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Your Favorite Character [To Roleplay]
Curiosity strikes me, denizens of CotH.

Many of us have many alts. Multiple characters with varying personalities. Some are evil. Some are good. And I can only presume that you enjoy roleplaying some more than others. So I must inquire.

Which of your characters do you enjoy roleplaying the most? The character you would be happy with roleplaying all the time, even? Why?

Fire away!


I enjoy his personality. His self-sacrificing nature, his desire to do good, and his perpetuating cynicism. Plus his backstory is fun. I still can't decide whether his tale should have a happy or sad ending. Because it can only be an extreme of one or the other. Though he rarely gets roleplay, I always enjoy it when he's present. Often he brings an interesting perspective to things, as it seems no one really shares his point of view on matters. He's my only character of questionable sanity too, which is fun, though I try not to make him some sort of 'I'M SUCH A COOKY UNDEAD GUY' insane man. It's there, though covered up.
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I think I'd be stuck in a tie between Doran and Aendron.

Doran and his overly caring personality makes it easier for him to get friends, though his idiotic childish actions tends to get him in some trouble. There's always some sort of adventure I can put him in, even if he'll sit around and cry throughout it. My first belf. I've grown to love him so.

And Aendron. The grumpy cripple. He's always angry, all the time. He'd be an Angry Marine if he wasn't so crippled. He spends his time generally being a total arse to anyone and everyone. Very very very very few exceptions. Only... Four exceptions, really. He's cold and manipulative and will do whatever it takes to further his survival with his disorder.
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... Krest and Seena.

No one really know's Seena, but if you do, you know why.

And Krest's just fun. I love mah Krest ^^

This is a toughie! I imagine most are going to assume mine'd be Endling, but that's not usually the case. I love to -write- for Endling, and I do enjoy RP on the character, but really she's a bit dry whenever her friends aren't around, sitting in the corner and all that. I really enjoy what I've made the character into, but I don't think she would be my first choice to jump on.

I actually think my favorite CotH character to RP was Rigley. Which is funny since I don't play him much now, yeah, but I really enjoyed the weird guy in the diving suit. He's a mash-up of a life of logical discipline that's been all muddled up with phobias and trauma and all that, but while he was easily 'weird' I'm not sure if he ever came off as completely off his rocker (save when he hit rock bottom in the shipwrecked events).

Then again I think a lot of that comes from how much I like engineering, and he was devoted to that sort of stuff. I liked spouting techno-babble and drawing schematics for his inventions (like a mechanical flower dispenser), and with him being my namesake and original WoW character I guess it's normal that he's my favorite.

...I should play Rigley more.
I'm torn between Aesyn and Ruvok.

Aesyn may be very lazy and unenthusiastic, but he's never been put into a situation where he HAS to do something or he is going to die. But, he can get along with anyone since he has little to no anger and just wants everyone to be as relaxed as him.

Ruvok, is the polar opposite. He's very outgoing and aggressive. He loves to fight and hates a lot of things/people. He's the person that, when you meet him, he'll pick something about you and insult you without respite for the duration of your life. Although he has good interests, they seem to conflict with other peoples definitions of 'good interests'.
All and all, the most fun I had was Krian Duskbinder. His relationship with Jaeden and all the mess he got into was the most enjoyable experience I've had. Bar fights with Blood Knight Champions and wearing a dress for a day because he accidently got his wife preggo, good times.

Shame he's collecting dust now.
I really loved playing Caravan because, really, there was nothing she couldn't (wouldn't?) do. She was also enjoyable because I loved playing with her phrases, inventing nonsensical words and logic, and having a character that could fit just about anywhere. For now, I'm trying to reconnect and figure her out in her post-Argus stage (which cleansed her of her drunken bartop standings).

