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Respect for the "New" and inexperienced
I had my first rp on here yesterday, and I'm happy to say that I didn't seem to have any problem getting into the rp. Everyone seemed nice and willing to spare patience as I fumbled around a bit with interfacing with WoW. Whoever plays Annabelle was quite helpful I'm sorry I don't remember your username but you were awesome and super helpful and nice :3. He/She even sent me the money I needed to fly to Darkshire for the Solidarity event.

I must admit I was a little tentative during the event, especially once the combat started, because I had not heard really about the rolling system or any kind of etiquette for combat that seemed to be second nature for everyone else. I'm familiar with pen and paper rpgs so I think I figured out that there was a turn system in place but I was still quite confused as to how much you could do in a "turn" and sometimes it seemed like people were doing a lot so I was very unsure of what to do.

THIS HOWEVER has nothing to do with respect, which I received to the best of my knowledge. There was one moment when people got a little annoyed when I couldn't figure out how to walk. Sorry folks that was really my bad but I got it down eventually... Everyone was cheerful and welcoming!

TLDR; Positive feedback! I was treated well despite a bit of fumbling but I probably shouldn't have jumped right into event rp anyways. Thank you to those I rped with!
Annabelle is c0rzilla.


Anyways, respect is a wonderful thing, and a little help goes a long way.

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Eh.. first day on CoTH was strange for me.. or well.. the first few weeks actually.

So I made a random elf.. I can't remember which, simply because I random'd the character using dice.. Yeah... don't ask. Anyway! The elf was rather simple, I had no idea what to do or where to go for stuff that for I started reading the forums.. a lot.. finally found out stuff and went like "Yummy". I took the stuff I needed for RP, I had a set in mind, with that all ready I just went in the OOCC and stood there watching people (Stalking level: Sorum) anyway, I was just watching people doing their things and not getting involved in anything. I wasn't invited for anything either.

After a while I made Shakti, I don't know how many of you know him but eh.. he was and kinda is my main. I had Shakti on another server so I imported his way of being. I joined Wuvv's guild and had fun RP meeting her, Rowgen and Rein(These three will be my ARGHSOMUCHLOVE friends forever and ever on CoTH). I sticked around for a while before taking a break from CoTH and coming back after some time.. For some reason people started hugging me in the OOCC and stuff like that.. I have no idea.. So I started actually talking with people.. randomly..

After that.. I made Azazel, my Blood Elf and joined The Forgotten Ones, I guess I started talking with Reigen and in general socialized with people.

So, overall.. I was not a real social person in the start.. I was rather meh when it came to talking with people in general. I guess my characters were alright but I did RP before.. that for.. less fail. But my socializing skills are meh.. I don't really ''try'' to make friends, I just do if they actually talk and so on. Overall.. my early time of CoTH was alright.
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Oh, boy.

First concept of Krian Duskbinder. He effectively had a sword that was empowered by a shard from a naaru, his undead brother brainwashed him by making him addicted to naaru condensed into liquid form...

Yet, the Crimson Templers took me in. Lene(flammos) gave me 100g and I thought I was in WoW heaven, with OOC zone being one of the battle grounds. Lots of shopping happened. After restart, I got into the heretic circus with Redis and it snowballed from there. Very good times.

Kinda miss them.
Damn I'm old...

Back in my day, I RPed in Orgrimmar with Grakor and Kretol as we talked about axes and the good old wars with the Horde.

And I remember the cannibal elves. XD
Luckily...they liked me! Not once was one of my characters close to the CHOMPING block. Lololol.

u c wut i did thur.
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Hah. I had a multipersonalitized ork called Urk. Luckily Maulbane and some other guy took me in their guild and taught me that that's not actually good RP or even possible.
Azheron's back in business. For reals.
I had a pretty good first impression, made a generic troll and went to the senjin isles to meet up with someone and go on an IC quest to hunt a wolf with another troll friend. We logged off for the night sleeping ICly and got back to it when we logged back on. This was during the sin'sholai thingy and people were very patient as they explained both ICly and OOCly why I couldnt get on the zeppelin to undercity.

