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Random facts about our characters
Solaria Sunsong

- A bit slow (she's getting better)

- Lovable

- Has a twin (Amel Sunsong)

- An awesome healer!

- A good singer

- A pet woman

- Shooooooort
Confessor Valira Rosenstiel

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Has a pre-occupation with the ‘noble' hobbies. While wealthy, Valira often fenced, played the violin, rode horses and painted. Despite her obsession with such crafts, the only thing she could do well was play the violin. She is abysmal in everything else.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left]Expresses only contempt towards shadow wielders, despite her own study of the art to strengthen her confessor abilities. Believes them to be too obsessed with their own selfish desires and pains to realize the ability both religions can provide.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Is an insomniac, often only getting three or four hours of sleep per evening. She hides her bags and red eyes with make-up. Without it, however, she looks haggard and exhausted.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Brushes her teeth seven times a day.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Despite the above oral fixation, Valira actually has a passion for sweets. She enjoys peppermints, Chiclets, lollipops and chocolate.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Self-medicated to try and cure her insomnia with liquor. Was an alcoholic before she joined the Argent Crusade.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Has invented a game called ‘Therapeutic Team Combat Ball' that is akin to a more violent form of dodge ball.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Has a consuming obsession with clocks and order. Is obsessed with the idea of mental control and hypnosis and is often experimenting with ways to 'organize people' with words and magic.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Finds pants uncomfortable. Hates skirts because they are too flowing and unwieldy. Has a all-consuming hatred of people who flirt with her because she prefers to wear the revealing Confessor outfit.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Studied engineering while in Icecrown with the Argent Crusade. Became an accomplished engineer. Favors making practical, non-combat devices for people's benefits. Loves clocks above all else for their order and elegance.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Has a fantastic skill with mathematics and finance. Is currently trying to amass start-up capital to invest in goblin shipping.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Has two books published, "The Origin of Order" and "The Power of Appearance", and is working on a third.

[left][Image: Spell_holy_testoffaith.png][/left] Squandered all her money she saved up and invested after the Third War in a failed political career. Has since been left penny- less and poverty stricken and forced to find work in and around Stormwind. Has begun to steal and cheat from people to survive.

Mmhmm! This is entertaining.
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]
Esth'Runil Suntreader:

- Is horribly disfigured because a ghoul clawed her face during her escape from Silvermoon when it was sacked. Due to a lack of good aid, she was left with ordinary methods of first-aid and wound up completely blind in one eye and with some very nasty scars on the right side of her face.

- Has a fear of the undead that can often leave her somewhat unhinged - either babbling and crying like a lost puppy or filled with violent rage, depending on the situation.

- Overcompensates for her scars by taking painstaking care of her hair and paying extreme amounts of attention to her jewelry and clothes.

- Because all control over her own well-being was taken from her during the attack, she turned into a hardcore sadist and control freak over time, compensating for her own insecurity and fear of losing control by delighting in keeping others in an iron grip and causing both emotional and physical pain when possible.

- As a warlock, her "familiars" speak to her when she sleeps and at times during her waking days. They try to guide her to make decisions that will push her to corruption. She has thus far stayed away from this path.

- Her favorite color is seafoam.

- She enjoys pressing flowers in her spare time, believing it will help her keep her cool.

- She tends to put on a cold - typically leaning toward angry - demeanor to avoid being seen as weak, or an easy target.

- Her largest fear is a loss of control over her own life, and if this were to happen, she would likely be turned into a whimpering mass on the floor.

EDIT: Since Esth'Runil's my name character, she and I are actually kind of similar... I mean, she's obviously more of a sadistic, horrible person than I am, of course... Right? :3

Here's some more:

- She adores piercings, seeing them as a way for her to proclaim control over what happens to her. She has seven piercings equally spaced up and down each ear (lobe to cartilage around the edge) and still intends to get more.

- When trying to think, she has a tendency to play with one of her lobe piercings.

- Loves corsets and has successfully incorporated them into almost every outfit she owns.

- If she were to choose a weapon for combat, she'd choose a knife. This is because, "With a knife, you can have such delicate, beautiful movements, and it allows you to get personally acquainted with your enemy."

- Practices calligraphy and charcoal drawing in her spare time.

- Makes some of her own clothing fancier by adding places for jewels to be put on strings and otherwise in the outfit. She has even managed to put a gold coin or two into her wardrobe in the literal sense.
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...
Keak Vallian

-Often lies about his age, although only by two years.

-Can in fact walk without his cane decently, but continues to use it because he "Looks more dignified."

-Dabbled in playing the violin for some time, but ultimately gave up.

-Once introduced himself as "Keak, founder of Keak's dating services."

-Often acts like a "cranky old man" just because he looks like one at this time.
Professor Geezle Gearfizzle

Isn't really a Professor
Also claims to be a lawyer from time to time
Was nick named "Fruit Juice" in his youth
Plays the flute
Mistal'aerix Aeliana:

Thinks of his demonic form as -Perfection-

Does not want to be called Mistal, because it would remind him of being a mortal.

