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The fate of our characters
After the most recent conversation on Skype, I decided this may be a good idea for a thread. Since WoW RP is pretty much at a halt now, I figure that it may be good (for those of us that won't continue through Skype with our WoW RPs) for a thread to be devoted to the various ways our characters will end. I'll make a post for my characters tomorrow, but yea. Hopefully, this'll offer a bit of closure.

Um. Uh.

Rensin... Rensin gets into a fight with something demonic, with the group in the Blasted Lands. He doesn't do anything heroic or amazing, but loses his life fighting with friends. He does this mostly because well... he had nothing else in his life but those around him. So, he sort of would accept the fate of dying in a good battle.

Feretus goes out from partying too much. The life of a noble gets to him and he can't handle the rejection he'd had. He dies trying to drown himself in women, alcohol, and drugs.

Sur wanders off after Fertus dies, trying to find meaning for himself in the world. Sick of the way things are, he becomes a wanderer.

Khardona? He would probably wander off with Shyllisr if she came with him, and he'd become a monk. Eventually he'd take part in everything that happened in Pandaria---trying to find peace and enlightenment there. He would probably face down a Sha---something reminant from his own mistrust at his past using shadow magic, and belief that came close to "Yin and Yang".

Antione Harmonic would sail the seas, trying to find Killer Kate, and probably never doing so. He'd grow old, and feeble looking for the woman, knowing full well he'd never find her. Eventually he'd retire and work for his brother Jonny.

Jonny would likely for whatever reason get a divorce from Alaine. I'm sure Karl could agree, the "happy" couple would find ways to not be so happy with eachother---and despite adopting many Gilnean children without families, they still wouldn't be able to salvage their shallow, unhappy marriage.

Dr. Spachemin would invent a new and under-developed way to do physicals. It'd involve a hammer. He'd get kicked out of any doctors unions stupid enough to welcome him in in the first place... including those in Ratchet. He'd retire with his Tauren wife---mind you, the good doctor is a Gnome. A very, very strange Gnome.


Xavier takes over the Grey Militia. His eccentricities and pining over Liselle who is by now long gone take over. He decides a real bear would be a good way to give "Barry" a hug, and goes to do so. The bear mauls him. Surrounded by those who'd still be in the Militia, he dies holding the ring he'd given to Liselle when he proposed... and that she'd given back.

Rensin/Harmonic the player of these characters will probably go and cry now. This was a hard post to make. A sad... hard post that put a lump in my throat.

[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


Saul retires to Northrend, builds himself a home in Grizzly Hills or wanders around Duskwood for good. Either way, he'll be around.

Balius retires from the Argent Crusade after finding a lady to settle down with and have a kid. He'll try reconnect with his brother, probably to no avail. If it doesn't pan out he'll make himself a new Hawkstrider Ranch with his wife and children.

Dayne Davish finally made it into the famed SI:7 with his pal Freedom. They take on a lot of cases for the army but eventually retires in favor of working Stormwind Crime department.

Osho wanders the world breaking Legion with his hammer along side his wife and sometimes follows a certain Sin'dorei around to pester.

Edwin Thelwind finally marries a woman and spends his time investing money into lucrative business ventures and bolstering Duskwood. He throws parties now and then, feeds the homeless of Duskwood and generally enjoys his life.

Zughar continues to follow around Sapna, dispensing words of wisdom and remarks to the people of Azeroth. He'll convince her to get a War-Party together and go slay some Gronn in his honor.

And Dastin? Dastin drank himself to death at the bottom of the sea in his purloined Submarine
"Leave now, mortal! The likes of you are forbidden in this land. You, who are powerless, are not worthy to set foot here." - Cerberus
I lied. I couldn't sleep without getting this off my conscious. I hope that this answers your questions, and if it doesn't or spawns any more, feel free to ask me on Skype. I'm still planning to finish Ydir's profile, perhaps as a last ode to all the years I've spent RPing on WoW, but we'll see if that pans out.