... Come to think of it, in all the months after that brief roleplay (i ran off for a while and forgot my account details so had to reapply) i've never come close to such spontaneous but well executed rp :(
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
Really racking my memory banks... I recall being somewhat nervous initially, in that I read the entire forum and nearly every published lore document on the web before even logging on. My previous experiences with WOW RP had all resulted in responsibility on my part to create emmersive storylines to keep my fellow players from dancing on the Stormwind water fountain in their underwear. Shoot I was the DM in every paper&pencil game I was ever involved in. Despite an innate talent for what I like to call "Lay it out for em to play it out" I was fortunate to start my tenure at COTH durring a time that was lush with large scale RP events like the Fall of Ratchet and... well the one where they added about three times as many dead things to Undercity. It was fantastic. For once in my personal history of RP I wasn't calling the shots I was playing my character! COTH became, for me, everything RP was supposed to be. Prior to that it seemed like a second job, all be it a job that I actually enjoyed. I still enjoy constructing storylines for others (recall Stranglethorn Mining CO. anyone?) but here at COTH if I decide not to I know someone else will. Thanks everybody.

You know it just occurred to me that I've been a peon for over three years. Must be something about having no money that I like ICly and OOCly lol. I'll go get on that character profile now.
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Oh, are we all reminiscing about our first RPs here?

I rolled Cristovao and was fresh off a PvE/P server where I did some light RP with him and eager to really get into some adventure hijinks.

... I IC walked Cristovao from the Stormwind Harbor with him returning from Northrend, and then walked IC alllll the way to Duskwood.

At this time, he wore the Ally Pally T9 armor + Royal Crest of Lordaeron (I had decided he would be Lordaeron born but really didn't understand what that MEANT at the time).

So yeah, Duskwood. FIRST THING I SEE IS MARIANNA IN HER DEMON-FORM FIGHTING SARONSEN (back when he wore pally T6 aka HEADLIGHT SHOULDERS), Valon, and some cranky dwarf bonecrusher who I never saw again.

Confused as to how I was meant to get involved with this RP, but not wanting to abandon a RP with what looked to be a dreadlord (I forget what Marianna's demon form model was then), I sloppily made Cristovao throw heals on Saronsen while the dwarf grappled with a felguard whose very flesh made you burst into flame (the dwarf didn't really give a crap).

Marianna gives a speech, FLIES AWAY (I didn't know she was a GM then so this BLEW MY MIND), and then later that night I RPed in Stormwind with Saronsen and Valon, where we met Matthew for the first time, and some NE druid chick who was probably the closest I ever got to seeing "stereotypical female NE RP".

Cristovao at this time was also RPed as a very level headed nice guy scholar because I thought everyone else would be RPing violent warmongers. BOY DID I GET THAT WRONG.

Matthew addressed him as "Historian" then. In retrospect, Cristovao knew a lot of history that made no sense (like NE history and the founding of Durotar).

Well, I guess they could make sense if I wrote them out right. WHICH I DIDN'T.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
Oh, I don't remember my first RP here. But I'm pretty sure it involved Goldshire, Drena, a mug of ale, and...who was it? Lily? Annabelle? I don't remember. :(

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Bumping. Remember, it's always good to help new and inexperienced players. :3
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Bumping, because this is kinda the best thread.

I remember back *years* ago, when I first discovered onlIne roleplay as a whole, I was trying to describe my character, whom wore a lose robe, gauntlets (hidden mostly under the sleeves) and a chestplate that fit over the robe.
After a moment of deliberation, I decided on "She wears a robe and armor." I distinctly recall thinking to myself that they'd be able to figure her attire out. From that single line.
New players are really important and nobody should think otherwise if they want the population to survive!
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