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Random facts about our characters
-Secretly wants a baby.
-Has a deep passion to the colour Blue.
-Deserted her people at the third war.
-Loves moonberry juice, though she drinks it only to look normal.
-Has mommy issues.

-Is very short.
-Isn't very bright.
-Doesn't really know how to use her weapons that well.

-Secretly misses Draenor
-Never got to be with a Human
-Dislikes green
-Likes apples.
-Is a horrible shooter, despite his guns.
-Covers his secret desire to be a mage with hatred to arcane and fel.
-Flirted with Bailey.
-Had a Troll lover.
-Often lies about how successful he is.
-Is pretty much an old fart.
[Image: 8.jpg]
Flareth of the Everflames

~ Takes a very violent approach to combat. She believes in the excessive use of force.
~ Is an Arcane Addict.
~ Is a pervert.
~ Has scried people while they were bathing. Multiple times.
~ Has snuck inside peoples' rooms and watched them from invisibility.
~ Enjoys turning enemies into candy and eating them.
~ Is in a relationship with one of her Apprentices in the Scryers.
~ Is exceedingly devout to the Naaru, believing in the words of Voren'thal the Seer, leader of the Scryers, on how the Naaru are the salvation of the Sin'dorei.
~ Has fought in the Sunwell Campaign.
~ Has been used as a taxi. Countless times.
~ Is a Battle-Mage.

Arlyn Rylinnrae

~ Loves her two sisters. Well...
~ Hates Fel, corruption, taint, demons and Shadow.
~ Is a devout follower of the Holy Light and the Naaru.
~ Is a Blood Knight/Templar/Paladin...
~ Can practically wipe the floor with any other of my characters...
~ Believes that no one is beyond redemption, unless they have been tainted.
~ Believes she hears the Naaru chime to her, even when no Naaru are present.
~ Smiles and grins a -lot-. She is a generally happy individual.
~ Has been through the second-most physical pain of all of my characters.
~ Has tattoos on her skin - or rather the results of scarrification with the Light.
~ Once came dangerously close to losing both legs. And one arm.
~ Love sweets. Chocolate in particular.
~ Owns no bought clothes. Not even underwear. The few articles of clothing she does own are borrowed or received as gifts. A similar ascetism is also reflected in her eating and drinking habits.
~ By contrast, she dons rather ornate armor, which she cleans in rigorous maintenance. She believes it must reflect the splendour of the Light.

Eris Serynzheri

~ Original name was Eris Kaminuil.
~ Was adopted into a noble house.
~ Is a deceptively cunning and manipulative individual.
~ Is a very good swordsman.
~ Enjoys messing with magi. She used to be a Spellbreaker before being turned into a Death Knight.
~ -LOVES- apples.
~ Loves chaos, discord, disarray... when she can cause it to someone else.
~ Is exceedingly protective of what she sees as 'her family'.
~ Is... rather twisted in her... pursuits of pleasure.

...Might add more later.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Miro Ecen

- Related to Arthas

- Secret forgotten King of Stormwind

- Adopted by Jaina Prodmoore, who is now his secret wife.

- When he wants to, he can grow wings and fly. He can also grow fangs because he was bitten by a Vampire and is now one of them.

- Part Human, Elf, and Wolf

- He has the ability to summon legions of Demons to him because of a curse he got in the Outlands from Kil'jaedan, who is his uncle.

Still in the works.
When I was young, paste was a delicacy.

Don't rely on the ranged.
[Image: wowscrnshot040511174523.jpg]
Hmph. You're not related to/allied with any of the Titans or Old Gods? Come back when you learn to play. /shun.
Miro -defeated- the old Titans and Gods, so no.
When I was young, paste was a delicacy.

Don't rely on the ranged.
[Image: wowscrnshot040511174523.jpg]

-Likes the color blue!
-Lost most of his left hand, in a dynamite accident trying to save Sagi.
-Deep down enjoys family.
-No slowed speech while thinking to himself.
-His favorite kind of food, on Azeroth, is pork.
-Once preferred fire, over frost, a very long time ago.
-Slowly lost interest in a a possible relationship.
-Likes to learn slang, and use it.
-Goal to ascend to 'the next level' using the arcane.
-Favorite animal is cat.
-Has become lost, literally, multiple times. In the most peculiar areas.
-The last emotion he had, was anger.

- He's not evil.
- He doesn't lust after power.
- He doesn't just rely on minions, though they're extremely helpful.
[Image: Ml7sNnX.gif]

-Thinks Astus is in denial about being evil.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Marianna ”Ragin' Cagin' ” Bisen