Ydir is, without a doubt, my favorite character that I've ever RP'd on CotH. As a character, he had more depth put into him, and as a Vrykul, he inspired me to look further and further into his race merely so I could have that fleshed out in case it was ever brought up in RP. He is largely the reason that I'm going to stop WoW RP now, as I don't believe that I could ever put so much thought into a simple Human or a barbaric Orc as I did into Ydir. He's just that one really good hamburger you had from a place that shut down soon after. Whenever you bite into another hamburger, you're going to be thinking of that one. And I'd prefer to stop while I'm ahead -- admit I had the best hamburger I could and stop searching for hamburgers altogether.

Ydir's fate is by far the most open ended, as I wanted to have it highly affected by those he knew. He was designed to be a malleable character, and I like to think that I pulled that off. But I always envisioned his retirement, if he were not to die in battle between now and then, as a simple pilgrimage. He would give the six statues to people he saw as deserving (well, he would give the five that remained). And once he'd done that, he would leave a map leading to the cave he'd carved in ice in Winterspring. This cave contained all that Ydir knew of the Vrykul's history, of their traditions, and of their gods, and he'd preserved it as best as he could. After this, he would take those who were willing to go with him, and go on a pilgrimage to Ulduar.

If he wasn't shot on sight by the Earthen, I like to imagine that he would have met the Gods. He would meet these figures that he'd had such a complicated relationship with throughout his life and, I don't know. Maybe his sins would be absolved. Maybe he would apologize to Britta, or maybe he wouldn't. He would reach the gates of Ulduar, then realize how little the Gods truly interfered in his life, and how everything he did was born of his own cowardice and his own weakness. He would take himself to the Maw, the same place he cast his grandfather's corpse and the same place he cast his child's crib, and he would jump in. My desire for a heroic character tried to keep that last scenario down and hidden, but to be fully honest, I believe that it would likely be the most likely to happen.

Sidestories; The six Vrykul -- It was my eventual hope to have six Vrykul, one for each God. This didn't come into thought until Brynja was introduced, and wasn't thought on more until PhilGobatto approached me and we talked about Vrykul. My plans, if they were to ever reach fruition, were going to have @HolyHiveMind as an Iron Vrykul in representation of Loken, as well as @Snuggley as Ydir's Hyldnir daughter, Karla, representing Thorim. Unfortunately, I never got to fully express these thoughts to the players in question, and I deeply regret it.

Karla* -- Ydir's daughter and wife became Hyldnir, although this was unknown by Ydir until he was already a Ymirjar. While his wife passed away in battle, a fate that Ydir is aware of, his daughter still lives to the current day. And while Ydir likely wouldn't have informed anyone of their connection, it would be her that he would seek salvation from. At that point, the gods would be damned and Ydir would be fine with that; all he needed was acceptance from her. Given the bitter hate between the Vrykul and Hyldnir, this would likely never happen, but Ydir had denied a dreamer enough times in his life. It was his turn, I suppose.

Parents -- Ydir's parents died on Mount Hyjal, after coming to realize that they had done what they needed to as a Vrykul. They had gone to Hyjal in hopes for a peaceful death, and had found it. Eventually, I hoped to have Ydir find them; either their skeletons, or the shrine they left as a gravestone for themselves. This would perhaps be the biggest shock to Ydir's character that could naturally come about, but how it would come about or how it would affect him, I never truly figured out.

*I was planning to softly retcon Ydir's child from a male to female, so no, you're not going crazy.


Fenastik's fate is probably the saddest, which is saying a good bit. A big thing of Fenastik's character was his belief that the Highborne will eventually return. And his fate would come when he finally realized that there would be no return to how it was when he was a childhood. When he realized that the age of the Highborne was over, he would come to realize that his time on the world was more or less done. He'd leave his bag, his Runeblade, his ring and a little note explaining the different properties of each item he had. There would be no goodbye or no explanation, just that. He would take a portal to Ironforge and visit with some old friends, before just dying. The cause, in antiquated terms, would merely be heartbreak.

Sidestories; Really, the only thing that I had going for Fenastik was the fact that he was actually a she in disguise. This trails back to a curse placed on his father by a Witchdoctor long ago, who cursed his father to a weak, pathetic child and then no more. Of course, for a Troll, a female is weaker and lower than a male, so that was a natural hit to Fenastik pre-birth. Fenastik's inability to deal with the Arcane in a substantial fashion was also built off of this curse.

