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Random facts about our characters
Lohtao Silverplains
-Is a vegetarian
-Prefers his tree form to his tauren form
-Looks for a diplomatic solution to everything
-Thinks his skull mask is rather pretty
[Image: House.png?t=1300999439]
Lene Surus'ilamar
~Is obsessed with space. Although not without reason..

~Believes in reincarnation. Long IC story.

~Her house in Silvermoon has as many relics as a church by now.

~She cut off two of her own fingers when she was still a newbie paladin, and couldn't cure gangrene from the Ghostlands.

~During her training as an Argent Dawn Templar, she subsisted almost exclusively on s'mores.

Sanya Athaedrys
~ Probably one of the most intelligent characters on CotH.

~ Has the highest kill count of any of my characters. Also has the highest death count.

~ Hearing rain/water trickling makes her 'sleepy' and tranquilized.

~ Likes priests. Almost everyone who's given a damn about her are priests. She even has her own 'live-in priest' who helps her with projects, keeps her company, and keeps her sane via occasional mental influence.

~ Is very altruistic. Always up to sacrifice for the greater good.

~ Favorite color is blue.

Spoiler'd for possible gore.
~ Once ripped open her own stomach. With her own hands. It was at someone's request, since she accidentally ate something cursed. Also gouged her own eye, although it wasn't intentional.

Kenarith Stormshroud
~ Her mother (Druid of the Talon) was a very confused parent who fed her bugs when she was little. She hunted and ate them as a toddler too.

~ Has slept in a hollowed-out chocolate cake before.

~ Once built a 'spider web' on someone's ceiling with lots of ropes and pitons. Summarily slept on the ceiling.

~ Has jumped off Teldrassil before.

~ She likes to poison people with bottles of spiked juice.

~ Once confused Halloween and Christmas. She floated around Darkshire in a bedsheet, dropping candies and small wrapped presents on people. (This was while under the influence of a Runemaster's flight rune.)
Annabelle Greene
-Loves cooking.

-Dreams of being a house wife with about five kids.

-Had an old dream of building her own chapel in Westfall.

-Guilty pleasure is reading Harelquin type romance novels.

-If Azeroth has the same ethnicities Earth does, she would be considered Iranian. At least in looks.

-Bit tall for a human female, but it comes across as slightly awkward as opposed to her being a graceful willow of a woman.

-Loves booze. Thanks Demitrius! Though, her favorite is Dalaran red.

-Loves flying. If she could be a windrider priest, she would.

-Hates bugs.

-She'd probably listen to Katy Perry.

-Visits her late fiancee's grave in Nagrand regularly.

-Too afraid to really settle in a matrimonial relationship since he died.

-Regularly meditates. If she did not, her heart would give out from stress and too much Light use, and she would suffer a number of nightmares. These are also from stress, but also due to miswiring in her mind from her second death.

-Very taoist in her Light beliefs. A few samples follow...
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Krian Duskbinder

- Killed his own brother when he attempted to join the Scourge. Cliche!
- Hates nobility, even though he has some connects to it from his family.
- Doesn't like to read.
- Broke his mentor's jaw with a pommel strike when he was training to be a Battle-Mage.
- Married to Jaeden Duskbinder.
- Pretty young to be a Master Blood Knight.
- Had a handful of near-death experiences, and has died once.
- Dreamed of being a Spell Breaker, he secretly role-plays as one with his newly-bought glaive.
- Loosely believes in the Light, mainly draws his powers from the new Sunwell.

Redis Taylor

- Has a 'good' goal, but it's twisted by the corruption of Necromancy. Said goal is to perfect the world, end world hunger, and make everyone immortal. Through undeath, of course.
- Used to be madly in love with Annabelle Greene. The emotions now are locked away in an undead heart. Doesn't do much good there.
- Was addicted to Fel-Blood, now the effects are null.
- Has the best adoragiest ever, Lilian.
- The next Caretaker in line after Kimee.
- Dislikes warlocks and demons.
- Has a journal, which is pretty big.