Loves to be around Warlocks who are specialized in either Affliction or Destruction.

Hates Paladins or Priests.

Does not discriminate because of Race, but because of the characters class.

Calls Fel magic : The Gift of the Legion.

Mistal'aerix <-- In the making
Misjana Minaar <-- Brewing some plots...
Gaiaboy10 Wrote:Keak Vallian
-Once introduced himself as "Keak, founder of Keak's dating services."

Ah, memories. :D
Kerok Granitetusk

-Is a firm believer in "permanent wrongdoings". Meaning, there are some things you can't make up for.

-Hates the idea of retribution and/or vengeance without very good reason.

-Strongly dislikes hard-headed types of people. Hard to talk to, macho acting warriors are his "natural enemy".

-Loves writing and literature. For some time, he looked into music as well.

-Never drinks anything but water.

-Only uses his tribe's name to introduce himself if he believes the one he is talking to is a trustworthy person.

-Believes he owes his life to the Horde, and although he considers himself neutral and doesn't officially fight for them, he does everything in his power to assure officials of the Horde and other members are not harmed.
Aedan, The Laid-Back Firebender

-Loves to drink, especially alcohol, and especially if it's on the house.

-His new home is in Booty Bay, in one of the tavern's room.

-Has a habit of passing out in his chair, when in the tavern in Booty Bay.

-Has made a special spell for himself, which burns his normal clothes, revealing his clothes in which he battles. When he no longer needs them, he makes them poof. Instead of them, his normal clothes appear right on.

-Likes to write, but mostly read.

-Has a great time talking about past, or imaginary stories.

-Befriends quickly. Has a lot of friends, mostly in Booty Bay.

-Knows the Innkeeper. Or rather, he knows Aedan.

-Loves to hit on girls just for the fun of it.

-He tought twice of a serious relationship, but it was never meant to be.

-He is still in love with one of them, which lives back in Silvermoon with her husband and children.

-Has lost connection with the other. She may still be in love with him.
Melissa Fairstar

- Most likely the worst warlock. Ever.
- Most of her family died when she was 3, a maid took her to another noble family which took her in.
- Studied arcane in Silvermoon, then moved on to Dalaran where she met her fiance.
- Remained in Dalaran during the attack on Quel'thalas, only came back afterward. Foster parents remained alive.
- Converted to Fel once simple arcane wasn't enough to sate her addiction.
- Foster Parents disowned her when they heard she was on the path of a warlock.
- Fiance left her because she was no longer the heir to her foster parent's gold.
- Became horribly anti-social afterward, and still remains so.

- Traveled to Booty Bay to locate a book that a dealer was suppose to sell her...
1. Enslaved twice.
a. Once by Shadovarn, and experienced everything he had to offer. Broke free after an attack upon the slave master. She avoided people in general afterward.
b. Enslaved by pirates when on a ship. Forced to work to make gold, but set free by Blood Mage Arianna.
- Melissa has cornered herself into Silvermoon and parts of Eversong only, she will not leave said areas by her own will.
- Has been looking for sane tutors. So far, there hasn't been any luck. Current mentor is Astia.

Will do others later.
...I want to give Melissa a hug.


~Owns a large collection of trophies from hunts across Azeroth and Outland.
~Secretly admires Hemet Nessingway.
~Is a fierce guardian of what she perceives as 'the wilds'.
~Has lived in the wilderness for most of her lifetime.
~Has the subsequent (lack of) social skills.
~Makes up for the lack of people to talk to by having animals to talk to...
~Also talks to plants... But finds them more boring than animals.
~Believes in the power of dreams
~Likes Tauren
~Is exceedingly sexist
~Likes half of the Blood Elves she meets. Hates the other half.
~Is able to hold her alcohol -quite- well. She has been told that she drinks like a Dwarf.
~Loves wolves.
~Is a generally happy individual, if left alone.
~Is agoraphobic.
~Is a very fast learner, and thus quite adaptable to diverse situations.
~Is not very good to have in set storylines.
~Never breaks a promise... No matter how long fulfilling it may take.
~Is a very bad liar, and knows this. As such, she avoids it.
~Is quite lacking in any artistic skills, save for carving bone, wood, and other such materials - for practical reasons.
~Is known to own a fair amount of skulls, a throne made of them not being a completely absurd option.
~Is quite frightened of her own blood, and seeing it being drawn invokes a fight or flight response. Should the former option be the only one available, combat on her end will be savage, bloodthirsty and desperate.
~Takes to combat with instinct and brute force, rather than finesse.
~Enjoys the company of Farstriders and Blood Knights - more of the former, though.
~Once had a Druid friend. Has developed a love of playing with acorns while idling due to that.
~Uses a bow in melee... sometimes.
~Has... enjoyed life... in the weirdest of places. Atop the tallest spire of Dalaran and underwater being just two of them. Others include the frozen wastes of Northrend and in the jungle...
~Is normally a very calm individual when in nature. In urban environments, however, she appears quite edgy...
~Has eaten a variety of delicious, if exotic food types.
~Has also eaten a variety of disgusting, if exotic food types.