Hopefully this explains a handful of quirks to Fenastik. I didn't want to be too direct either in how he dressed or how he acted, but I tried to leave little crumbs leading to the truth. Him wearing baggy clothing was to hide his slightly-feminine finger, his aversion to really any physical contact was so people would not notice the bumps under his shirt. His ring gave him a small illusion that aided in hiding this from sight. He was fairly androgynous. I realize that this wasn't enough at all, but I was going to continue adding onto the hints until someone just got it.


I made no attempt to hide the fact that, eventually, Sapna was going to join the Kor'kron. This was one of the first ideas for the character and it was cemented in my mind that it was going to be her fate since she was active back on Tol Barad. However, people have often been asking me how and why she would make the transition from a very traditionally-minded Orc to a Dark Shaman. Hopefully, this'll shed some light on the arc I had planned for her.

She was going to join the Kor'kron in Cataclysm. The Spirits were fine with it at the time, as it provided Sapna living companionship, which everyone thought was a good idea. The Kor'kron eventually came to be her clan, her friends, the people she would live and die for. And while she was still adherent to what the spirits wanted first and foremost, this living family that she had slowly started to become more and more important to her.

It all comes to a head in Mists. An important side-note to get out here is that Sapna's most revered ancestor is an Orc named Haghar the Giant Hunter. I never quite ironed out what he did, but he killed a Giant, some Gronn, some Ogres, and eventually (perhaps) made a Horde to fight the Ogres. He does well, and creates a fleet launching to attack Ashran, the seat of the Ogres. However, the fleet is overcome by a powerful storm, and the boats sink. While Haghar alone was strong enough to swim to the shore, he refused to abandon his loyal worg and they ended up both drowning.

In Mists, Sapna is part of a group heading to Mists when a powerful storm intercepts their ship's path. Sapna's doing all she can with her Shamanism, and it almost seems like they're going to make it to Pandaria as the shore appears on the horizon. However, a large wave comes from the side and tips the ship over. Sapna, like Haghar, is strong enough to swim to the shore, even in the storm, but she refuses to abandon Wraith who can't swim all too well. The spirits are desperately telling her to focus on herself, to save herself, and she's fighting to not let Wraith die. She sees Wraith not as a partner but as a child, and she'd prefer she die before him.

And while the Spirits love Wraith, they love Sapna more, and when they realize that Sapna would die trying to take a dead Wraith back to shore, they intervene. Previously, Sapna and the spirits had stayed separated largely, with Zughar passing messages between the parties. However, this time, they possess Sapna. They force her to let go of Wraith, and have her swim back to shore. Once she's at the shore, she's given control of her own body and her own actions once more.

This leads her on a path of vendetta, and she drifts away from the spirits. Eventually, she makes this elixir with the help of her grandfather* that destroys her representation in the spirit world/does some other funkiness to permanently remove her ability to communicate with the spirits, and vice versa. At the end of drinking this elixir, Zughar appears of his own will and challenges Sapna to a mak'gora. She wins, and turns to the Kor'kron shortly after in an attempt to feel more included in the living family now that the dead family is gone.

The spirits, on the other hand, turn to her brother. Her brother, who was a coward and a lowly peon, is brought into the fold rather forcefully by the spirits, and spends his time up until the Darkspear Rebellion training. Sapna spends her time perfecting her Dark Shamanism, something she picked up in spite towards the traditional Orc-dom that she had grown to hate and the elements that had taken Wraith from her. After the Darkspear Rebellion, it was never determined what would happen to Sapna. I like to think that she would've died, either at the hands of the spirits, or from a stray arrow. Either way, her story ended with that of the Horde that she'd truly never cared for.

Sidestories; One of the biggest blank spots in Sapna's life, and one of the biggest contributors to her personality, was the lack of a father in her life. She's been told by her mother that her father was killed by the Humans before her mother was taken to the camps, but Sapna knew this wasn't true. Her father was an experienced Warlock, and he had to of had a soulstone, right? And, for whatever reason, the spirits couldn't find her father either*. However, eventually, Sapna does find him.