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Is homophobic to a minor degree and racist to an even greater degree. These sentiments have only been exacerbated by her Fel-induced madness.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Pretends to be illiterate. Can actually read and write quite well. After all, it's rather hard to be a practitioner of the Fel arts when you can't even read. She can read Common and Eredun at a very high level, with Orcish and Thalassian only at a competent level.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Has a particularly pronounced grudge against Draenei and Night Elves. She views them as pompous, high-horsed animal people whose culture is overly bogged down in tradition and cultural stigmas.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Hates her father. Hates. Hates. Hates. Hates. Has an electra complex.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Her only regret about becoming a Fel-Sworn is the loss of her muscular structure. For an ex-soldier and a woman who hated her own gender, she viewed her quasi-manly physique as the ultimate rejection of her ‘womanly' nature.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Actually hates Deadwind,Duskwood and the numerous crypts, holes and caves she has been forced to live in. She views such measures as cowardlyand thinks that hte 'evil' people of the world, by living in such lowly places, are admitting their submission to those who rule.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Enjoys watching overly-violent sporting games, such as gladiator combat and boxing matches. Has expressed a fond desire to see a goblin bomb-kicking match.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Has never visited Northrend. She has expressed a desire to visit it, if only to see the sights.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Vacations in Fel-wood. Enjoys sitting by the Fel-pools, writing, reading, whittling or tanning. She has expressed a desire to build a cottage there.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] As a child was an avid chess-player. In her adulthood, however, she has lost the patience to play the game. Has tried many times to learn again but becomes short-tempered with its constrictive rules and lack of intrigue. Has begun to create a variant game called ‘Demon Square'.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Is very self-councious about her dry skin. Secretly rubs ointment into it every night before going into meditation or doing her studies.

[left][Image: Spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.png][/left] Marianna is a cynical person, viewing people as inherently corrupt. She thinks that, without civilization or order to reign them in, the majority of people will revert to their base instincts and murder eachother.

Oooh...That was fun! I shall be doing Valira and Marjora next.
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]

Is on a see food diet, when she see's food she eats it.
Has a special love of chocolate cake, thanks to Alcon.
Has never had a single drop of alcohol in her life.
Has a unique body art on her that is set with gemstones.
Has partial amnesia, and the memories will never return.
Is in a relationship with another female Vindicator.


Has gone insane, but has through therapy returned to reality.
Doesn't like to repeat herself.
Doesn't like to repeat herself.
Has a love of the color blue, and green.
An experienced doctor, and she loves her profession as much as a dwarf loves booze.
Hates the color purple.
Is probably the only female elf who is willing to hold a dissected brain for fun.
Krilari Dawnsend

- Engaged to Reigen Talah'malanore (Spellcheck)
- Despite how he holds himself, he's one of the youngers of the Dawnsend Family
- At one point in his life, he studied arcane.
- He joined the silver Hand for free meals and a blacksmith Apprenticeship, not because it was morally good.
- Has thus grown to be a master Blacksmith, even to the point that forged armor with the Ashen Verdict for a short time.
- Has a passionate hate for demons, even more than undead.
- Secretly idolizes Uther and Tirion.

Sareen Breakshield

- Is training to become a warrior under Mokaku's gaze.
- Has a newfound hate for tigers thanks to Mokaku's training.
- Owns about five different mechanical squirrels, but her favorite remains her silver one which she brings everywhere she goes.
- Has a workshop in Mimiron's Anchorage.
- Is a council chair of the Council of Gears.
- Specializes in the creation of weapons.
- Has a gun she simply calls 'The Weapon'. It shoots elemental energies extracted from mining nodes at enemies.
- She's never had the chance to use it, but she wishes she could.
- Uses two claws as her primary weapons which can also be energized to shock people.
- Enjoys tormenting Thrazz with a multitude of inventions.
- Name is actually Binny Blythe Boltsy. She prefers to be called by her middle name.
- Her family and herself have exhibited traits of albinism.
- She is photosensitive. In sunny weather she will entirely conceal herself. Not only is she hooded, but she has dark-tinted, thick goggles.
- Could easily be blinded by a flashlight without her goggles.
- Her boyfriend is Sergius, a human, and a Steamwheedle Bruiser
- She is neurotic, skittish and easily afraid. She once won a battle untouched, then promptly cried and begged for mercy.
- Scared of trolls, tauren and orcs, as well as draenei.
- Scared of hoofs too.
- Was responsible for the death of Perin. Thinking of this depresses her.
- Has found out that one of her friends became demonic(Bailey). She doesn't know that another good friend of hers became a necromancer(Haim).
- Once led an activist group, the Anti-Punt Gnome League
- Likes bunnies
- Is an engineer and a mage
- Owns a motorcycle
- She dislikes engineering elves, thinks they're full of crap
- Once had a high-speed action chase on her chopper. Won the bike battle.
Aeth'Enril Dawnbringer:

- Went through severe fel withdrawal, which caused massive, inconveniencing twitches that bordered on humorous and dangerous at the same time.

- Due to such a twitch, he sustained a concussion because of a fall, face-first into a table.

- Is radically paranoid, believing that there's always someone out there trying to get him.

- Believes that there is a way to cure addiction to magic, and his life has been devoted to the research of this.

- Is fluent in Thalassian and common.

- Has a working knowledge in arcane magic, excellent knowledge of alchemy and herbs, and a novice's knowledge inscription.

- Will sacrifice anyone and anything if it meant his people would prosper, including his own life.

- Over time, developed a fondness for painting.
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...
Nixie Shortfuse

-Loves to wave her hands over her ponytails.
-Likes climbing
-Gets really sad when sees something dead
-Adores arena spars
-She has dyslexia
-Not so smart all the time
-Never thinks before doing
-A little crazy
-Has a brother, Kirabo

Sonia Dawnrunner

-Always wears a mask
-Loves killing and blood
-Hates lies
-Gets easily disappointed
-Doesn't care about other's opinions
-Poor family
-Has one brother and a sister
-Enjoys spending time in Goblin towns
-Doesn't give up ( That sounds kinda cheesy )

All I can think of.
What'd I miss?

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