Lina Til'danal

~Is a sane Warlock.
~Is capable of taking perfectly rational decisions.
~Is a fairly selfish individual.
~Believes herself to be uncorrupted.
~Has an iron will. Dissuading her from her task is like trying to move mountains.
~Has only one task. Killing demons.
~Has no sense of good and evil.
~Finds fighting anything except demons to be a waste of time.
~Is quite the capable Fel user.
~Is utterly lacking in everything else except magical prowess, and as such cannot even cook her own meals beyond a piece of charred meat over a fel-flame.
~Can give pretty nice speeches, though.
~Comes off as pyromaniacal.
~Is a fan of ritual.
~Has rather good memory.
~Loves the old adage, 'Fight fire with fire.'
~Finds that the only demon worth her company is her Succubus.

Pyxis Erehvan

~Has a speech impediment.
~Draws on things and even people, with crayons.
~Buys said crayons regularly, from a toy-shop on Outland.
~Has broken teeth, which are quite painful when she eats.
~Was originally inspired off Warhammer 40K Cultists.
~Owns a jagged piece of metal with fellish runes and a handle on it. She says it's a sword.
~Owns a beaten, broken piece of wood, tied together with vines, rope and the odd bits of metallic wire. She says it's a staff.
~Has very... improvised outfits.
~Is actually a rather intelligent individual, and an avid tradeswoman...when she actually has something to trade.
~Is a hedonist through and through, having turned to Fel because it felt good.
~Is fairly fel-corrupted. Enough that she's changed physically, and has been warped mentally. Her thoughts are in grayscale as far as good and evil are concerned - the two notions are inconceivable to her.
~Does not own a house anywhere on any planet. Similarly, she has little money, and forages for food or hunts it down. She is idealistic enough that she doesn't see money as anything of worth... except for buying crayons with.
~Is a very happy individual, practically all the time.
~Is similarly fel-high...
~Is, conversely, proficient in combat with both her sword and staff and Fel Magic.
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
Wanna refer me in Tribes: Ascend? Clickies!
Hmm, mind as well join that and give some happy, random facts about Beala.

Beala aka "Bea" :

- After some time she grew an eager interest into money -> money stands sometimes over her morale
- Always on the hunt for the next bounty, never seems to stay in one place for a long time
- Loves working with machines and crystals of all sorts
- Often caught into some murmuring
- Currently working on a crystal-powered gun, with not much success
- Cares much about her wolf Araashu and her bear Gnorl. At feeding both of them she throws unidentifiable pieces of meat at them
- Loves teasing other people, especially if she knows them good
- Seems to not care much about love-at-first-sight and a partnership
- Often lifts her legs comfortably at table corners, the back of a chair and so on while crossing her hands behind her head
- At very rare moments of success, she grants herself a big, tasty cigar
- Never speaks about her past
- She allows only a handful of people to address her with her short name

That might just be it for now, I think.
Franziska Shadowstar:

-Hates humans with a passion... Quite openly, too.
-Isn't a big fan of the war between the Horde and the Alliance.
-Despite this, she doesn't exactly like the Horde either.
-Lost her right eye when she died (and got resurrected as a Death Knight).
-Still feels quite close to nature even if nature doesn't feel quite close to her and will do her best to protect nature with her life.
-Is a rather tiny Night Elf.
-Can be nigh-impossibly cruel if she wants to... Or gets angry...

Yurbere Deadbeard:

-Is a crazy Dwarf.
-Hoards a lot of random food and drinks in his beard for no reason other than feeling like it.
-Doesn't mind cooking when asked (or when not asked) even though he can't cook if his life depended on it.
-Forgot his past and his name when he died and made up his own history... Which is many times more heroic than his actual history.
-Has a pink beard... Which he will never realize as it's a "special shade of red."
-Is interested in all kinds of technology, definitely Gnomish... And might hoard that as well if given the chance.
-Tries to be friendly to everyone... If they prove to be friendly...

Anarriah Darkrain:

-Is easy to anger.
-Dislikes fighting though she'll happily kill those who stand in her way... If what she's doing is important enough.
-Likes to drink... A lot... She can't really hold her drink that well, though.
-Has been a member of the Church of the Light before the Scourge and was one of the first to learn the "new ways" afterwards even though she felt wrong using the Light in that way.
-Doesn't mind the Alliance though she'll be wary of them.
Vicktor Tarnis, the Death Knight

-Is actually a Living Death Knight.

-Joined the Scourge willingly, partially out of fear, but saw the errors in his ways.

-Ever since, his body has decayed more and more until he is practically dead save for painfully damaged lungs.

-Is unable to speak due to his mask.

-Wears a mask which is vital for him to survive by allowing him to breathe.

-Finds breathing an incredibly painful task.

-Often coughs violently which hurts, a lot.

-Hates being alive.

-A really nice guy, he only wants to help people.

-Is unnaturally brutal in combat.

-His only friend is a rather quiet Gnome whom often seems to dislike people.

-Hates Ironforge air, he finds it hard to breathe.

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