One important thing to note here is the relationship between Sapna's Thunderlord (maternal) side and Shadowmoon (paternal) side. While the Thunderlords had been hunters, the Shadowmoon side had always had a strong connection to the spirits, to the point where Sapna is the fourth member of the family in a row to serve the spirits directly. Despite this, Sapna's spiritual connection is much stronger with the Thunderlord side. The main reason for this is simple; the Thunderlord clan was destroyed by the Shadowmoons. While Sapna's mom had long-before split ties with the Thunderlords, that didn't change any Thunderlord's opinion.

Either way, Sapna eventually finds her father. And that's all I have. I was thinking that she'd potentially get his axe, but it was all up for debate and I never quite managed to hammer out how that would go.

*Sapna's father and grandfather developed such an elixir before Sapna's birth, when they both became Warlocks. Her father, as far as she or her grandfather know, is the only person to have made and drank it. Those who drink such a thing are forever banished from Oshu'gun and the lands around it by the other spirits, if their own spirits aren't purely demolished in the process.

Edit: How beautiful. My 4,500th post.

Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
Dalikan Godford: The Commander of the Lionheart Battalion would eventually go on to drink the waters of the wells of the Howling Oak, and regain his human form. He eventually, after discussing with friends and councils, makes a decision to try and find happiness in having a second wife, who more than likely is a noblewoman of Stormwind or Gilneas. The Lionheart Battalion, including Lieutenant Fawkes and Sergeant Garonir, would eventually go on to the fronts of Pandaria and the Siege of Orgrimmar, leading several brazen attacks against the True Horde.

Mirran West: The last of the original fifty of Black's Drakes, and Captain of the Stormwind Army, would eventually fulfill his long-lasting wish of retiring to the Grizzly Hills in Northrend, where he would live out the rest of his war-hardened days as a logger and hunter in the hills. His death would come at the hands of a very angry bear, or merely old age.

Katrana Silverberg: The Lady of House Silverberg would carefully see House Silverberg through it's trials as Stormwind continually faces drastic threats from lands afar. Albert Bobson and Charles the Slayer, her two knights and personal guards, would eventually pass on from old age, and their names would be remembered by all men and women of Silverberg employment.

Leonard Bennard Bennin II: The Knight of the Alteracian Commons would eventually have one of two endings; either the throes of New Alterac are successful, and he rejoices in the rebuilding of his people, or the war in the north ravages his new-found people, and he sacrifices himself as his final act for his fallen heritage.

Grenalin Coldwind: The elder Coldwind dwarf would eventually complete his two year long pilgrimage across Outland and Azeroth, ending in Northrend at the Titanic City of Ulduar, where he and the Coldwind Expedition would make a great find - a titanic healing device, with which his arms are healed. However, with all the ease in his elder body, the old dwarf would eventually pass on in old age, his last thoughts being of his friends and family on Azeroth, and the Naaru's words to him on his lips.

Barregis Jones: The criminal mastermind would continue his work as he sees fit, eventually growing fond of a particular recruit and training them in all there is to know of the works before finally turning himself into Stormwind again and dying by a second public execution - under the personal request he be cremated and his ashes be tossed into the North Sea.

Zenethen Galrein: The mindrot undead would never find his sister again, as his mind might have told him he would, but his last moments - however they might be - would have been happy and peaceful ones, with his mind finally returning to him as he would remember all that he had forgotten, before passing finally into the Light's halls.

Mariah Silverheart: The female sergeant of the Lower City Militia would continue to aid, as best she could, the refugees within Shattrath City. As times pass, she would become a part of the Sha'tari Skyguard, protecting Shattrath City and it's poor citizens from the skies.

Arden di Silvio: The forsaken death knight known as Throne would eventually, seeing how his people have turned, turn on them in a righteous fury and fall by the hands of those he would have years ago called comrade.

Gabriel Matherson: The simple farmer of Elwynn Forest would eventually watch as his and all of his neighbors' farms and lands are burnt by a swiping strike by a black drake from the Burning Steppes. Infuriated that the army would not chase down the drake, he would gather his former neighbors in a militia and they would devote themselves to hunting down the drake that stole their families from them - eventually dying to the drake's flames, though a few may have survived with a tale of victory to bring back to the people of Redridge.

Mikhael Reddings: Mikhael Reddings, the worgen hunter, would eventually go on to serve House Thelwind to his dying days - whether that be by old age or by unfortunate circumstance in the troubles of nobles.