Dalar Shadowpelt

- Slept 98% of his life in the Emerald Dream.
- Fiercely racist, but loyal to the Alliance in the end.
- Is actually, quite lonely. 11,000 years or so without a mate. Takes a toll on him mentally at times, but he would kill/beat-down anyone who found out about it.
- Has a signature finishing move, snapping one's neck with entangling thorns.
- Often stays in his bear form for long periods of time, isn't healthy for him.

Tana Mistfall

- Had a excellent assassin career in Silvermoon, but she ended up failing and downgraded to a lowly hired blade.
- Visited the Realm of Shadows. Turned fatal for her.
- Had a major drug addiction to cope her few guilt of killing someone, and her failures. Ended up with another death by over-dose.
- Has only traces of memory after the second resurrection. Still believes her name is 'Sasha' as she told her to-be reviver the fake name.
- Holds a poker face on, seemingly emotionless. It's mostly true, as her lack of memories have taken a toll on her.
- Can't fight to save her life anymore. Direct combat will be fatal.
- Can easily get sick. She spends half of her time resting and recovering.

... That's all I feel like doing.

- Has a special love for mead and mashed potatoes.
- Has a hard time taking things seriously.
- Tends to sub-consciously flirt with every woman he meets.
- Has a special love for hats.
- Lies, deceives, kills, backstabs and steals from ebil people, for a 'greater goal'.
- Can be rather arrogant.
- Has a hard time trusting strangers and friends. Only a few people that he truly trusts.
- Has a diary that's almost filled up with experiences, emotions etc. His sister, Lawliette dying and his best friend Keakrekyea dying was hard for him.
- Tends to be in a good mood.
- Would never walk outside of his apartment if his hair was messed up, or his clothes were too dirty. Not to mention, if he didn't have a hat.
Davonn Darkblade:

-Always hides his memories and his past.
-His favorite hero is Chuck Norris.
-Has a hard time making friends.
-Is just too silent.
-Almost always hides his face. Unholy energies would get out.
-Loves to fight.
-Tends to misjudge his foes.
-Easily bored by the weak. Caution: Back off if you have the slightest feeling of being too weak.
-His favorite song is Disturbed - Inside the Fire
-Likes to test his enemies before going in.
-Never [ever] takes off his armor.
-Never lets his sword out of hand.
-Ignores most wounds he gets in battle.
-Has a hidden pack of the best bandages. Hidden because people might consider him weak for such things. Oops.
-Tries to convince Chromie to send him back in time to kill Arthas. He didn't made any progress by now, and I don't think he will. Ever.
-Sometimes he lies himself and tells blasphemies, saying that Arthas is not dead. Not until he sees his body. And probably mutilate it just to make sure.
Tavren Black

...was once buried from the neck down in a glacier following a botched teleportation.

He was then savagely attacked by penguins perceiving his intentions to be hostile before melting his way out and proving them right in the form of genocide.

...hates penguins and will kill them on sight.

...can not stand the very smell of most people, though this is not readily apparent.

...has fathered seven children.

The seventh of which is now dead as a result of one of his lovers stabbing another in the abdomen.

...began learning the arcane before he could read. the son of a now deceased Archmage once in service of the Crown of Stormwind.

...lost his virginity in his early thirties after seducing a prison guard because he was bored with his incarceration.

...has ended more than a hundred lives.

...has a Doomguard soulbound as his familiar.

...was once an officer on the Frostbrand, a military mariner under the command of a Paladin. engaged to a Ravenholdt Assassin.

...weighs approximately a hundred and forty pounds and is six feet tall.

...can not tie a knot without the aid of magic.

...always desired to be a hero, though it never worked out.

...considers himself to be a very evil individual, though he makes a point of not beating himself up about it.

...would like to be hugged without having to aggressively coerce the other to do so or check them for weapons beforehand.

...would kill you in a heartbeat, and for no better reason than the sweet taste of your life energy as he leaves you a hollow husk of a corpse.

...has the favorite drink of hot cider. a rather forthright businessman and rarely lies.

He makes no illusions to the contrary that he's about to slaughter you and ransack your corpse.

...does not hold any strong feelings of animosity toward the Horde.

Except for Orcs, the wretched beasts.

...acquired his Infernal Stone by ambushing a much more powerful Warlock that just massacred a cohort of Paladins in self-defense.

The entropic burns on his palms are a direct result of this encounter.

