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Commenting in Character Profiles
This will definitely have to be brought up for discussion again; we knew that already, though. If anything, the ban on player posting was a temporary solution to a problem we were experiencing at the time with no real other solution in mind.

The tagging is a good idea. As is the moving and reformulation of the Workshop forum---I fully support both of these suggestions, along with the "Noted, we're looking into it!" posts people can drop. I am not sure about making this mandatory since you can, yourself, track if people have checked your profile by checking the Views count. Players view them too, but that should be a good enough indicator that people aren't ignoring it.

I'm still thinking we might want to restrict player posting in Peon profiles in queue because, well... That'll still be a problem with new players getting contradicting information and the best way to handle this, that I can see, is leaving Peon profiles to staff members (and potentially Mentors? We'll see about that).
After getting some sleep and reading through this---I think people have come up with some good ideas. Sorry again Loxxy, I was quick to take offense.

I like the things you're coming up with though, as well as everyone else. It's good to see us all coming up with ideas to make this better.
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