Rhord Richardson: Eventually leading the Knights of Darkfall into battle against those he arduously called friend and family, Rhord would be defeated and driven to a state of mental tiredness that would prove too much for the Knight of Stormwind. He would no doubt find his end by the hands of one seeking vengeance against him for what he did in Darkfall's service, asking in his last breath forgiveness from the Light.
Well then:

Royal would finally settle down, after wising up to the war. He would have fallen in love, married a woman and settled down somewhere quaint and start up a career doing something other than fighting, perhaps blacksmithing or Light-forbid farming.He would have had two children and lived until he was killed by some catastrophe, a new call to war that he felt he needed to answer, or of old age and sickness.

Emmit would travel the world, searching far and wide for his wife and a cure for undeath. Slowly he would be driven insane, searching far and wide for any clue. From ruins of Lordaeron to the libraries of Dalaran. Soon he would find signs out of little, clues from lies, and false hopes from nothing. His quest would eventually lead him to Outlands where he found himself on a floating rock stranded where he would sit and think. In the he would pick through his mind and finally see his quest was folly, and with a stroke of luck return to the main land and to Azeroth. Claiming it a miracle of the Light the addled undead would explore the world aimlessly, without a goal and with only faltering belief in the Light until either time rotted him or he was put down.

Darren would stick to his racism and zealotry until one day another holyman of the Light would call everything into question, he would lose his powers and he would fall to the drink, blaming everything on orcs and worgen. Though in one depraved stupor where the former paladin was on the street, no better than a beggar he would look at his life and seek to make change. He would clean himself up and begin working, hard. Working to repay all the damages he had done and caused to those of another race, slowly regaining his connection to the Light he put faith back into himself, though no longer a zealot. A true follower, no longer blinded by hatred.

Smyth is a daring one, always out for the treasure. He payed everyone on 'I owe you a percentage of the treasure' and when all pieces of the map was found, they keys and the very tablet of instructions... With the vault open there were few riches inside, enough to pay everyone he owes, remove the bounty from his head, and return to being piss poor, sailing the seas. With a bad taste in his mouth he turned to smuggling illegal goods until he was cut down by a Stormwind Marine after he refused a parley.

Lanus and his brother Bramorin finally proved themselves to the Dwarves, after years of trying, and was able to grab a seat on the Dwarven Senate as one of the representatives of the Dark Iron population.

Dugar, after failing to find his son, would travel around as a cook before he found folly in life. He was always a coward, and gave up on life, seeking one last battle to end it all.
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Celen - Celen continued playing her violin into her late years(That being, like, 80's), she would have walked between the houses and attempted to gain their fame. Slowly, but surely she changed, in her thoughts and in her ways. She'd be less of a brat, more of a thinker, begining to study and research the arcane and its theories. Along the way, it wouldn't be enough, she'd be too knowledge able and too hot headed, even though she had changed. I planned for this to happen, she'd be killed or assasinated at a young age, before her hundred. Mistakes.

Cayia Stormleaf - She would have fought with her hippogryph and continued on with her life, making a family and living her immortality that should be regained.

Katarina Silverstra - She'd live and work under the crime lord of the years to come, learning and studying on how to improve herself. After his second execution, she'd kill all of capture'd him out of revenge and continue her life, by resuming their work, under the name Katarina Jones.

Korius - He'll finally be promoted and find a wife to have. He'd fight in Pandaria afterwards, with the Lionhearts.

Rahirn - Rahirn, the spirit walker would have died of old age. The legendary cow who has fought to subdue the elements rested after the battle and joined the Earthworks. There, he spent his last years until his time came to an end.

Valia - Valia continued on with her life, mastering shamanism and helping Andra with her quest.

Fenlan - He'd become a high ranking Farstrider in the end of things. Don't know how, didn't get to progress his storyline that much.

That's it. I got a lot of characters but I hardly got to progress them.
I thought we had a thread like this before.

Matthew Hunter: A lifetime of fighting, being alone, and not knowing when to give up. With so many things going right, it would be stupid to throw it all away by jumping into another battle. Matthew would ask the fine people in House Colemann for a little aid, and find himself getting a nice teaching position in one of Stormwind's finest schools. There, he would teach history, and pass on his views about the Horde (and most other races) to the younger folk, so that the "Apologist" generation would be the last one to bend over for the Horde.