...once stole a thoroughbred from a stable in his youth. Her name was and remains Mara.

Forcibly gorging this victim the blood of demons twisted it into the felfire warhorse you may see him riding today.

...doesn't for the life of him know how to dance.

...greatly enjoys rain and finds himself drawn to walk out into the midst of any given storm, especially if it's a thundershower.

...freely acknowledges the power and utility of the Holy Light. cross-dominant in his handedness.

...can not perceive the color teal.

...consciously restrains himself from violently acting out when touched without his express permission. ironically skilled with children.

...regards spellcasting as both an free-spirited art and a study demanding dedication.

...explicitly avoids consuming alcohol and casually composed the credo "A drunk Warlock is a dead Warlock".

...visits a spa and beauty salon in Dalaran every Thursday of every week unless otherwise indisposed.

...has an ego on par with Jupiter and will slay to defend it.

...practices the piano on a daily basis when at home.

...maintains a deep but secret fear of losing his sense of identity.

...quietly yearns to settle down into a tranquil life of learning with a loved one, but believes this dream not to be.

...frequently suffers unholy nightmares when not sharing the cot with a trusted partner. fact dyes his hair black, the natural color being a warm hazelnut brown.

...owns at least three dozen sets of the same outfit.

...hates penguins.

- Only has 3 fingers left, from her original 6 (and two thumbs) One was blown off in an engineering explosion, one was cut off in a fight, and one was chewed off by a cannabalistic gnome. (All 3 IC)

-Despite being a gnome, has much more of a liking for practical, non electrical engineering, such as building structures rather than gadgets and gismos.

- Is the daughter of one of the workers on the steamrun tram.

- Had a baby brother, who she feels responsible for the death of and as such never mentions.

- Has an unnatural attraction to night elves. Probably due to the danger factor that she has never met one that has not tried to kill her.

- Would trade being normal for being felsworn at the drop of a hat, and still researches a way to turn back in secret.

- Half her right cheek is missing, and has been stitched up, leaving her face looking pinched on one side.

- has more piercing's than a tinfoil bulletproof vest.
Sebastien Yursell, the Booty Bay Handyman

-Afraid of fumes to the point his helmet has an air filtration system and he wears an inadequate cloth mask when it is off.

-Incredibly stubborn to the point he would argue against someone else using very illogical evidence.

-Doesn't understand how magic actually works.

-Doesn't understand resurrection.

-Gets very confused easily when he doesn't understand how something happens.

-His left hand falls off in Outlands often.

-He is ironically very skilled at surviving in harsh condition.

-Currently, he plans on making a self-sustaining pot plant which runs on Chaos Energy using Eco-dome technology.
Angus Silentwing
  • Is guilt-ridden and generally miserable right now.
  • Has a strong passion for books.
  • Has a strong passion for learning.
  • Used to be a very strong and determined individual.
  • Is actually quite manipulative.
  • Is rather lonely.
  • Has a pet raven.
  • Is incredibly tolerant of other races for a Night Elf.
  • Plays with his hair when irritated.
  • Is very fond of music.
  • Wants to learn to play the flute.
  • Accepted the loss of immortality very quickly.
  • Doesn't really care if he's immortal or not.
  • Is a perfectionist.
  • Is convinced that the ends justify the means.
  • Is quite intelligent.
  • Is actually nocturnal.
  • Rubs his nose when embarrassed or highly uncomfortable.
  • Is very hard to anger.

Dilnikas Moonshade
  • Junkie!
  • Is actually nocturnal.
  • Is an idealist.
  • Sleep deprived most of the time.
  • Is quite indifferent to... pretty much everything.
  • Was something dangerously close to Savagekin a long time ago.
  • Greatest fear is becoming one.
  • ...Believes in world peace?

