Nuadon doesn't think about it. Perhaps in late Fall. I don't think kal'dorei do birthdays either.

She's a Scorpio (ironic for one who hates Silithid)!
  • Determined and forceful
    Emotional and intuitive
    Powerful and passionate
    Exciting and magnetic
  • Jealous and resentful
    Compulsive and obsessive
    Secretive and obstinate

Ithildess was born in the Summer as well. It's why she likes the color orange and citrus fruits so much.

She's a Cancer!
  • Emotional and loving
    Intuitive and imaginative
    Shrewd and cautious
    Protective and sympathetic
  • Changeable and moody
    Overemotional and touchy
    Clinging and unable to let go

Mar'waz has no idea, and neither do I. She was punted out of her Bloodscalp group for having a crazy episode involving crickets.

Annnnd, think that's all anyone really knows or is pertinent...

I got the sign stuff here. Woo, overdoing things.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
All of my character's birthdays are the *cough*teenth of *cough*er.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


...Urameil and Caravan share a birthday with the IRL Jordy. Just saying.
Oct. 27 will be the most awesomely snarkly day of the year.
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
So, canon: Urameil and Caravan are going to have a snarkfest bday party with Jordy flair.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]

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