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Character ideas that don't play by CotH character creation rules
[You couldn't play dress-up with them as a sub-race either! Trust me, we looked for models that allowed armor to show. And, we can still always be convinced otherwise if a good enough argument presents itself]

A proper mage ranger is something I'd kill for, but not offered on coth due to multi-classing. I played one on a skype RP, the arrows could do magic if they hit their target, or even around the target. Was so much fun, but there's no way to transcribe it into coth.
Reigen Wrote: A proper mage ranger is something I'd kill for, but not offered on coth due to multi-classing. I played one on a skype RP, the arrows could do magic if they hit their target, or even around the target. Was so much fun, but there's no way to transcribe it into coth.

A "proper" Mage-ranger I don't think so, but there are still some interesting ideas to be derived from it. The most obvious is to make a ranger variant whose skills are arcane-based rather than nature and arrow-based. However, one could play up the nature side of a ranger and go with "natural" arcane by playing a runemaster who uses projectiles as a delivery system.

The idea that really catches my fancy is to have a wand-enthusiast Mage. Everything about Wands, from their casting magic types independent of the weilder to their not using player mana, suggests that they are a magical device rather than a magical focus. And there's nothing preventing someone from having a belt or quiver full of the things to make use of on the fly. Even better, as a "ranged weapon" they still likely could be made better use of by a sharpshooter, should the enchantment allow.
Someone better at mages than me, go use this concept. :p
Wands are -seriously- underrepresented in RP.

Also, I could see a mage ranger fly if they replaced all the special hunter shots with magic spells ie Explosive shot is a fire arrow, trap arrow is a frost arrow, etc. Also, magically generated arcane arrows :V
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
(06-03-2014, 11:14 AM)CappnRob Wrote: Wands are -seriously- underrepresented in RP.
my only worry, with looking at their various powers, is if they were a bit OP- you can have warlocks using certain wands for shooting Light attacks and such...
Making them priest/'lock/Mage only nerfs it a bit, but that leaves more questions than it answers, really. If a priest can use it, why not a shaman, or a Druid, especially when there are non-arcane wands out there?
Still, this is interesting enough a concept that I think I'm going to implement some wand usage into my goblin priest- the gun staff focus was a silly idea anyway... :P

I had a concept that I'm pretty sure wouldn't work all too well. The character starts out a simple kinda maid deal for a Noble house. She didn't have all too many duties beyond cleaning the trophies and making sure everything looked pretty. One of these trophies was the sword of a 1st Generation Death Knight that the Noble had picked up after the defeat of the Horde in the Second War.

She became obsessed with this sword, 'n' eventually ended up stealing it and running away. The Noble didn't take long to learn, and she became a fugitive from her own people (could be Dwarf, Human or Blood Elf). She took away with this sword, and started adventuring. So far, it's not all too bad, but the coming part's where it becomes more unacceptable.

The sword had the dormant spirit of the Death Knight in it, as the Noble never had it cleansed for pride reasons (he'd also never told the staff, as they would've told the church and all downhill from there). And while the spirit hasn't yet revealed itself, it's been teaching her how to fight (which is mostly how she's survived). The spirit has kinda been prepping her for use as its new puppet, and been slowly showing her to more and more powerful magic as a way of preparation.

Those that know that she has the blade have told her that she's gonna be taken over and all that, but she's adamant that her soul is still in control and that the blade was empty. So, it'd ultimately lead to some conflict and such, but probably wouldn't happen on CotH.

Yeah, that prolly wouldn't fly as a user character here- Gen1 Runeblades are pretty significant items.

However, I could see her make an interesting short story on her own, or perhaps as the focus of an event- Manhunt RP is always interesting, especially with an empathetic character as the target. In this case, it could escalate in a variety of ways, from the Ebon blade getting involved, to the noble house she worked for and/or sinister forces trying to recruit her.
Aye. And it could lead to a rather interesting storyline, but I've always held the opinion that, if you can't play a character as a regular PC, it being an NPC is no-go as well. We'll see, though. Maybe some day I'll open up a PD and see if it could go anywhere.
I probably have an entire mental tomb of these hahaha.

I've always been very intrigued by a shadow ascendant.

I've also wanted to play a Forsaken necromancer that was once human and became undead on his own, rather than through the Scourge and joined them over time. That would be very interesting too.
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]
Shadow Ascendants are playable. Duraza played one constantly, Sozun.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Granted, that was before current policy. I've not seen any since.
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Aye, it's worthy of an update (especially considering how it was a T3, alongside demon hunters, Dragonsworn and Felsworn), but I don't think it's been marked as unplayable. I don't think there's anything wrong with the second concept, though.
I've always wanted to put Flora n a murloc ostume and have her go see Stormwind, but I think a character doing it full time would be tons of fun. Five Nights at Glubby's, anyone?

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