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Prestige Class Template Discussion: Demon Hunter
To quote him once more...

"It is not surprising that a blood elf's potential for power as a demon hunter is so high. After all, the sin'dorei do not have the natural aversion to demonic magic that night elves do.
However, I do not expect many to succeed. Most of them, Varedis included, pursue power for its own sake. That power will consume them, for they are not driven by the pure fire that burns inside a true demon hunter's heart."

To me, that sounds like he'd be pretty open to listening to a blood elf who may attempt to plead his case.
"Every gun..."

[Image: Jonah-Hex-Counting-Corpses-Flaming-Leap.jpg]

"...Makes its own tune."

~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ~
Nostra Wrote:That said, due to the stigma associated with demon hunters and the abuse the class has seen in the past the bar for being accepted as one is pretty high.

Do you think that this kind of format would be sufficiently difficult for a Demon Hunter?
I don't think it does, to me it sounds more like he agrees with their potential to harness the fel, but that doesn't mean he'd go on and help them do that.

@Knock I was actually working on a template much like this a couple of weeks back, I think there were some differences though, and it wasn't near finished. But I'll PM what I had to you and we can collaborate to include some points I liked from my template, if they're appropriate.

Erh, I'll PM you anyway, in the evening, my evening that is.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Interesting and excellent guide.
Where'd you get the info about the training process from? I wasn't able to find any of it on search engines or this site. (I'm assuming there's both some individual discretion in both your retelling and each master's training procedures, especially since they don't really collaborate or set specifics for training.)

I've been plotting to create one for a while now. Can't wait!
This is a very Interesting idea. Be a very colorful and dark role play experience. I really hope this gets approved cause I for one would risk my character for 2 months of a grueling training, with no clear chance of survival. Such potential this has!!
sabrekab Wrote:Interesting and excellent guide.
Where'd you get the info about the training process from? I wasn't able to find any of it on search engines or this site. (I'm assuming there's both some individual discretion in both your retelling and each master's training procedures, especially since they don't really collaborate or set specifics for training.)

I've been plotting to create one for a while now. Can't wait!

Most of it was based on the info given in Wow-wiki, which takes sources from all across the various Warcraft sources (like the D&D style RPG, as well as traditional sources like game manuals, etc). It's well worth reading. I then just put it into a systematic training format, as well as adding in my own training segments which I feel should be necessary to become a Demon Hunter.
I've read the wiki a lot. Quite creative of you to derive a whole training regimen from the material you had - I enjoyed it very much. If everything goes well for my character (if she is allowed to train, and if she survives to become a Hunter), and if you are still interested in creating a one, then perhaps we can have the first-ever ingame training.

*Crosses fingers*
So, if I want to become a demon hunter, I'm better off being a night elf than a blood elf right? If so, then I'm seriously doing this. Well, either way I'm gonna try.
While there are indications that other races can (and have) become demon hunters in the Warcraft universe, overwhelmingly it's been night elves that have done so. It is their race that initially developed the "tradition" of the demon hunters.

Edit: I should reiterate, however, that you must be a Grunt in order to apply for a prestige title and the character with whom you are applying should have an approved character profile!
:D I'm working on the profile right now, if that's approved that's one step closer >:D
I got a few questions about Spectral Sight last night (and I've been getting similar questions ever since I started to RP with Fala so I figured I'd whip up an image in photoshop to show what my interpretation is. It's pretty up in the air, and it's by no means canon (even the description of Spectral sight on Wow-wiki is dubious at best), but here it is:

[Image: Spectral.jpg]

I chose this image in particular because it had a range of characters in a clear line. Note that the characters in the picture are not actually Fel users :P

On the left is what an ordinary person looks like, who's never touched the Fel or had any involvement with Demons.

To the right of him is Fala, a Demon Hunter. Demon Hunters have the same appearance as Fel-users to Spectral sight, except that their tattoos glow a color representative of the aspect of the tattoo they have chosen (which reflects a particular aspect of a demon) For example, Fala's glows green, because his aspect is Rage. If his aspect were Unity it might be blue, Dissidence purple, etc (Although that's just Fanon, it's how I've interpreted the tattoos with the help of Nostra)

To the right of Fala is your average Fel user (usually a warlock). They have become slightly corrupted through prolonged and/or intensive manipulation of Fel Magic, and so shine out to Fala.

On the far right is someone who's had contact with the Fel in the past. Your average Blood Elf would look like this, as would a human mage who's dabbled in the use of Fel magic, but not too much. While they don't shine out bright enough to be classed as a Fel user, they can still be identified by the slight aura of color that surrounds them.

The rest of the world is in grayscale, and has the slight appearance of mist or fog. Details become hard to make out without concentration, and far away objects or people are almost impossible to see clearly.

Input would be appreciated. Again I'm only trying to interpret the lore, and this is what I've come up with and this is how I've been RPing so far.

It's also worth noting that landscapes which are surrounded by Fel energy would have a violet hue, and would be much clearer in detail to him, such as the crater around the Dark Portal.
I spot an orc in that picture.

Orcs have been tainted by Demon Blood, that means they have been in contact with Fel and that is the reason their bodies have changed. Wouldn't this mean they would show up as a violet hue too due to the dabbling with Demon Blood in their past?
That aint no orc.
Thats Kretol! :D
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]

From wowwiki:
Quote:This color change appears to be genetic as Thrall, who had little direct exposure to warlock magic until recently, has had green skin from birth.

Although the appearance of Durotar Orcs is consistent with Fel-taint (Orcs' natural uncorrupted skin color is brown), wowwiki suggests this is genetic, passed down from the original Orcs who took part in the Blood Pact with Mannoroth. Unless the individual Orc has been subjected to Fel corruption within their own lifetime, I see no reason for them to shine out to a Demon Hunter.

The same goes for High Elves, who owe their current appearance to arcane corruption, but have not been influenced by the Fel within their own lifetime (if they did they'd be Blood Elves)
Nice Knock, that makes a lot of sense and is easier for someone to understand how you see. Good job with the editing effects as well.

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