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Chastising and Respect: Jonoth Revisits His Third Commandment
Greetings, citizens of CotH! Today is one of those "very special episodes" like sitcom comedies used to have. One where they put aside their normal silliness and debauchery to address a serious issue. And today, I decided to take the opportunity to address something that's bothered me in the past, but finally has moved me enough to write something about it.

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a guide about looking for RP. One of the "commandments" I outlined in the search for RP was the following:

(03-05-2012, 09:38 PM)Jonoth Wrote: 3. Thou shall not chastise people in the OOC zone. For how often it happens, this could be number one. "Get your bums out and RP! Why are you all not RPing on an RP server! You should all be ashamed of yourself for lounging around and having a good laugh out of character!" Okay, so I made that last one up, but it is essentially how such statements will be interpreted by the people hanging out in OOC. No one likes to be chastised, and even more certainly no one wants to be chastised into RP. So don't make the people you are trying to attract upset for taking things easy, because they'll remember, and there's a high chance you'll end up on the ignore list. And that will defeat the whole point of why you raged, which was to get people to RP.

I wanted to revisit this point less to emphasize and more to expand on it. If the RP guide was my "Constitution", these are my "Bill of Rights" for... hey I like the sound of that...

I proudly present:

Jonoth's Bill of Rights For Finding RP!

1. You have the right to RP the race of your choice. There may be a lot of players rolling a particular race, or only a few. But while I encourage people to branch out and try new things, this does not deny you the right to RP the race you love most. Light knows if someone told me I couldn't play my Dwarves, I'd flip not just a desk, but probably the planet.

2. You have the right, within applicable reason of lore, to roll the character type of your choice. I also call this the "Ishmael Boorg" right, named after the Amish bowler in the movie Kingpin. Certain races lean towards certain stereotypes, but there will always be cases where a little proper explanation can justify an anomaly in any group. One of my favorite Dwarves I encountered on CotH was a Dwarf trying to get over a drinking problem. Now, most people say Dwarves drink ale like we'd drink water, but the way this Dwarf portrayed how his life had been destroyed by turning to alcohol in the wake of losing his son, and trying to get his life back on track by following the straight and narrow, and how turning down booze often led to questions due to the aforementioned stereotype, it was just...RP magic to me. There is much diversity to be had with solid rationale, and it's your right to explore that (within the rules of the server and the lore it adheres to) for truly unique creations!

3. You have the right to join or not join a guild. It's great when you find a group of characters that mesh together so well that forming a guild with them under a united cause makes perfect sense. However, this doesn't always make sense, or may not be relevant to the aspirations of the character. Maybe your character has spent his life as a miner, but discovered a new venture he wants to explore. Or maybe others of the same race have joined together in the Superdopeflymoneyultratagteam Guild of Guilded Guildiness, but you just aren't particularly inclined to join in, or simply desire the flexibility of existing outside a guild. No one should be forced into any one place against their desire, as everyone has a right to the RP they want to have!

4. You have a right to RP outside of events. I've noticed trends at times where characters seem to vanish for months until something major happens, or have trouble getting in on RP because it feels private or closed off. This is more an affirmation that, yes, RP can exist (and often does) outside the vacuum of major happenings, and you are entitled to join in on open RP, and especially to spark some yourself!

5. You have a right to a giant, flaming sword and matching helmet. A lot of people probably read that and went "...Jonoth...why?!" Because, it's my fantasy, dagnabbit! If I wanna look like the Human Torch, I will! However...

6. You have the right to ICly react as your character dictates to anyone exercising the above right. So wear that face mask that looks like you can cut yourself on it. Just know that someone, somewhere, is making a Shredder joke about it. Or calling the cops.

And last, but certainly not least...

7. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO RESPECTFUL, INTELLIGENT DISCUSSION REGARDING ANY OF THE ABOVE. I pulled out the Billy Mays/Samuel L. Jackson all caps because I've noticed a trend of people being, simply put, rude and mean-spirited in dealing with the other rights. People will have differences of opinion, and I know this is the internet and Godwin's law is bound to come into play, but, I have a higher expectation of this server. I have the hope that when dealing with each other and the choices we make as roleplayers, we can find a way to tastefully have a dialog about our opinions. As you've seen mentioned dozens hundreds thousands of times, the number one rule of the server is respect, and it's everyone's responsibility to make sure that when it comes to things like brainstorming RP ideas or offering advice on what's acceptable to play that we are approaching each other in a friendly and welcoming manner. A game should feel like something we want to play, not like something we dread coming to. I'd rather reserve the dread for things like working dead-end jobs, or paying taxes, or getting teeth pulled. Things of that nature. So play nice, and have fun! :D
Alternatively, if we're to go with chronology.

The Gospel of Jonoth.
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Yes, YES to the flaming death swords. Glowy armor is fine. Alternatively, I also have had my characters call some people a walking crystal before.
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