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Things change
Heya I was not here for a few months and I am kinda confused about everything that happened.

So...there is no longer the Private Server you play any other games? Rp-wise I mean.
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The server got DMCA noticed and had to shut down. More info here:

People have split up, some going to other games to find new RP venues like Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, etc., some just leaving entirely, but we're still around as a broken community. A lot of us have gone on to Freedom, another WoW RP server:

Can't say I know much else, but I don't think I've missed anything important there. We're still on Skype and such.
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We scrape up all the dust in the Fuhrerbunker, mix it with potting soil, take it to the Netherlands, and grow some marijuana in it.
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Oh well... I was actuallu thinking about playing guild wars 2 again so if anyone is still playing you could give me a call
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Times Change...

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