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Question Concerning Merchant Characters/Shops
Hi! A million apologies in advance, but I have a question concerning server policies that I just can't seem to find anything on. If it's already covered somewhere, I'm really sorry, this thread can totally be deleted if that's the case did I mention I'm sorry about cluttering the forum with a stupid question like this?

To get right into it, are there any rules to adhere to when it comes to having a player character who's a merchant? I don't really know what's going on with forum money versus server money, or if in-game currency is actually in character or not, or if there's GHI money people are using and I just don't want to step on anyone's toes.

To go a step further, is it okay to find a vacant building and say it's representative of the location of a shop? Not permanently, of course, and one would always want to have a backup locale just in case someone needs that particular building for another RP, but is that a thing that's even sort of allowed, even temporarily?
We don't have a sever currency (We did before, but it never quite worked out) so payment and such would go on trust. Gold coins are very valuable, to note. Nobody is going to be carrying around hundreds of gold coins around for a normal shopping day.

We cleared out some buildings in some of the major cities, so using one as your shop should be fine, so long as you remember that location can never permanently be 'your shop'. As soon as the RP ends, the building is open to anyone else to use.
The implication of mercantile RP here is getting me mighty flustered.
Woo! Thanks, Mathias! That answered just about all of my questions in one go!

Maulbane Wrote:The implication of mercantile RP here is getting me mighty flustered.

The idea of a flustered Maulbane is getting me similarly flustered.

[Image: daft+eyebrows_3746df_5012482.gif]

it's not that big a deal guys I just want to pretend to sell imaginary cupcakes in a magical video game world

So yeah! Case closed! Feel free to lock/destroy/uppercut the thread into a black hole.
Mathias, I order you to keep this thread open forever.

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