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World of War-School
Heh well I guess I'll do one of these.

Aidan is a total Goth4Christ kind of guy. He listens to all kinds of grungy rock and the more hardcore Christian groups like Skillet and Flyleaf. He's really used to having his faith challenged because of his group of friends, but he's actually most insecure about his goth stylings. He wishes he had the chance to completely remake himself as a normal person, but so far that seems impossible. He has an uncomfortable attraction to the hippy ex-girlfriend of one of his best friends, but feels like he can't really date her until he cleans up his act.

Aurion is from a family that used to be rich. His dad died in a plane crash and now he's basically the guardian of his troubled younger sister and the heir to a floundering family business. Though he tries to give the impression of wealth and status to fulfill the hopes his father had for him he's really insecure about his future. Any pretensions about hating his wealth vanished the moment he had control of the pocketbook. Now he's about to be off to a prestigious college and hoping he can use those family connections to support himself and his sister Vaela.

Vaela is 17 years old and doesn't seem to have progressed past puberty. She tries her hardest to act normal and support her brother socially but a crippling anxiety disorder and lack of proper socialization (due to a sheltered upbringing) turn her efforts against her almost immediately. By sheer chance she struck up a friendship with a popular girl in the grade below her, which seems to have turned into something much more personal. Their relationship isn't public, and most people think she's too innocent for that sort of thing, but it's done wonders for her self-esteem.

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