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Glyphs Purchaseable Using Forum Gold
Good news, everyone!

You can now purchase class glyphs using forum gold via the MyGold shop Grogporter Trade! When I was first thinking of adding glyphs for purchase, I was torn between using the forum shop and simply adding them all to a vendor in-game. I went through the work of adding them all to a vendor, and then I discovered that a vendor can apparently only have 15 pages of items!
Undaunted (well, maybe just a bit), I proceeded to wonder how I would mass-add all these glyphs to the shop. When adding to vendors, all I needed was the itemID and then I could generate the rest of the SQL query. Adding them all to the shop was a much more tedious endeavor, and I utilized my love of spreadsheets to excellent effect.

Anyway, enough of all that! Feel free to purchase glyphs! Be warned that I have no idea which glyphs are broken. I would suggest to post a reply here if the glyph is broken so others are advised not to purchase it. Keep in mind that the functionality of a broken glyph effect may be fixed in the future by TrinityCore devs, however.

NOTE: In order to redeem an item, after you purchase it you will want to click the My Items link in the upper-right corner of the Shop page! Then click the redeem button under the appropriate item and enter one of your character names!
Finally a use for my fortune.
[Image: pj3isZU.gif]

[Image: 43883.png]
Thank you, based Overlord. Now shut up and take my gold!

D'aw, it's 'Grogporter Trade'.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Yes, I, uh, had Mordruk take over the gold shop. *coughs*
Well, a note for the priest's Glyph of Shadow. It works (your shadow form is no longer see through but you still have the dark aura effects and such) but your regular appearance becomes the normal shadow form.
[Image: c9eda896-b205-41b9-9f52-22b1e122210f.jpg]

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