Norell Ironchef: Norell would eventually abandon his old family name (that he never told anyone about) and take the name "Ironchef". After his adventures in Uldum, and making some careful investments over time, he would find himself becoming a mogul of the Bilgewater Cartel, with his own personal island with a nice Pleasure Palace built on it. Until those investments pay off, it seems he stuck as the chef for the Windwaker crew.

Jof'waz: He would eventually find a reason to train martially again when the mists around Pandaria vanished, and he would become a monk. Still chasing butts, still working under the Love Exchange, still failing to get any butt. Some things never change.

Garridan Devine: I said it before, and what I said sticks. Garridan is not long for this world. He would one day learn his true name, his past, and his relation to the real 'Garridan Devine'. He would hate it, he would wish he never learned it, and he would try to push it out of his memory. It was quickly easily pushed out, though, as he was already suffering the effects of mindrot slowly, and would soon find himself shambling among the Scourge in Silverpine. Hopefully a priestess or a knight would put him out of his misery.

Zagosh: What can be said? When the time for the Siege of Orgrimmar came, he would choose to stick by Garrosh, his Warchief, against the Darkspear Rebellion and their Alliance 'allies'. He would rather die than see the Alliance try to take control of his people again. And so he did.

Gregoriel: Degenerates. Degenerates everywhere.

David Hunter: The Defias would not last, not even all of David's money could save them. When the Alliance armies broke through the Defias ranks and reclaimed the town, he would sit and wait in one of the houses for them, not even a little surprised to see them, and calmly surrender. When the day of the rope came, and he felt the noose tighten around his neck, he knew one thing: So long as Stormwind lived, so would the Defias.

And then he died.
According to @"Reigen" : All my characters will die due to fireworks.

Doyle Lynch - One arm less and essentially forced into full retirement from active combat duty as Dalikan Godford's Lieutenant-Commander in the Lion Hearted, will continue to serve as a strategic advisory, healer, and raise his two children with his wife.

Ebbehardt "Easy" Zimberschlag - Will continue travelling, collecting bounties on the two known worlds, until one day something will kill him - be it his smoking, his drinking, or his bounties.

Alywien Starwing - Will continue walking around the world, collecting fresh corpses that are not properly buried and throwing them far into the skies, blowing them up to shower blood and bonemeal down upon the earth, for nature to blossom from. Seeing as she avoids contact with people as a general rule of thumb, and is undead, she's likely to just keep doing that until there are no more fresh, improperly buried bodies left to fling across the skies in this morbid form of gardening.

Frederich von Steinherz - Will continue being a corpse as he has been for roughly the last year now. C'est la Vie.

Any OTHER characters I have.... Well, Reigen could use some practice with her fireworks.
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Why do you ---- have to make me cry at work? I hate you all, but I love you all.
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Versich Devosh: Best case scenario, some sort of cure for undeath is discovered, or he's brought back as a reward for service to the Red Dragonflight. Gets to go home and be a family man. Quietly works as a clocksmith once more. Finally gets married, can take that ring off his necklace and put it on a finger. Gets to raise his daughter, who's about ten or something. Lives a pious life.

Kil'shi Rendtear: Tries to convince as many warriors as possible to depart the Horde once the rebellion begins. Hopefully gets his eldest child, Lirshar, to depart the Kor'Kron. Age always having been his worst enemy, he finds his body finally rebelling against him the constant battles during the Siege of Orgrimmar and takes a strategist position instead of a 'lead from the front' sort of deal. Once war has ended, he quietly retires to his flower gardens. When he passes on, one of his children probably make a death poem of his life.

The Avrein Family: Being nobility in Silvermoon, they sort of have a good place to retire to. Toriidae continues her adventuring for quite some time, with the support of ma and pa. Takes waaaaay too long a time for any of them to actually die. Arianna maintains her position as a Magistrix, and attends the funeral pyre of every member of the BLOODSWORN HONORGUARD.

Xigo: After realizing Azeroth will actually be a permanent home, his personality becomes so much more friendly. Slowly starts to become more trusting of the world's natives, especially after his friendship with Clovis Briarthorn. Genuinely cries when he comes to realize that the friends he makes on Azeroth will die long before he does.

