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Random facts about our characters
Was talking earlier to some friends and had this funny idea of posting random, funny, unique or interesting facts about our chars that are not often described on their profiles or seen in RP (except in long interactions sometimes or in rare situations). So... Yeah, starting it with the lovely goat, Celes.

- Celes -

- Full name is Celestial. She rarely tells people about it because she finds the name awkward.
- Regarding foods, Celes loves eating. She never found draenei cuisine really enjoyable (probably due to the lack of spice in it). Azerothian food is her favorite now and chocolate milk has a special place in her heart, as well as in her extra pounds;
- In her whole life Celes only had two boyfriends (first relationship was short though); Second and main one is Patrick Brown, a human Paladin;
- Celes has a strange sense of fashion. Her most seen outfit is a kind of suit armor, that has no much use other than giving her more flexibility and making males stare at her legs. Other clothes consist of short shorts and shirts/blouses. Recently she has acquired a bikini set;
- She has a hat collecting hobby. Has a lot of different hats, including very strange ones. The strangest hats she has are the usual bunny ears she wears and a hood that has deer antlers attached to it;
- Celes was very androgynous before reaching puberty and was often mistaken for being a boy. It was only made worse by the fact she had very short hair. Her growth spurt changed her quite drastically when it came;
- Original hair color is blue. She periodically dyes her hair reddish brown now and stopped cutting her hair, letting it grow longer;
- Recently has acquired a great desire to buy herself a bike, after seeing how fast it is;
- Likes insects, especially ones that will not bite or cause any harm. Also likes lizards in general;
- Is unusually short for a draenei;
- Wishes she had more and larger horns/tail/tendrils; She also wanted to have been born a male;
- She's very flexible despite not often showing it;
- Likes sleeping and usually goes to sleep early. She wakes up early as well, having a quite constant routine of training during early mornings;
- Doesn't have much knowledge regarding Azeroth, is on process of learning it;
- Not known to many but is incredibly good at mathematics, calculations and probabilities. Can make calculations up to millions without even getting confused. This is mostly due to her age and to the time she had to develop that particular aptitude of hers. It somehow makes her good at games such as Chess.
Hmm, an interesting idea, I'll try my hand at it.

Duron 'Facebreaker' Bloodaxe

- Currently mated to Lirshar Goresight
- When he's not meditating, fighting, or generally spending his time on useful things, Duron is a journeyman tailor
- Despite how much he attempts to contact his moth and especially his father's spirits, it always seems to be intercepted by his grandfather.
- Duron long ago tamed his inate bloodlust with the aid of Mochla, thus should the need arise he could use it on a whim, yet he is afraid to go into such a state.

Camillia Breakblade

- Much of her early life was spent studying how to channel magic, to little avail. Yet from her years in the study, she aquired an odd quirk for studying orcs and their culture.
- Despite her best Judgement, Camillia still refers herself as a student under Anski solarclaw, who had dissappeared months ago with little trace despite her sword which Camillia carries to this day.
- Often and only when no one is looking, Camillia weeps for the lack of compainship of any kind.

More to come... maybe..

Jezzan the Repairman:
-He regularly argues himself in the form of a floating ghostly skull conscience. This thing will appear (naturally, only to him) when he is having particularly difficult dilemmas to resolve. It only speaks in rhymes (mostly) and generally toys with him as if it were it's own entity.
-He is actually quite an adept flutist, quite fond of a jazzish like tune that would make one reminisce of Ron Burgundy.
-You are not as smart as him, period. He will go out of his way to explain things to you even though he doesn't quite know what he's talking about himself. He expects everyone to get his meaning because he's smart.
-If you say it, he believes it. Also period.
-In his family, people are divided up into 'mans.' For example, Jezzan is the Repairman. There is a Spirit-Man. There's a Warrior-Man. Women in the family do not have titles, polygamy is encouraged, and you to not get your assigned title until you are of a certain age. If you are a possessor of a title, you may choose your own successor, or you put your title in a hat and the family congregates to pick titles for the new generation.
[Image: tumblr_mjjxhcqmG51qh076xo1_250.png]