- Is a gnome warlock, aspiring to become a techno-warlock
- Has fallen in love with a felsworn. Said felsworn is Bailey. Currently under a spell of hers.
- Lost her leg to an orc named Mowg. She amputated her other leg to be symmetrical.
- Both her legs are robotic below the knee.
- Lost her right hand in a fight. This hand is now robotic. She will not remove her left hand until she can better perfect the right one. She does not want to sacrifice her dexterity.
- She's a lefty so you know.
- She's a surgeon but not a licensed one.
- She's a tinker.
- She was once part of the Heretic Circus. She will still answer to Sagi.
- She has 6 cats. One cat was a going away present. The other cat belonged to a crew of pirates. Four kittens were soon to follow.
- Her cat, Mr. Snooks, has been renamed to Mrs. Snooks.
- Despite having slaves Layna has taken it upon herself to feed the cats and change the litter box.
- Layna used her surgeon skills to fix the male cat. She is no longer taking in anymore cats.
- Layna has quite a few assets. She has a house in Stormwind, a pirate vessel, a chopper, a gyrocopter, and about three slaves.
- Layna is a misandrist. She does not trust the competency of men.
- Layna is attracted to other female gnomes.
- Layna's family and herself have exhibited traits of albinism.
- Has a cousin IC named Blythe.
- Leads an inactive biker gang.
- Works under the White Sun
- Once worked for Marianna Bisen making plague spreaders.
- Once beat up Shadovarn.
- Once enslaved Shadovarn.
- Once operated on Shadovarn.
- Sold Shadovarn.

I'll do another character later.

- Was actually unable to use the light when he became a Paladin.
- His rabbit actually likes someone more than Avints.
- Would have a bag attached to the underside of his shield (If he carried one)

- Was a Alcoholic, something which got him into many a bother, and now has a fear of the effects.
- Brawled frequently when the Ratchet Arena still existed.
- Had a horn cut off, which still remains on Alcaz island.
- Had his other horn and a hoof cut off, both of which were stuck back on with the light later.
- Was a slave, his master being a pre-restart Ahote.

'Whats your LuckyDo?'

Desperate for some rp? Try the resident of OOC for a change!

-Is a straight edge
-Likes someone special
-Was once a furious book reader, although he still reads much
-Once got lost with a friend and started surviving like Bear Grylls
-Knows how to fly a plane

- Alcoholic. Okay, no big surprise.
- Part Wildhammer.
- Hates elves for no goddamn reason.
- His greatest feat when trying to pilot a gnomish device was to nearly blow himself up.
- Deathly afraid of frogs.
- Likes to see dead frogs.
- Terrified of death.
- Finds immortality too boring to be useful.
- Does. Not. Like. Frogs. Period.
[Image: djuraz.jpg]

- Has something of a sweet tooth, and apparently an appreciation of chocolate.

- Rather enjoys the company of drunk people, although usually avoids drinking herself.

- Likes Azerothian fiction quite a bit. She has a fascination with cliches and tropes, and as such--

- Is Dangerously Genre Savvy, and has a tendency to Lampshade obvious cliches.

- Is somewhat unnerved by feet, although she has grown used to it over time. She thinks they look like they would hurt, and is very disturbed by the notion of having to walk on a blister or cut.

- Cannot peel a banana.

- Nearly always wears gloves. This is partially because she wants to keep her hands smooth (they'd heal, but that takes time or energy) and partially because she doesn't want to appear rude and refuse a handshake--but also doesn't want to actually touch certain people.

- Has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She often has nightmares about Draenor, especially when sleeping alone, and panics if someone sneaks up on her--especially if they touch or grab her without warning. She can't move past her fear of orcs, and resents them for it. She tries to avoid Shattrath and most of Outland, and insists upon referring to it as Outland rather than Draenor.

- Loves the rain. She finds it soothing, and the clouds make her feel safe and secure. It also makes her feel like someone in an adventure story.

- Has a girlcrush on Annabelle Greene.

- Actually likes most blood elves. She finds their pragmatic approach to magic refreshing, and enjoys their propensity for snarky cynicism. She also likes their ears.

- Is something of a misandrist. She isn't really aware of it, but she has rather few male friends, is less forgiving of irritating behavior by males, and tends to value time with them less than hers with women. She also loathes macho posturing.

- Wishes she could visit Silvermoon, and really wants to try authentic Silvermoon tea.

- Is BFFs with a Blood Elf Warlock. This works about as well as you might expect. Their relationship has, however, at last reached Type 2 Vitriolic Best Buds status, and both do legitimately care about each other despite constantly criticizing and mocking each other's cultures, magical techniques, and everything else.
i am geko
i live heer
and my favorite food is crikkits

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