Dagrim: Look, the girl would never stop fighting. Not even age would halt her. She 'parties' with Lirshar and any other orc that's willing to go on their insane adventures. Life is just a series of mad adventures that they should rightly die by, and probably do eventually. Maybe she even gets a death poem.

Skyfin: He discovers the sky. Returns to the Winterfin tribe with his knowledge, and there is much celebration. Trains a shaman to take his place before departing once more, to spread this newfound Murloc lore.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Here's every character I have had that had a storyline.

In the case of Ereneas Skyfire, the young man would either live to the end of his years as a listless wanderer, or die to one of the many threats rising within Azeroth. Either way...He got to see his family again. Hello, mother. Hello, father.

In the case of Ninde Moonwhisper, she'd have lived to see the end of the Hyjal campaign. She'd probably settle down with Kantado and had two healthy children with him. And steal his tongue. Many times. Cry me a river, Sorley.

In the case of Morgan Enfield... You expect him to die? No, he'll see Pandaria. He'll see Warlords of Draenor. This guy will never die, truly. Can't stop the Enfield.

In the case of Azaelia the Pilgrim, she would eventually finally realize her dream of becoming a Paladin of the Light. She fought evil until the end of her days, wherein she was killed at the ripe age of 1500. It's unknown what killed her, though.

In the case of Varyis Sunspeaker, you can't stop her. You can't ever stop her. She'll get married. She'll have actual kids. She'll raise them alongside her adopted kids. And you will deal with it.

In the case of Aneril Amberdawn, he would've continued serving as the Patron and leader of House Amberdawn, eventually passing the baton down to his daughter, Anevel Cerram Amberdawn. She'd fare much better than he did at this.

In the case of Lena Sunborn/Fallenstar, she too would fall into the endless cycle of misery that is getting married. Adventures still happen.

In the case of Chesie, the young shaman would wander the world and bear a great view of many of it's wonders. Legend has it, she was among the many who ventured towards the great unknown. What cannot be seen.

In the case of Gobbis, AKA Gilkoibbis, the pestilent imp would never truly die. He'd just reform in the Twisting Nether every time. He'd watch as his master became a Felsworn with a resurgent pride that only an imp would have.

I truly was planning on pulling a Space Runaway Ideon with all these folks. To those uneducated plebs who don't know what that means, it's anime lingo for KILL THEM ALL.
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer
(01-23-2015, 12:05 AM)Stealthscout Wrote: Celen - Celen continued playing her violin into her late years(That being, like, 80's), she would have walked between the houses and attempted to gain their fame. Slowly, but surely she changed, in her thoughts and in her ways. She'd be less of a brat, more of a thinker, begining to study and research the arcane and its theories. Along the way, it wouldn't be enough, she'd be too knowledge able and too hot headed, even though she had changed. I planned for this to happen, she'd be killed or assasinated at a young age, before her hundred. Mistakes.

Darya cries.
[Image: fe0b9a1fd1428a342c5286397496ae13ad4ef025...b14c91.jpg]

Warning: May lead to increased susceptibility to and general intolerance of spinning shit.
I have no intentions on giving up! But if something does happen to all of our canon so far...

Doran Eranu'belore would probably continue his wandering. In time he may settle back with his family and be the multiclassing OP Warlock/Spriest/Warrior he was destined to be.

Whereas his uncle Aendron Eranu'endal would eventually die peacefully in his sleep of natural causes.

Leron Silverfang would continue on trying to be the favorite of every noble house in Silvermoon.

Lovar'thil Dire'belore, on the other hand, continues his research and would ultimately cure the Wretched. With his newfound Wretched family, he'd flock off to the Outlands and have his happy family of misfits. He totally wouldn't try to resurrect Kael'thas. That would just be insane.

Adamme Dire'belore would eventually get to be a blue dragonsworn and get as close back to the old Zanthash he used to be. He's gonna have to be the one to lead the Wretched anyways. At least he won't stop calling people he doesn't like "pricks".
[Image: KceuhuX.gif][Image: eKcKrrq.png]
I am tech support

[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @"CappnRob"): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi

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