-Never met her mother
-Hates her father
-Trains to become a Blademaster. She's getting there.
-Questionable sexuality. Issues with a certain Pakna in the past have caused her to question herself.
-Used to be a 24/7 jerkface. Now has significantly mellowed out.
-Enjoys staring into fires.
-Gave Duron the surname 'Backfire', in reference to him consistently failing to use a gun properly (rolled 1s whenever he used it). They joked about it sounding fierce to anyone whom didn't know the joke.
Quote:[8:53AM] Cassius: Xigo is the best guy ever. he doesn't afraid of anything.
Draknir Blackeye

- He has a son named Mogdrog, and he was given to him after the mother died of illness.
- He was the Warmaster of the Bloodsworn Honorguard for quite some time.
- He killed two Cryptlords in one attack.
- He secretly finds Troll women attractive, but has yet to share this fact with anyone.
- He sees sensitivity as a sign of weakness, thus... he's not sensitive.
- He's fairly easy to anger.
- His dream in life is to be written in the Horde's history pages as a war hero.
- He was struck by lightning seven times.


- His idea of a workout is dragging raptors through the vale, or killing tigers and using them as weights. Or something else bizarre.
- He's a Gladiator who's rather famous - mainly in Stranglethorn, but also in Horde places. (Achieved through Prestige training)
- The first time he met Zealaya, he thought she was a hooker.
- He has a weapon collection of at least 60 types of weapons.
- He has a Perky Pug has an IC pet.
- He likes to mess with people's heads.
- He hates being proven wrong or losing.
- He pays a Gnome to fly him into the middle of a random area to help him hone his survival skills. He treks back to civilisation.
- He and an NPC countered each other's attacks seven times.
- Alcoholic.


- Primal.
- Out of all my characters... he's the only one with a real mate somehow.
- He devours people regularly.
- He used to be part of the Frostbrand Marines. He was a Lieutenant.
- He wishes he had wings.
- He cannot fathom mathmatics.
- He can't read or write.
- He solves most of his problems by mauling it, eating it, or both.
- He deems himself better than most people he meets.
- He knows a strange amount of female characters.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

-Contrary to popular beliefs, mostly being that Abby is in fact a brute that enjoys nothing but ripping stuff to shreds, Abby has a very artistic soul and an extremely talented singer. . . She also always try to kill her opponents in the most imaginative and flashy way possible. Like I said, soul of an artist <3

-Abby does not care about her looks. . .Except her hair. She cares deeply for her hair and has let it grown to extreme lengths and takes good care of it, washing it carefully everyday. If you mess with it, she'll gut you. If a lot of people start to abuse this after this post, Abby will break the fourth wall and whine about the other character metagaming.

-Abby's player is a little too tired for this at the moment and might add more to this list later.
[Image: 293D4BE4-7170-4C2A-B8BF-7EA572513EBD.jpg]
[Image: Lazuri65.png]
Pollie Snowgear

- Secretly loves turtles, hiding such feelings in public.

- Has a slight fear of tall, yellow grass.

- Despite teasing about her weight, Pollie actually enjoys the extra pounds.

- Hates the 'Blink' spell, a close call with another mage having nearly fused the two together.

- Hates clams found by riverbeds.

- Dislikes physical contact with her hands, prefering gloves to avoid such touching.
Quote:- The first time he met Zealaya, he thought she was a hooker.

D'aww. The memories.