For other casual play, I am enjoying playing a laid-back troll. Bijir's a nice vacation for me, and I finally get to play my favorite race. :)

(What a thought-provoking inquiry, Xigo, thanks!)
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I tend to play characters very similar to me in that they're not very good socially. They tend to be very cynical, insecure in some way, and aren't always the easiest to get engaged with others (unless their personalities are a foil to someone else's character). They're very aloof and very serious, which doesn't always fit in too well with the humor that's occasionally prolific.

That said, I adore roleplaying my human priest on retail, Csilla. She's endearing. She's bubbly. She speaks ten words a second with the most horrific drawl. Csilla is also completely convinced that she can do anything to which she puts her mind and, over the course of six years, the now-woman has proved that that is not impossible.

Though I dislike choosing favorites, Csilla has always been that girl. I watched her character evolve from a young inexperienced priestess with a penchant for bonding with older male characters (non-sexually, of course) who felt occasionally insecure (her abilities, her knowledge, even her own still-growing body) into a more serious, more dedicated woman. She's the character closest to my heart.

I refuse, however, to reroll the character on Conquest of the Horde. It just seems wrong to somehow recreate the character and her experiences in another environment. Csilla's story isn't done, but I don't feel that this is the appropriate medium through which to explore it, especially since none of the catalysts that were present on Feathermoon are here.
Heh, this should be obvious for me.


I love how she's grown. I love the flaws she's given up, for new flaws. She can be an arrogant, and impatient little *bleep* while still being incredibly kind hearted, and self-sacrificing. The weight of either side of her family is fun. I love the kind of heroine she is, and Lox was right in that she's grown into something of a concept. I also love her darker side that few see. Remember when Arthas burned down Stratholme? Know how Batman is always treading that line? She's closer to that than most people think or realize. However, she's humble enough to not go that route, or cross that line. That "spark" is always there, though, and she knows it.
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It usually depends on my mood, what character I'm 'into' at the time but.. as of right now, I'd have to say.. the Forsaken, Atius Nicholas Mardonius.

I have a great deal of fun playing Atius because he's kind of different than other characters I've played. I've attempted playing an intellectual character before but I think I've managed to actually pull it off this time. His personality is always fun to play and I think it molds well to different situations and.. he's just funny sometimes. I know I'm the one writing it, but it still makes me laugh the things he says and the little inside jokes he has with Malachai( ;) ). My first Forsaken evar, and I lurves him.
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You have one guess, Xigo.

I sit stubbornly uncertain, however, whether he "belongs" in the CotH of nowadays, whether an unthrottled resumption of play would lead to anything but account closure, and whether or not I still have motivation enough to indulge the proactive playstyle I associate with him.
(03-22-2012, 08:33 AM)LostStranger Wrote: account closure

... I can't possibly imagine why...

Anyway, I really can't say who my favorite is... Well, it was Aulten. Pre-restart, at least.

Mm... I feel like I've grown away from the guy, sadly. S'why I totally reworked him into the restart (an attempt, that proved futile, to truly enjoy him like I did before). It worked for a while, but... Well, the inattention to him shows.

Currently, I don't really know. It's sort of a toss-up between my Ranzel, Vaethor and Torok. All respectable characters, all pretty cool in their own way.

/shrug. Time will tell, yes?
In the past, my favorite character would have been Sprinkles...Back when she was still original and what not.

But now? I really don't have a favorite considering I don't get to RP much.
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Reigen, of course.

She's the easiest to get into most all roleplay that gets started up, has the most devolpment on her and I have the most experience with role playing her. I have a hard time getting into alts because I sorta freeze up and don't know what to do on them, so I generally prefer to roleplay her.

Story wise, Chantel would be my next favorite. I haven't had the chance to play her yet, but I bet I'd enjoy it.
(03-22-2012, 09:37 AM)Cressy Wrote: In the past, my favorite character would have been SprinklesJozz...Back when he was fun, and not cumbersome as he finally got.

But now? I really don't have a favorite considering I don't get to RP much anymore. School, girlfriend and all.


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