Jean McCarthy

-Jean's father is secretly her idol, even if he hates what she is.
-Has won large scale fights with three punches.
-Punched a raptor in the face.
-Is unusually racist, except to Hawk, who she sees as one of her only friends.
-Once tried to learn how to read, but after causing her teacher a bit of..well, trouble, she gave up.
-Secretly loves frills.
-Has wore a dress three times in her life, and all times were forced on her.
Sidenote: I don't know if people realized it, but she is a friggin' behemoth. And muscled. And probably not seen as the typical 'human' beauty. So why the frick do people hit on her all the time? Makes no sense...

Springles Ess Springsprocket

-Is known for her 'special' muffins.
-Used to cooking lessons in Stormwind.
-Had a wolf pet named, "Mither Thnickernoddle McPrithy Panth the thith."
-Said wolf was played by Kretlol.
-Fell in lurve with a Belf. He broke her widdle heart.
-Her shop is called, "The Chocolate Chip and Dales"
-Has wandering-hands syndrome. Especially towards men's butts.
-She always smells like baked goods. Always.
[Image: anigif_mobile_9893b2566588ab845c7985f71769a9f2-7.gif]
Juna Windcaller.
- Has a crush on Thrall.

- Tends to act feminine despite her race, but her orcish side is also quick to show.

- Is a good drinker.

- Values her sword well more than her own life.

- The Hunt grew into her. Wanted to ditch the guild for a good deal of time after becoming the leader.

- Dreams of saving the world.

- Even though she preaches about treating everyone the same, she tends to feel a bit out of place among Draenei due to past experiences. Also can't quite talk to forsaken due to their smell.
Jaeden Duskbinder

-Afraid of heights.
-Tends to find pants more comfortable than robes, but not as good looking.
-Loves music.
-Typical Sin'dorei. She dislikes humans, orcs, forsaken, trolls, gnomes, tauren.... All races but her own.
-She now has a fear of fire, due to the fact that it was the cause of her terrible death.
-She has a wide variety of books and literature, though it is nothing compared to the Seer's Library.
What? You haven't heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard...

-Heavily Arachnophobic.

-When he gets into a hand to hand fight, he usually goes for the crotch.

-Heavily religious.

-Has problems with trusting people.

-"Owns" two pets, although technically he just feeds them occasionally.

-Is jealous of every single Sentinel.

-Wears a shitload lot of cologne almost constantly.

-Very conscious about his appearance
With nothing but time on my hands, I'd be willing to put these on people's profiles if they don't have the time (or don't know how!) to. Just toss me a PM and we can work something out.
"Every gun..."

[Image: Jonah-Hex-Counting-Corpses-Flaming-Leap.jpg]

"...Makes its own tune."

~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~
Rigley Darrson

-Has a fear for anything which can obstruct his breathing
-Is married to Anelli Blackscrew
-Was engaged to Aeria Fizzlebolt
-Was initially studying as a Aerial specialist in engineering, and made the Windfish flying machine was his masterwork schematic.
-His main dive suit schematic is actually a design made by Aeria Fizzlebolt.
-Suffers from a mild condition of photosensitivity in his eyes.
-Had a baby pet shark.
-Once exploded a Crocolisk.


-Lost use of his right arm to a farmyard machine.
-His father was a clockmaker.
-Can actually talk, but is mentally unable to perceive this ability without his jaw.
-Was silent and rather anti-social either way.
-Cannot smell the perfume he uses on people, but assumes they will thank him later.


-Is rather vain.
-Hopeless romantic.
-Is afraid of undead, ironically.
-Commonly burns her hands with the light in an attempt to adapt to the pain of casting healing spells.
-Was a Gilnean.
Vyndus Sunstone

-Constantly gorges on sugary foods in an attempt to gain weight.
-Is self conscious about being underweight
-Often plays dumb to keep people offguard
-Nearly killed himself trying to build up an immunity to his poisons.
-Has been mauled by his pet bear nearly four times already.
-Finds it hard to trust even his closest friends.
-Majority of his first aid knowledge is self taught and is very crude.
-Has a tendency to make up excuses for everything he's done just out of habit.
[Image: 2wd92y0.gif]


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